Finalizing … our Designer

Today we had the 4th meeting with one of the shortlisted designers. He took the initiative to email me his works and arranged a viewing to his client’s place… it was a project completed a year ago at Novena.

His work

Bret was pretty impressed by the quality of workmanship and chic, space-maximizing solutions. The Designer did a walk through of the carpentry work such as the materials he used versus developer’s.

We do like the designer for his professionalism and warm approach but being our first time dealing with interior designing, we will only affirm our choice of designer by next Tues.

Bret’s Thought

Building our home is not just about cost factor but more important to us, is the individual whom we are working with.

We need a knowledgeable expert who is:

  • Able to read our needs well
  • Responsible in follow up
  • Creative in designing solutions for our family lifestyle

So long as the quotation does not goes over the amount in mind, we are fine to go with the designer who may not be of the lowest cost.

Dream Home

The earliest we can move in is …Mid-Novemeber. My family is as excited as me!

Great thanks to Hubby for making my dream (staying near to my parents) come true!

2nd meeting in the west

Have been busy with meeting designers. After each meeting, I got to learn more and more about the desired designs and layout suitable for our family lifestyle.

Chew Interior

We went to the showroom opp IMM. Had planned to discuss with the designer while Leia takes her nap. But she rather explore than sleep.

The fluttery carpet brings a pleasure feel and the lighting makes us feel cozy.


Leia saw the bed and attempted to sleep on it.


My little girl went on to explore…

The  designer/sales rep was still busy closing his clients and we could only wait. 30mins past, he was sincerely apologetic and went through the proposed layout.

Leia thought it was for her.

The Designer/Sales Rep

He claimed to be designer but I strongly believe he is a sales personnel. However I like his humble and sincere approach. He was apologetic to let us wait but he’s lucky we came a long way thus, we chose to wait…

And it was really easy discussing what we want in the showroom. All we did was to point the kind of concepts and ideas and get him to quote. Rather than visualising and knowing it might turn out different somehow.

So, await his quote and meeting him on PH, Mon.