Yakitori with Vbff

Its been days since I meet vbff. But she’s always on my mind. This morning, Bret sent me to orchard early.

The right time

Great opportunity to do something I always wanted. I rang up my dear lady and learnt that she had not taken her breakfast. I bought cheese sausage & freshly squeezed carrot juice from Bread Society for her.

Romantic moment with vbff

The moment she came down from her office, we were both smiling with happiness from our hearts. I knew we would hug! And it was pretty romantic to buy breakfast for a best friend and ate together as we did a quick catch up. Then she initated to have lunch with me. Yuppie!

Something new

My lady with the finest taste for food introduced Nabantei at Far East Plaza. She booked two seats and the restuarant is fully booked. Must be good stuffs!

Camera and fun

And indeed. I like traditional japanese feel in the restaurant. Before our food was served, I showed Caiyan the fun photoshop features of camera apps using S3.Very intriguing for her and ladies sure love!

We laughed pretty loudly … but beyond control so 失态但也无所谓. More important, enjoy all the precious moment with the ones I cherish.


This is Organic Filter using Cyamera. Actually Caiyan has no need for photoshop. She always look so good 🙂

About the food

Similar to teppanyaki style we could see how the chefs prepare yakitora and its smoke-free!


Yakitora and Satay… which do u think was invented first? A question that struck me. I guess its the former. How about you?

Here is our Yakitori bento lunch set $13 recommended my love.


Everything in this bento is way too delicious! A place I want to bring more people I love here.


Tel: 6733 5666
Address: 14 Scotts Road, #05-132, Far East Plaza, Singapore 228213

Remember to make reservation !