The wakening

The thing about parenthood, More Happiness definitely but Lesser Sleep.

Last night, Leia woke up at 4.30am asking for milk. Its rare that she does that but still, tiring. I laid her between me and Bret and she dozed off waking up at 10.30am. Her eyes opened and she called out happily, “Mommy!” I hugged and kissed her for the beautiful saturday morning.


Bret was still sleeping like a pig. He was facing the other side and based on past track record, he always ignores me when I asked him to get up.

The Plan

We were supposed to have lunch with his mum and aunt… And this man needs an hour or more to get ready. So, using body language, I got my little accomplice to wake her father up. She tapped on his back few times but he pretended to be in deep sleep. Leia was gentle today.

Moved on to another tactic. I led Leia into singing and talking. She went non-stop and Bret finally looked up to see his little girl. He grinned with happiness and saw the time, “11am already, ok wake up.” 🙂