Thurs night at B House

Thursday evening is our social night. Caiyan and I went Beelian house to chill. We had a tensed & hungry at the begining but after I smelled the aroma of my pork chop, everything turned out so good.

Catch up with Caiyan

Brief update about her life. We shared about our experiences in our usual excited mode. So stimulating, I cannot sleep at night. Even though Caiyan and I party already, we continued our chat and whatsapp till 2am.

Shevon is 18 months old

In person, Shevon is a baby who will melt your heart. The precious moment eyes and smiley personality. Two words: Super Cute

Shevon loves gadgets too. Over here, she tried to grab my S3. Lets accept the fact that children today are tech-savvy.

The proud mummy of Shevon. My best friend has transformed into a motherly figure. She does all she can to keep her baby healthy, safe and happy.


I can see a lot of happiness in Shevon 🙂

Thoughtful Husband

Beelian has a husband who surprises her with gifts from time to time. Knowing her wish list includes “ice-cream maker”, he spent quite a bit to make his dear wife happy.

Firstly, the element of surprise. 2ndly, fulfil his wife’s dream. 3rdly, he buys quality gifts for the woman he loves.

I am very happy for my best friend

Homemade Ice-Cream

They have quality time too. The couple actually create their own ice cream together

Salted Almond Ice Cream


Looks commercial and tastes incredibly fresh. It was so yummy. Suggested an ice-cream workshop!

Love my ladies & Beelian house.

His Bro’s Girlfriend


When I first knew 15 year old Bret, he actually brought along his brother-then in primary school to meet me. They came over my place to play xbox games with my brothers. I remembered preparing milo and biscuits for their tea break.

At their place, Bret and his little bro taught me how to play mahjiong and we often play 3-players mahjiong to kill time. Played nintendo games, watched tv and ate homecooked dinner together.

The Bro’s Gf

His bro grew up and started having girlfriends. During his poly days, he went into a relationship with his sec schoolmate named Melissa. She takes good care of his brother but …somehow she doesnt talks to me and other cousins in the family. Initially I thought she is just shy..even though she is a teacher. But incidents after another, I think she just want to treat me and my own family members transparent. For more than 5 years, we have not had a conversation. Its awful to sit with her at same table and she have this “i dont want to talk to you” look.

Her profile

She is a MOE teacher who teaches music and english in a school located at east area. For her sideline, she teaches tuition and piano. She bakes cakes, biscuits and makes desserts. My mil is a career women and she feels good about melissa who is also actively making money from all her sidelines. More important, when the bro is sick, she is there for him. But i supposed its normal for girlfriends to do that.

Whats wrong with her

She is very particular about Bret wearing her bf’s shirts that were bought by her. Bret & his bro had this minor conflict ever since she came into their life. To Bret and me, both are brothers and sharing is fine. I had seen his bro wearing a $300+ Zegna working shirt that was bought by me. I felt nothing negstive & in fact, hope the shirt was comfortable and just right for the bro although it was meant for Bret.

It was getting clear to me that she does not want to acknowledge the presence of me and family(Leia & my parents). Few times, Leia went to the bro’s room and I happened to see that she ignored my little girl coldly. And the bro I knew likes children but whenever Melissa is around, he kinda not himself towards Leia. I cannot help feel sad that Leia’s uncle indifferent behavior is linked to the girlfriend.

Whenever she comes to our place, she walks her way making sure her eyes does not meet mine. Has that aloof look. When my mil is talking to us or attending to leia, she will not greet her. And I felt it was enough when she ignored my parents too.

One afternoon

My parents went home with me. My mum was smiling in a friendly manner thinking Melissa who was sitting at the living room watching tv, might greet her. To our disappointment, she treated my parents transparent even though it was obvious that she knew we are back.

I will always remember that cant-be-bothered look on her face as she shook her legs eating tibits at the sofa. In my mind, what teacher is this? Without basic manners, what is she teaching the children?

Her manners

My mil was telling us the bro will be bringing friends to our new place from time to time. We are okay & for the first time ever, Bret and I revealed our concern about Melissa’s manners problem towards my parents and my mil said its the thing about teachers. Well… regardless, I told my mil its fine if she ignores me or leia but its heartbreaking for me to see an outsider being rude to my parents in my own house. Bret asked mil to think about how many times have Melissa not greet her. My mil nodded and let out finally. She gave us an example and told us she used sarcastic remarks to remind the bro n gf.

Haiz. When you marry someone, you marry the whole family.

In my new house, his bro will be staying with us while my mil stays with the aunt in another block 5 mins away. For me, I am fine with his bro as he is after all Bret’s brother. He still greets my parents when he sees them, just that he has become like the gf? Ignore me and bret. I dont know, just dont feel good about the bro’s gf.

Bizarre profile and attitude. Since the day I met her, we barely talk and I have not done anything to her. I had even praised the cakes she baked. Seriously puzzled. Only played mahjiong with the brother and I know she is not in favour of mahjiong. Is that the reason? Lame enough to be.

It was hard to believe the recently reported case about 25 year old kindergarten teacher ill treating a little girl in class. Just as hard to believe a MOE teacher lacks basic manners.


Next monday we will be moving to my mum’s place till our new house is ready in November.


We need to do:

1) Packing
2) Buy take-away meals

This weekend gonna be real busy and I look forward to go my mum’s place to stay.

Our Designer

We have decided on our designer, Lourve Design. Wednesday evening was the day where Bret signed the contract at the office.


The director, Mervyn will be leading the project and Florence is the chief designer who will be assisting us.

We were advised to email pictures of my ideal home to Florence as she will be working on 3d pictures for our next meeting 🙂

Dream Home

Bret likes simplicity and space-maximising whereas I like something more than simplicity. Good thing is, my hubby is always willing to let me call the shots. But, I love him and would want to inculcate his ideas and preferences into our love nest.

For me, it is more meaningful to “design” our dream home together even if I can’t have my Fancy-Girly dream home.

Formula for Relationship

Caiyan shared this with me.

0.5 + 0.5 = 1

Which means.. in order for two to become one, we have to first “minus”change ourselves to be with another.

Totally agreed on this. We cannot change the other party but we can change ourselves to create magic and sparks.

The Winner

In the month of July, Bret was promoted for his work performance. And as mentioned before, he was the top banker for his dept, nation wide. Woohoo!

Bret and I love this picture a lot. Our little girl held his trophy with pride.


For our new house, I will need a place or shelves to place our trophies.

Hada Labo at Watsons

Have been shopping for skincare loot. Saving my SKII skincare for new house. My eyes love how my favourite skincare are displayed visibly at one place. That is none other than my bathroom.

So, meanwhile I am trying out Hada Labo. Available at Watsons.


Highly reccomended by my guy friend, Alvin. He always know whats best for skincare and he uses organic skincare now.

Will review my experience with hada labo again. So far so good.

Holiday for Me

Yoohoo! I am taking a month’s break from work and that means I have all the time to myself 🙂


I remember asking a fortune-teller if I will ever be a Tai Tai! (According to the Fortune Teller, its a common question from young ladies.)  The answer was, “Can but not really the typical Tai Tai”. Anyway, I asked for fun cos I cannot see myself shopping everyday. I need some work in my life.

The Brief Plan

Having a family commitment attached to my life now makes me treasure my free-time, a million times more. There are so much I want to do like going to the library as often(I am a happy bookworm), exploring places with my parents and Leia in the weekday afternoon… and fulfilling a list of good friends to meet and blog…..!

Work-Life Balance

Through my life experience, I found a growing desire for learning and challenges to better myself and do things that contribute to the society or the company that I worked in. Still very clear in my mind, I have this intrinsic satisfaction derived from working out strategies, designing effective business solutions and bringing smiles on my clients’ faces. The bonus was establishing meaningful friendships along the way.

As planned, I’ll be returning to my Financial Planning role somewhere in October or November. Something I told my clients as well as friends, before I left the industry for more focus on my family.


I am fortunate to have Bret who is working hard to make all the little dreams of mine coming true. Somehow he is able to differentiate what I really want from our casual conversations. Typically, men tends to filter when women are talking. In this context about my dreams, he listens and makes effort to accomplish my wish list. Thank you hubby 🙂

His Career

Without his thriving career, I would not be able to relax at home and blog now. Owe him one. I told him my next aim is to earn more than him. Haha.

Bret has built trusting relationships with the important people in his company and self-discovered strategies to bring his career to greater height. He has this unforgettable smile whenever I gave him my most sincere compliments about his achievements at work. It can be really easy to please men sometimes.. Maybe that is the thing about Husband’s ego and supportive wife.

But I know it is important to have an encouraging spouse and how I know?  Bret taught me that.