Lunch on weekend

With my in-law living next door, my current kitchen is considered the maid’s territory.

Good thing is I don’t have to cook and do housework. Bad thing is, i dont know what kind of frozen meat was bought.

For my new house, my in-law will live 5mins block away. It will be a different ball game where i know whats in the house and where things are placed. So look forward.


Bret never like last minute plans so i have to brief him about weekend’s plans like whether we are lunching out & any marketing to do.

For our lunch

Dim sum at Jia Wei restaurant, Grand Mercure Hotel. This time no biscuits and ipad to entertain Leia. Instead, I amused her by taking self-portrait together.


Effective to keep Leia occupied and sitting still. And somehow food tasted better previously. Every First Time is always memorable. Something new and no expectations.

Next, was to run errands. Just returned from 12katong and bought really simple ingredients for tonight’s dinner.

While Leia took her afternoon nap, I did some search on home and design as well as prepared dinner & dessert.

Thursday with Friends

I love everything about being a mother but there is one significant change to my life, that is my time table. Due to family commitment, Bret and I made Thursday our free time to hang out with our dear friends.

Keeping in Touch with Friends

It is really easy to lose touch with social circle when having a child. Besides arranging for someone to take care of the child, you need to deal with the fact that  the little one is upset wondering why leave him or her alone at home with grandparents. This feeling is none other than, guilt.


For me, I value relationships a lot. Yes, its not about the miles away but the interactions and concern towards each other than make everything in a relationship right. And sometimes, common topic or interest brings two closer than usual.

Best Friend Beelian

Besides the daily morning phone conversations about my daughters and husbands, we have recently bought a massage package from Acu-Slim. We have even more to talk about like the massage therapists and visible firming effect 🙂

Special Best Friend Mrs Ho

Mrs Ho is the only person whom I msn with. If she’s not on msn, I’ll shut down the messenger. From time to time, we do whatsapp each other for juicy content or trashing out session. She knows best. We have a common topic about a big plan for this year and definitely, makes her the absolute choice to share about my latest findings. So much to look forward together.

Volleyball Best Friend Caiyan

The beautiful lady with the most caring personality I ever know. that’s why she is so loved by many. We have our differences and in a good way, her frank advice pulls me away from the extreme part of my character. When one of us has a problem, we want to be there for each other. We have not met alone for a long time and last week I asked her out at the usual place.

Good Friends

Blessed to have several. Janson, Huimin, volleyball girls, ex-banking colleagues and counting… They are nice souls who have been there when I need someone. We make effort to meet every now and then. And truly grateful for having understanding friends and willing to make Thursday available for me.

“Friendship is a rare and precious commodity. If you have a friend, who truly understands you and accepts you despite your shortcomings, then you are the luckiest person in the world.”

My First Android Phone

For years I have been using iPhone and suddenly one day, I couldn’t hear from my receiver anymore..

Beautiful Angel

Most thankful to have vbff, Caiyan who offered to lend me her spare iPhone 3GS ! Months after another, I have been using her hp until 2 days ago she needed her phone back. So its time for me to get new phone.

Mon: Caiyan told me she is getting Samsung Galaxy S3. At that time, I planned to get iPhone 4S

Tue: I tweeted about getting a new hp and H asked if I was getting S3. Her question changed my life.

At Singtel Retail (Ngee Ann City)

I saw Samsung galaxy S3 in real and the bigger screen really won me over. But I hesitated because it meant getting used to a brand new interface and etc..

Rang up H to discuss about my dilemma…

H said:

  • Our eyes like to see things in bigger screen (No doubt)
  • Customize screen (Widgets – She was kind to ask her friend to print screen S3 shots to show me)
  • Price difference not much …
  • “Just…follow…the crowd…”

Good-Looking & Cool Retail Assistant:

  • Without hesitation, “Get Samsung Galaxy”
  • I asked why, “Its the latest. (Pause..) iPhone 4S out for long time already.”

And so, I got myself S3…

You know what, iphone has become my ex. Having honeymoon with S3 now. Cant bear to sleep because I want more of it. Ops.

Staying Put

Have been visiting East Point Mall and I got to learn about the 1-year renovation for the entire mall…Hmm good or bad?


Since JM will be relocating, I’ve decided to let Leia stay put at Kinderland till I am firm about her preschool.

And I like their calendar, very cute and good to look at it!

Her Coming Birthday Party

And we will be celebrating her 2-year old birthday at the school with her little friends and teachers.

Gotta prepare Goodie bags for her friends and … I shall let Leia decide on which cartoon character for her cake.

Will it be “Thomas & Friends”, “Winnie the Pooh”, “Elmo” or “Barney”?

Rejuvenation with Best Friend Part II

While Bret was away for Sales Retreat, I asked B out for another pamper-me afternoon.

Manicure and Pedicure

After trying out few places, I concluded my favourite and most trusted nail therapists are at Jean Yip, Bugis. Sadly, my personal therapist Jia Hui have returned to her hometown. But her colleague Wen Zhen is still around. Love her patience, warm personality and proactive approach. My hands and feet were well-pampered 🙂


B and I were concerned about specific spot so we decided to give Acu-Slim a try. Woohoo! We felt happy and relaxed. The petite therapist have magic fingers. So good, we signed up a package.

Look forward to my session tomorrow.

Rejuvenation with Best Friend Part I

Good thing about best friends, you know each other so well that you can plan anything last minute!

Spa with B

Last week, we were at East Point Mall. There was a  City Spa roadshow and we bought a 75min spa session for the afternoon. For $38, we get to enjoy the followings:

  • Hydrobath
  • Steam Bath
  • Relaxing Massage

Couple Room

Totally stunned by the arrangement…  they had only one therapist to serve us. And the bath cubicle is the area where we took turns for our steam bath.

We even had to do our Hydrobath with nothing on except disposable undies. Gosh! Hot-spring concept?

Conservative me even shout out to Beelian, “Please don’t show me yours!” and i could hear the therapist giggling behind us. Most thankfully, we were given a hand towel to cover our upper body as we share the Jacuzzi.

Its just bizarre to chat with best friend at such couple-room atmosphere.

Initially, I enjoyed the massage but when the therapist rubbed my stiff neck, I began to feel awful and wanted to back out. I endured as much and our session ended painfully.

Maybe would have been a lot better if they had informed us about the lack of therapist. I prefer a proper steam bath too.

Her Racial Harmony Day

When my mum picked up Leia last week, she received a slip informing parents to dress up their child in costumes for racial harmony.

Everyone was looking forward to this day where Leia wears her lovely peach cheong sam again.

In her daddy’s car… on the way to school.




Leia got more enthusiastic as I told her that she is wearing a pretty dress to school.

Mummy asked: “Do you want to show your friends your pretty dress?

Leia smiled: “Want!”

Mummy said:”Your friends will be wearing pretty costumes too. You want to see?”

Leia grinned:”Want!”


Reached school, Leia in a cheeky smile walked towards her friends. I saw everyone including the teachers wearing big smiles and beautiful costumes. Looked really happening! They were busy bringing the cheerful little ones to different rooms with theme like Malay Culture, Chinese Culture and etc.

Didn’t bring my canon camera and my iPhone picture resolution ain’t good so did not take any photos of her in the class. Hopefully I get to see some pictures of Leia in their coming newsletter.

School is fun and I like the idea that she gets to socialize, build friendships, learn, dance and play with her friends. It’s incredible to see my 21 months old having her own click of friends. The same few always hug each other before going home.

Love the feeling of picking her up from school.