Our First Tank

On Father’s Day, I took Leia out to wet market for grocery shopping. The little girl spotted a fish shop and I decided to suprise hubby with the fishes chosen by dear daughter.

Besides a Hermes Tie, the fish tank is one of the Father’s Day gift for both of them. Guess what? Bret never rear fish before …at least, I had experience with Betta also known as fighting fish before.

Excited Little Girl

When I set up the fish tank, Leia was engrossed with the fishes. She called out “Fish Fish”.  Bret guided her on how to feed the fishes.

It was easy for her as she does that often at my mum’s place. And now, her new responsibilities includes reminding us to feed the fish.

Gently we explained the need to feed the fishes and not to overfeed. Fishes are Perfect Starter for pets and children are never too young to learn about pets. Pets can help toddlers learn responsibility and allow them to form emotional bonds. (Read more: The Best Pets for Toddlers | eHow.com )

Toddlers are curious like scientists, they tend to explore things in any possible ways to see the reactions they can get from new things. Leia had tried to move or shake the fish tank in a rough manner and with the most ganchiong(anxious) tone, I told her the importance of handling things with care and she kinda understoodaccept after a few stern reminders.

Whenever she displays good behavior towards the fishes, we will not hesitiate to applaud and praise loudly “Leia, Good Job!” Many times, Parents are Cheerleaders.

Fishes as Pets

For me, it is interesting and relaxing to view the fishes floating gracefully through the crystal clear water in the tank. Strange enough, I enjoy taking care of the fishes and their environment. Could be due to motherly instinct.

Why Fishes as Pet

  • Low maintenance compared to other pets
  • Affordable Basic Set Up
  • Feeding once a day
  • Changing of water is easy
  • Free from Mess, Grooming, Training, Noise

“Keeping fish can be a rewarding and interesting hobby. They allow people with demanding careers to enjoy pets without the inconvenience of grooming, training, exercising and companionship demands of other pets. They are also very beautiful creatures. – Wendy Streater

Sbff, Mrs Ho has a beautiful fish tank at home. She shared intriguing information about fishes as pets. Its fun to have a common pet with best friend forever.

If you’re been bored even with internet at home, try having fishes. Aim for something really cool, set up a large tanks with exotic fishes that look like window into the sea, with beautiful variety of plants and different sizes of fishes!

Growing Together

Have been blogging sweet nothings about Bret and tonight I found something I can relate to.

The Notebook is my all-time favorite movie that showed me how great a man’s love can be. I was touched to tears and cried harder when I read the novel version by Nicholas Sparks.

Well, the truth is there’s no 100% lovely times with him. At times, we still bicker, argue and quarrel over stuffs we don’t know why it happened.

“The ultimate test of a relationship is to disagree but to hold hands. ~Quoted by Alexandra Penney in Self”

Hermes Tie

In 1998, my first ever present for Bret was a tie. And till today, I am still getting ties for him.

The Legendary Brand, Hermes

An investment for neck wear means indulging the man I love with the finest silk quality designed in exquisite style that will outlast trends. Meticulous and handmade.

This is his 2nd luxury piece from the Hermes. Bret knows exactly why I chose orange. It is his lucky colour … but at the same time, orange is the signature colour for the prestigious brand.

Men love useful gifts.  His colleagues somehow reminded him how much his wife pampers him whenever they noticed a new luxury tie on him. And I could see that he really appreciate receiving gifts that he can use every day.

Hard Work

Bret is a banker and he’s been working very hard. After a year long of battle at work, he has established a solid foundation for his current career and everyday now at work, he is busy doing piles and piles of paperwork for his clinched deals.

The Question

Almost everyday I find Bret smiling to himself. In the evening, the anxious hubby would share about his fruitful day at work, next he asks: “Are you happy for me?”

Serena me is not one who is easily excited. No matter how happy inside me, I tend to be very very slow in reaction… Back to his question, I smiled and replied “Of course! You are my hubby!” His grin widened. I supposed he is asking for assurance knowing his wife is supportive 🙂

“One should choose a wife with the ears, rather than with the eyes.
— French Proverb”

To men

Have your partner ever said, “I want to talk.” You frowned and replied, “What’s there to talk?” then continue to look at the screen of your gadget playing game or whatever. This is pretty typical but…that may lead to the lady saying “I feel lonely” or “You don’t love me anymore.” ….


I realized whenever Bret shares about his daily work-life, I feel important to him and … at least, we are talking. When both people feel comfortable expressing their needs, fears and desires, trust and bonds are strengthened

“Communication is the heartbeat to all relationships.- Serena”

Before he was successful

For the first 6 years of our relationships, I knew him as a student. Naturally, our dating places were often low-budget like foodcourt or coffeeshop and its only when there’s special occasions we would celebrate at restaurants. After stepping into working society, we began to splurge a little on more sophisticated dining.  Still, not too much. We like to visit memory lane.

His Success

Recent months, Bret’s success at work has developed him to be more confident, self-reliant, focused and knowledgeable. Certainly a positive change however, as his long-time partner, I am trying to keep up with his progress.

One evening on our bed, Bret was playing Diablo 3 on his laptop like he was playing the predecessor Diablo 2 where I introduced to him back in 2000..

Serena: “I still like you in big tee and shorts best.”

Bret: “Why?”

Serena: “When you wear Shirt and Pants, it means you need to work.”

Then, I snuggled into his arms.

I have no intentions to flaunt his achievement to anyone as I only need him to know I am proud of him for who he is and not what he has.

Me and Football

Mentioned before that I introduced Bret the highly addictive role-playing game, Diablo. And Bret brought football into my world.

How it happened

His secondary school friend-turned-best friend, Hongda was into soccer and coincidentally, they lived in the same block. Bret and I would accompany him to watch late night soccer at coffeeshop.

Championship Manager

During World Cup, Bret was into Championship Manager and somehow he taught me how to play. We began to play against each other using different computers. Being a soccer noob, I picked strong team like Man Utd while he took Arsenal. From there, I learnt to enjoy the game and at the same time, know more about football players and the jargons like offsides etc.

Recent Meet Up with his Best Friend

The men were talking about Euro Cup 2012…

Hongda: “Serena, which country do you support?”

Serena thinking: “I don’t really support any country but … I like to see David Villa on the field. Admire his skills a lot.”

Hongda: “Oh.. Ya he’s good! But too bad, not playing Euro Cup.”

Serena sighed: “Exactly..”

Found this video of the amazing left-right foot Spanish player.

He has a talent of scoring goals and reading games quickly.

Eucalyptus Bath

Best Friend Beelian raves about Baby Online and happened so, they have a store at our nearby mall, 12katong. I walked in not knowing I will spent $158++… The lady who attended to me spontenously introduced their best sellers and I just couldn’t stop adding items to my “cart”.

California Baby® Eucalyptus Ease™ Bubble Bath

One of the purchase I am sharing today is all-natural bath product by California Baby® designed by a mother of two. Celebrity moms such as Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Katie Holmes, and Courtney Cox, to name a few, are fans of the brand.

For Grownups

  • Especially appreciated by women because the non-irritating formula does not promote yeast or bladder infections
  • Safe for spas and hot tubs

What made me buy

The lady claimed to be effective for sneezes and blocked nose. I don’t know when Leia might catch a cold and so I thought to myself, might as well stock up for “rainy days”.

Last week, we spent a little more time in the bathroom and next day, her nose was runny. Time to try out the product for a warm bubble bath.

What I like about it: 

  • Bubbles were easily formed
  • Comes with Bubble Wand
  • Eucalyptus Ease
  • non-drying
  • Allergy Free
  • Contains certified organic and sustainably grown ingredients
  • Tear free / no numbing agents

What I dislike about it:

  • Opening of the bottle is pretty big, my first pour into the bath tub was a bit too much.

“California Baby Eucalyptus Ease is a lifesaver when your child is cranky and having trouble getting to sleep. I always follow this routine: Start with a warm bubble bath to help relax the body. Follow with a gentle rub on the chest and upper back using our massage oil… –  Jessica, developer of California Baby®”

There’s more interesting products under California Baby® such as California Baby® Overtired & Cranky™ Aromatherapy Spritzer.