Was never quite a shopaholic but being a mum now, I find so much joy in getting stuffs for my little girl. Reason is simple, Unconditional love – All mothers and fathers will or simply enjoy doing something and anything for their children.

Often, I visit Gmarket for online shopping. And I found an innovative stopper useful for a home with toddler.

You can also get it from neighborhood estate shop (those that sells a lot of household products) for $3.20 about there.

What I like about it:

  • Cute-looking. I chose lady bug stopper, there’s several other animals to choose.
  • Leia used to play with the traditional red rubber stopper that was meant to be put on the floor. And now, the new stopper is out of her reach.
  • My main purpose in buying is to prevent strong wind from slamming the door hard as the loud impact frightens Leia.

What I do not like about it: 

  • Material can be much thicker. I bought 2 stoppers and one of them was broken during a strong slam of the door.

We have gotten another stopper from Kiddy Palace. The brand is Farlin. Twice the price but a lot more sturdy.

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. –Confucius

Back at One

One of my new found hobby, watching Live Performances on youtube. Tonight at this very moment as I blog, I’m listening to Brian McKnight’s song.

The last I heard this song was with a good friend of mine, Janson who is probably playing Diablo 3 now. Over a bottle of white wine, we were at Bark Cafe enjoying the pleasant moment together as long-time friends going through the school days time. Love the songs that were played at the cafe and everything else was as delightful.

“How simple it was then” is a common phase to describe one’s much, much younger days. And indeed it was.

From a student thinking about waking up early for school, finishing my homework, preparing for exams and volleyball tournaments, knowing 15 year old Bret, falling in love, to finding the right course to major for future career, buying things with my own income, deciding on marriage then bridal studio, hotel for wedding and then, a gynae for my pregnancy and attending more and more weddings and baby showers and friend’s children’s birthdays… 

Wow… I’ve come this far as a mother to 20 months old Leia.

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.
Abraham Lincoln

Min and Khiels

Bought  Honey Choya for my evening with Cute Min. Only to realize we need mixer(water).  We had some updates about our life and I gained interesting insights from her.

Will be ideal to have a cozy corner or room in my future house where I can invite her for our next heart-to-heart talk.

Cute Min is one of the finest friends I know. Always sincere and generous, she gave Leia chocolates that comes with Winnie the Pooh figurine and a thoughtful skincare gift for me. Gosh, how not to like her even more?

Special thanks to Cute Min, I have now quite a complete skincare from Khiel’s.

This very-cool girl highly recommends Khiel’s Ultra Facial Oil-free Moisturizer.

The End of Misconception about Oil-Free

I am more to dry skin and for the past dunno how many years, I always look away from skin care products that are labelled “Oil- Free”. Till that night I applied the gooey moisturiser…

What I like about it: Not at all greasy, my face experienced lovely and well- hydrated skin. So happy, I even asked Bret to feel my smooth skin 🙂

As my dear hubby has oily skin combination, I encouraged him to try the moisturizer. According to him, the cream is effective for him. His skin was matte for hours, even in the heat.

What I did not like about it: Texture was a bit too watery for me and there is this smell that I didn’t like at first application. But after few more tries, I could adapt to the texture and smell.

Definitely going into my re-purchase list. This moisturizer comes with a reasonable price at S$48.

To Cute Min:

Girl, you ranked top in my near-perfect character list. Not because of the gifts and helps you have given to me but its your one-and-only angel-like personality. For your extraordinary good-nature and kindness, I strongly believe you are one who constantly brings a positive impact to people in your life. And I’m lucky to have been one of them.

“Too often we under estimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. -Leo Buscaglia”

Leia and the Building Breakers

Last week, I went ikea with Leia and my parents. Couldn’t resist buying another set of blocks when the price is so irresistible..only S$2.50.

There is the colourful Mula Building Breakers and my serious-looking little girl analyzing how to play with it.

Mummy did a demo of building the blocks up and she tried… with little enthusiasm. Maybe its just boring to build two types of blocks in a row.

Instead of knocking over the tower, Leia removes the plastic cups one after another. I would ask her for the colours and she didn’t even want to entertain me. She was thinking about how to play better… Toddlers can be as focused as they want.

Ok, Leia decided to play peek-a-boo and I’m supposed to guess where is the smallest plastic cap. Or maybe she was playing with herself.

Then, she thought of rolling them and look at her reaction now. Toddlers always think out-of-the box.

Here’s a clip of Leia rolling the building breakers.

Through her, I learnt a new science today. Round objects with edges roll in circles, regardless of directions.

Stack’em Up

Lately, I have not been bringing Leia to indoor playground and shopping malls. Could be the hot and cold Singapore weather or that I have plenty of activities at home with Leia.

Being a working mum and one who makes time out to meet friends important to me, weekend is the best time to maximize our mother-daughter time.

One of our favorite activities together, Building Blocks. It is also an activity to keep her occupied while Bret and I watch tv 🙂

Previously, Leia would use her hands to knock down the blocks I built until …one day I read her a picture book about a boy who plays block by stacking them up. And since then, she’s been building the blocks vertically.

As she builds the tower of block, we would say “On Top, On Top, On Top”. Toddlers like repetition of words and rhythm. Also, taking turns to stack the blocks helps her understand the concept of “My Turn”.

Exactly 20 months old today, Leia canwill stacks up to 6 blocks on her own.

 Like many toddlers, my little girl giggles whenever the tower topples. Was she amused by the sound or my reaction?

Building Block is a classic toy that develops multiple skills in a child. I do remember playing them when I was a kid. How about you?

Here are just some of the benefits of these classic toys:

  • Hand eye coor­di­na­tion — The child has to learn to place the block on the block tower in such a way that does not top­ple the tower.
  • Hand strength
  • Spa­tial awareness
  • Improves fine motor skills
  • Enhances log­i­cal think­ing capability and creativity
Bought the blocks from Toys r us at $19.90.

Making Oat Amazing

Since Mother’s Day this year, we started a new morning routine which Leia adores totally. That is to make her own breakfast, Oat Meal.

My mum asked me buy Oat because it is convenient to make for Leia’s breakfast before school. I was skeptical at first but never did I expect… my daughter and I actually love everything about eating Oat now. Thanks to Grandma Chew.

Here is one typical weekday morning where Leia tries to open the tin with a metal spoon. Most of the time, she still needs my help. Toddler needs encouragement and they do get frustrated when they can’t meet their goal. 

Whenever Leia managed to open the cover of tin on her own, I’d make the most ecstatic ‘Wow” and claps to motivate her. Toddlers loves celebrating all of their  achievements. 

Next, my little girl will transfer the Oat to the bowl. Quite a breeze for her. During this time, we would do counting together..1..2..3…4…5..

Then, I pour some warm water into a small cup for her to mix with the Oat.

Meanwhile, try to imagine a toddler stirring the bowl. Sometimes, Leia accidentally spilled a bit of Oat onto the table or placemat and the little girl will proactively get a tissue to clean up.

Like my mother, she is now very “pro” in cleaning. Hmmm

About Oat Meal, I know it comes with numerous benefits for health but I just never like it. Whenever my mum prepared a bowl of Oat Meal for me, I would quickly walk away from table as I was too turn off by the blandness and gooey texture. Leia did not like it at first try too…But with some logical thinking, I managed to let her enjoy Oat together with me 🙂

What I did to arouse her appetite for Oat Meal

  • Let her prepare. Toddlers are more inclined to try food they prepare or assisted in making them.
  • Food will change dramatically in size, color, and texture during the preparation process. Toddlers will be fascinated as they watch these changes take place right before their eyes.
  • I eat the Oat Meal in front of her and she began to eat with me. Toddlers like to eat what adults eat.

And now everyday, we have Oat Meal in small portions for breakfast. Preparing our meals together have been a fun bonding time. In fact, her first “baking” experience was assisting me to prepare pancake batter. Shall do that again 🙂

According to 8 Health Benefits of Oat Meal, below are the benefits:

  1. Reduces Chances of Heart Disease
  2. Boosts Immune System and Memory
  3. Anti-Cancer Agent and Prevents Bowel-Related Cancer
  4. Fights Breast, Ovarian, Prostate Cancer
  5. Prevents Constipation and Helps Weight Loss
  6. Acts as Great Moisturizer and Fights UV Rays
  7. Keeps Skin Clean from Pimples and Effective for Itchy & Inflamed Skin
  8. Clears Hair from Dandruff Problem and Keeps Soft & Strong

Will post a video of her making Oat in another entry.