Washing Hands

Being a toddler, there’s a lot of washing hands to do. Their cute little hands tend touches a lot of things and it’s impossible for adults eyes to be on them every second.

“Best Part”, toddlers tend to put their hand or fingers into their mouth. Either due to teething or its just one of the ways for them to explore objects with their taste buds. Much younger Leia used to challenge herself by putting her entire fist into her mouth and we had to stop her again and again and again…

Now Leia hardly “eat” her hand and I’m surprised she would pick up really tiny objects like small dirt or 1 cent coin and give it to me or her caregiver. But never take things for granted. When there’s below toddlers below age 3, always ensure clean floor and small items on floor is strictly no-no.

Now, I’m trying to instill a hygiene habit in Leia. Washing hands before and after meals. Return home first thing is to wash hands. She quite like to rub her own hands under the running tap water.

When we visited Suntec restroom, Leia was super delighted to see a basin she can reach.

And yes, it’s automatic making it even easier for my girl. Toddlers loves independent moments.

Before washing her hands, Leia will say 洗手 a few times to herself. And If she dirties herself, she will come to me saying “Wash”.

Parents would want to give the whole world to their children and guess what, I thought of installing a kids basin at home. Back to reality I must say, thought remains thought.

Hokey Pokey on Sat

Every now and then, I’ll discuss with Bret about what I learnt from the Parenting Books I read. He’d listen with his heart and gives constructive feedbacks to better our teamwork in parenting. Most glad to conclude, we share the same parenting style. Last week, I highlighted the importance of Leia growing up happy and how we can help her to learn thru play.

Think about it, all human beings are programmed with stress. You really think babies don’t have stress?well, imagine yourself in a foreign world where people don’t understand you and have to guess what you want or need or how you feel. And if you do something you didnt meant to do, big sized people get angry & may even punish you by hitting your hand or worst, cane. So…Our aim is simple: Make her happy & laugh.

Happy Train has games where we can practice at home to help her learn thru play. And for easy plays, Peekaboo always works. Recently I’d initiate “Catching” with her and the entire house would be filled with her really loud & contagious laughter. Even my mil plays that with her now.

Besides playing at home, we take her to shopping malls and indoor playgrounds.

This Sat, we decided to bring Leia to Hokey Pokey at Suntec. Signed up the membership last month so we will be there more often. I really like this place, it’s different from other play gym. This place is like a Pretend Play Town for toddlers or younger.

Her favorite is the music area with many real-like instruments for toddlers. Wow, I was quite amazed by the way she played the drums using sticks. Very natural and there’s rhythm. I like.

Leia at the “Car Show Room”. Various types of kiddy rides nicely parked and Leia decided to test drive Little Tikes.


She was so busy turning the steering wheel and I pushed her around the spacious play area. Mummy turns “trishaw woman”, well so long as my girl is happy.


Then, the kitchens where both of us enjoy a lot.

Once again, my daughter made new friend at shopping mall. A sweet little girl approached us and she asked me if she can play with Leia. She would tell us what she cooked and then offered Leia to “try”. Here’s both of them seated at the two-seater dining table by the kitchen.


Both of them picked up a “wine glass” and cheers. For fun, I cheers drinks with leia at home. My girl learnt to drink from cup at 16 months & getting better 🙂

Back to hokey pokey, while I accompanied Leia in the play area. Bret would enjoy his beverage at the “lounge area”. He told me its an enjoyment to sit there relax, play iPhone games and watch his wife daughter playing from time to time.

Just as 18 months old Leia says, “I like.”

More than words

Why parents especially love 18 months old stage? That’s the age where toddler learns to pronounce thousands of one to two syllabus words. It’s really fun to watch own child expressing herself through words.

When bathing or drinking, Leia says “Hot” or “Cold” so that adults will do something. When she sees a door, she goes “knock knock”. When she’s bored, she says “iPad!”, ” Read book”, “toys” or with hand actions “draw”. When she’s hungry, she says “biscuit”, “porridge” or “rice”.

Recently she express interests by saying “I like”, “i wan” and “Nice”. If she doesn’t want, her cute and firm “no-no” or “Mai” in hokkien. She will say “I know” when we ask her to do things or when she wants to disturb us.

I taught her to say “please” and “xie xie”. “Thank you” is more difficult to pronounce. She’s also learnt to address everyone. Even when I intro names of her father’s friends, she was able to pronounce pretty clearly provided its one or two syllabus name that’s not too chin.

Many more other words.

Everyday now is like a box of chocolate as i hear new words from her.


It’s not her milestone and development that makes me love her but her uniqueness and love she has for me that helps build the strong emotional attachment between us.

Just me, I don’t really tell others i’m proud of my daughter openly but … deep down I feel the way other parents do.

Simple Dinner

My mum and mil doesn’t cook, they always leave cooking to the domestic helpers. Even Bret thinks we should do that. But I very much want to make own dinner for Leia and myself. I’m total noob to cooking and I told Bret, I need to practice.

Reluctant him accompanied me to Parkway for grocery shopping. Back home, he prepared scallops while I did
the rest.

I did a French bean and carrot stir fry with scallops as well as egg with onions.


Our honey roasted chicken…


I love the feeling of us cooking together in the kitchen.

And here’s a meaningful placemat from Beelian.


Leia in her high chair couldn’t wait and kept rushing us to let her eat. She wants to feed herself. Nice.

And i love the feeling of cooking with husband in the kitchen.

A Good Friday Gathering

Its Good Friday and don’t we feel like its Saturday? Anyway … cheers to long weekend 🙂

We started our day with Aunt, Mil, Cousin Karen and Cousin Collin’s Family Brunch at Fu Lin Yong Tau Foo, siglap.

I super like the chilli sauce. Bret likes the gravy.

Leia sat between Mil and myself, enjoying the noddle and freshly fried fish cake. Ever since she learnt to feed herself at 16 months old, I’d bring her own spoon and fork out for her. Now she insists on feeding herself until maybe 10mins later, she will stirplay her food.

With Leia being more independent at meal, adults don’t have to take turns or rush to eat. No doubt will be messy but I believe in Practice makes Perfect. Wanna make life easier for my mum and mil who takes care of them when I’m not around.

After the two little cousins Jesslyn and Leia were done with food, they happily ran round and round our table. My eyes were busy making sure they are alright. But I must say just watching them smile having fun brings me peace and joy.

Then, Aunt suggested having coffee at I12Katong. We were delighted to find Slyvanian Family at Level 2 Atrium. It was nice to see Leia want to hold her Jesslyn Jie Jie’s hands as they watched the show together. Then there was songs and the kids were told to dance. Sweet moment for me to watch my daughter respond to the music and followed the actions.

When the stage was cleared, Leia asked to go up and good time for us to take some nice pictures.

I love gatherings with mil and his cousins.

Ops..Leia is awoke from her afternoon nap, gotta play with her now. Ciao~

Mr & Mrs Khoo Birthday

March is our special month.

As Bret’s birthday is 3 days apart from mine, we decided to celebrate together this year. We booked a 2D1N family suite at downtown east. Did a small party where we invited my family and close friends living in the east.

Somehow, I was looking forward to the gathering with friends and family rather than celebrating my birthday.

Here’s our birthday cake.


All in all, an enjoyable day & night for me and Bret.

Love my family and friends. Their presence meant everything.

Dinner at Wild Honey

Dinner with my banking ex-colleague, Alvin and Lynette. We rarely meet and I’m glad we finally did.

Alvin introduced Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery. They serve international all-day breakfast. My pick, English $22.


Really filling and enjoyable. We like the western ambience, warm and makes one feels at home. After working hours, the restaurant was pretty packed.

Chatting with Alvin is always funny and that’s mainly becos we are open with each other. We teased each other but we know we always meant well.

When we used to work with each other, we hanged out a lot and shared lots of bizarre and hilarious stories of our life. Those were the days. I remember how much we talk about getting hitched and be parents. Happened for me and soon, his turn!

Lynette, the sassy petite tanned lady. She used to be my lunch buddy during banking days. We can chat a lot about everything under the sun. In my view, she’s one of my girlfriends who sets high standard for boyfriend. And she found a partner whom she’s happy with. That’s wonderful. I noticed she’s more ambitious about career than ever. Woo… And I’ve changed my focus from career to parenthood. nevertheless, I wish her triumph in sales 🙂

Hmm when will we meet again..