Surprise Surprise

It was a typical weekday evening. Bret picked me up from work and and we dined out.. On the way home, I received whatsapp from my dearest Caiyan. She was “emo” and at the same time, asked about my whereabouts. Reached home, I took a bath and then “checked” on my vbff to see if she was feeling better…

Suddenly at 11.54am, Caiyan text me this…

Seriously thought that she was kidding but no, I’m happily wrong this time!

While changing my pjs, I heard the lift opened and they have entered my house. Wow… the moment I opened my door, I saw my two best friends rushing and hushing with a beautiful cake.

I am not one who can translate my inner feelings immediately through facial expressions but I must say, these two lovely ladies melt my heart. Certainly, one of the most unforgettable and happiest birthday in my life.

Here’s my birthday present in the biggest gift box ever…

Overwhelmed by their love and generosity 🙂

That’s not all. My ladies bought Bret his birthday gift too!

Bret  and my mum are very happy to know I have awesome best friends 🙂

I love planning surprises and this time, my two best friends blown me away. My first time experiencing Surprise + Happiness + Wow together.

Love my best friends to the max.

Lunchie with Best Friend

Love meeting up my girls every week and online contact almost every hour.

An impromptu lunch with Beelian. I satisfied my cravings, Sun with Moon at wheelock. We were both amazed by the crazy queue 15 people behind my best friend who was first in the queue.


Just an hour for chat wasn’t enough …but
I had to work at 1pm and just nice, Caiyan was available to meet her.


Mini Zoo Excursion for Leia

Last week, we had an unplanned “Animal Theme” at home.

My mil bought this big storage box to contain all her leisure activities … and for the whole of mon-fri, she took out her toys, puzzles, books and baby en-stein cards that were associated to Animals. My little girl would come to me asking me to play, sing and “test’ her on cards. Even on ipad, she chose apps with animals. And so, I decided to bring her to see the real animals  upclose.

Here’s a video clip of Leia

From East Coast to Seletar Farmway and … all the way just to feed animals. That’s parenthood.

Truly love weekends.

Fulfilling Day

Today is a Saturday. Leia also known as Miss Alarm Clock woke me up at 9.30am. Without looking at the clock, I actually guessed the time right. Proceeded with our morning routine for my little one:

From 9.30am-12pm:
Brushed teeth, Poo, Bathed, Milk Time, Play, Reading, Play, Porridge, Play, Snack, Dressed up.

For Lunch, Bret took us to Ajisen. I enjoyed my Tom yum Ramen(Lots of Scallops & Sotong). Next, a trip to The Animal Resort. It’s like a mini zoo where Leia gets to feed the rabbit, fishes and turtle. shall blog pictures in the next entry.

Back to the east, we went Marine Parade Library. Oh gosh, Leia was too excited that she ran and screamed several times in the library and … I noticed afternoon comes with crowd. I told my little girl, “No more library for u next time!” ya say only…

Despite the pressure of screaming Leia, I managed to find 8 picture books …


Last month, I read her two books about hugs and giving. To my surprise, she understood and hugged her parents right after. About giving, maybe not so successful. Toddlers deem everything in the world in theirs. Anyway, since the book about hug, I’m more motivated to find children books that teaches values, good habits …etc in an interactive or visually appealing way. Goodnight Books is a must. (She likes any of these).

After we are done with books, Bret suggested Little Ice Cream Kafe. He ordered waffle with Belgium chocolate & Frosty Watermelon.

Here’s Leia enjoying ice cream and her fav clip on YouTube.


Previously, she disliked ice cream and now she enjoys. I always like watermelon ice cream and chocolate is often my last choice. The little Ice cream Kafe was the last stop, time to go home.

My little girl is currently napping as I blog… Shhhhh…

Crayons for Little Artist

One of her daily activities includes drawing. And I decided to get Crayons that are non-toxic and baby friendly.


There’s plastic casing to prevent the crayons from breaking. Another good thing is that, the crayon stains are easily removed using wet tissue when drawn on fabric, wall or other surfaces.

Besides introducing the colors, I drew fruits she’s familiar with.



Her very first Prata

Sunday afternoon, he was kinda lost about where to bring us for brunch. I suggested Zaffron Restaurant. it’s an Indian restaurant along katong road and Bret was concerned about whether there’s any food suitable for Leia.

All I knew was, there’s a wooden playhouse and toys for kids to keep themselves occupied while adults indulge in food and chat.

Bret decided to go with my suggestion and upon entering, we were pretty impressed with the modernized decor and atmosphere. Truly family-oriented!

Their kids menu has stickers for kids to select their choice. There’s my girl pasting the sticker on the order section.


Behind Leia is the wooden playhouse I’m talking about.


However it was lunch time, the play section was crowded with much older kids. So I didn’t let Leia go to the play area.

You may want to google for more pics maybe.

And her first prata experience…


All three of us enjoyed the food and environment. Sure will go back again!

Doggie at Ikea

Marriage is like career, comes with ever-changing job description. Previously, I was in charge of planning leisure activities and dine-outs but recently I delegated these two responsibilities to him. Handover is not 100% complete though.

But Bret made effort. Without me asking, he suggested a trip to ikea over the weekend.Yeah! I asked to let me shop at my pace and he agreed 🙂

After Leia warmed up, she started going solo. We took several pictures of our little girl posing in the kids showroom; which was within our plan… But we didn’t expect Leia to hold on to a doggie.


Using soft approach, we tried to take away the doggie from her but Leia tightly grabbed the plush toy with all her might. At that moment, she was very attached to the doggie… Until she gave us a look like she wants to bring doggie home….


No. We did not give in as both of us sees the need to avoid buying just anything Leia wants. Immediately Bret and I came up with a plan to distract her away from doggie. Within 3 mins, we succeeded. She did look back for doggie and we just have to walk away from kids section quickly.

Out of ikea, I’m most pleased to have bought stuffs I like and need!