Simple and Sweet

Yesterday Bret told me he would reach my work place at 5pm. Having a planned evening motivates me to finish my work on time.

Got into his car, he asked the everyday question “My dear, what do you want to eat?” I replied, “Ju Shin Jung at East Coast Park”. He was reluctant but saw my I-wanna-go look. Hubby gave in. Yuppie!


So enjoyable.

Back at home, he hugged me many times telling me he loves me very much. This is when I women feel loved. I like this feeling more after hours of work.

On our bed, I read Simply Her magazine while he watched his never-ending anime. I also spent time chatting with my gals thru iPhone app. Bret and I then had our daily bedtime conversation talking about Leia, went through her videos in my iphone and laughed together.

Past midnight, he got a little tired and asked to cuddle followed by a goodnight kiss.

Just Strange

Have you ever felt like today is so wrong? Well, I had this strange feeling yesterday. Every little part of my weekday routine kinda go haywire. Possibly due to my lack of focus.

Nothing devastating happened. In fact, I could have met my best friends but I had this strong desire to go home sleep end this weird day fast.

However when bret picked me up from work, he asked to join his colleagues for short drinks. I hesitated for a while, saw his I-wanna-go look & decided to give in. He was all smiley.

We went KPO and I ordered Roti John that cost $15. So wrong right? Anyway it’s wagyu beef and I was seriously hungry.

The wings arrived first. Yeah! Chicken wings always make me happy.


It was my first time chilling out with guys colleagues alone. Usually, there would be girls. So bret said, “My wife, it’s your honor to be accompanied by three handsome guys”. Like real! Haha what I didn’t expect was, this session makes the best part of my quirky day. And KPO serves the best calamari rings.

For drinks, the three guys had whisky while I drank my Asahi at a super slow pace. The bottle amazingly last me 2.5 hours. How did I do that? Beats me.

Back home, the strange behavior continued. I behaved like a sick person lying on bed with no energy to move. Craved for plain porridge and he got the maid to cook. I finished my supper, whatsapp my best friends and off to sleep.

Ladies Moment

Good thing about best friends, you know their schedule well enough. Be it a last-minute, quickie or taking leave together. It’s always easier to affirm with them.

After work, Caiyan recommended Robert Timms and both of us ordered Egg Benedict for our dinner.


About an hour later, Beelian arrived. As usual, I got into more topics. I remembered the shocking expressions and jaw dropping laughter. A session with them brings all the unnecessary stress away.

What do you want in life? I ever said Career, Travel around the world, Family…etc but now, when asked about this question, my answer would be “To be happy”.

It’s easy to be happy if you know what makes you happy. For me, my happiness level rise dramatically high whenever I have my weekly moments with my ladies. With them, anywhere is good.

Being a mum, going out with friends is not like before. I’m really glad to have strong support from my parents. They are always there for Leia & me. And I appreciate Bret a lot whenever he offers help to take care of Leia so that I can have my ladies moment.

Still, I want to spend as much as time with Leia. When I don’t see my baby, I miss her easily and badly. So, I try to do just one or two meet-ups a week. To connect with my friends, it’s a daily thing with technology.

Valentine Dinner at Marriott

On 14th Feb 2012, we went Marriott Cafe for dinner.

Our table was nicely decorated with rose petals & candle light. A stalk of rose and jewelry for ladies. If only there’s romantic songs…hmmm

Well, i really love the champagne.


Boston lobster…. Oysters, Sashimi, roast beef, Grilled beef tenderloin… Yummy Yummy.


Our appetite wasn’t as good. In my opinion, food could have tasted better. Perhaps thats the thing about commercialized valentine dinner. But I was still smiling a lot because I’m happy.

During dinner, I presented his last-minute-bought gift. it’s a Black Soft Nappa Leather Card Holder.


Bret was more than delighted to receive not just one gift but two! The 2nd gift, Knot Cufflinks.


Both items are what he needs at work. I was happy to hear that he will carry the card holder with him everyday in his pocket.

We were smiling sweetly throughout the the evening. On the way to his car, the bouquet of flowers was sitting on the front passenger seat 🙂


I always like home-cooked or takeaway dinner for valentine day. This year we had our very first commercialized dinner and I told him once is enough.

All in all, we had a romantic time. I really feel blessed. Thank you hubby for everything.

Made with Love

An art activity to do for Valentine Day. I gave Leia red marker pen and guided her to draw strokes on the white drawing paper.

And then I cut out a heart shape.


My valentine greeting decorated with small hearts.


Next, fold the big heart into an envelope. Leia likes best when she gets to paste the sticker hearts onto the little envelope. Toddlers like hands-on.


Mr Khoo let out a warm smile when he saw our mother-daughter craft of love.

For her

Dear vbff,

For all the time you stood by me.
For all the joy you brought to my life.
For all the love I found in you.

Valentine’s day is celebrating love. And on this special day I’m really glad to hand deliver this cheerful figurine to you at your workplace.


May you always be happy and loved by everyone around you.

Love you a million times always.