Skincare Loot

Was watching 女人我最大 and so fascinated by the effects… I switched my skincare range to Khiels.

Everytime I purchase, there’s always at least 3 complimentary samples… Look at my collections…


My first-time application:

Gently tapped the Double Strength Deep Wrinkle Filler on my left laughing line and after a minute, I compared with the my right laughing line..woo… Indeed, there’s a difference. Combined with other lotions, my face glowed with radiance.

Super cool.

Leia reads Eric Carle

Every month I’d visit the library to get some books for reading.

Last month, I found two great books by Eric Carle.

(Left) Three classic stories in one book.
The Tiny Seed, Pancakes Pancakes and Walter the Baker.


(Right) Leia’s favourite: Bill Martin Jr/ Eric Carle’s boardbook.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?

Even as adult, I enjoyed reading the author’s books.

And today I visited the library again. Grabbed two more picture books.


The Artist who painted a Blue Horse and The very Busy Spider.


The “in” thing in Kallang Airport Hawker Centre. I ever saw a dragon queue even before the stall is opened. And its a norm to see people buying at least 4-5 or even 10 beancurd.

Last week, I saw that there was no queue and I quickly made my move.


There’s Almond & Original flavor.

The texture is unbeatably smooth, instantly melts in the mouth. Reminds me of wagyu beef. For the original flavor, there’s still almond taste… Hmm

But… I’d still buy if there is no queue.

Passport for Leia

Started our Friday morning at Happy Train. Leia now has 3 other female class mates.

This is after class…in Bret’s car.


Toddlers can drink and sleep at the same time.

We were on our way to ICA at lavender. It’s a must to arrange e-appointment!


Waiting time was less than 5 minutes. Yuppie! Leia’s got her passport.

Leia at Petite Park

Exploring another mall, Changi City Point. We brought along our pram and Leia was cooperative 🙂  Mummy has a surprise for her and Daddy!

Petite Park, located at level 2.

Pretend-Play Corner is an area I’ve not seen in her other indoor playgrounds.

Leia was given a basket to shop at the stall. Strangely, the girl only allowed leia into her “premise”. She gently pushed other kids away, refusing to share her territory with other children.

For 10 minutes, Leia kept herself busy at the stall. The fruits and veggies looked real and it was fun asking her to bring different fruits to me.

I found Xylophone! Finally, from virtual(ipad) to real.

We played drum, shaker and tambourine too. Went back to the kitchen for some “cooking” and then, Blocks Station.

Leia was more keen in getting the boy’s attention but.. he’s more into trains not girls.

No worries, we went to the other station to build our little town together.

My husband took pride in this shot taken by him.. tsk.. My hair looked so “Oba-sang”.

After 30 minutes of Pretend-Play and Melissa & Dough puzzles, time to turn on her Active Mode! Woo hoo!

Bubble Tunnel…

This area reminds me of Sing Play. I have yet to visit, maybe when she’s older..

The slide ….

And her favourite, Ball Pit.

At first, it was crowded with older kids and we waited for a while.. now the pool is all hers.

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves very much.

 Weekday rate:
 $16 for unlimited playtime per visit. Accompanying adults enter for free.
 Weekend / Public Holiday rate:
 $18 for 2 hours of playtime per visit.
 $6 for each hour thereafter Max. of 1 adult may enter free.  S$3 for each additional adult.

*Remember to bring socks!

Besides playground for children, there are outlet stores for Addidas, Lacoste, Nike, G2000 and etc. Tried to get  anike shoe for Leia but can’t find her size. Hmm..

Not sure when we will be back but I prefer this mall to the new I12katong .

Her Passport Photo

Planned to travel & its time to apply her passport. And the most challenging part was taking her photo.

Took many many pictures. Here’s 4 of them …


With my mother’s help, I managed to get this.


“Paint” her background & hair accessory white and then submit online.

If everything is well, we will collect after cny.