Best Friends & Ginseng Soup

It was a tough day at work and motivation of the day: quickly meet my best friends for a good dinner.

Caiyan and I have always patronized Takashimaya Korean Crystal Jade. However we did not make any booking, the restaurant was full. The waitress made a quick check with Centrepoint outlet and reserved a table for us.

Together with Beelian, we walked our way there. Pleasant surprise for Caiyan and myself, the atmosphere was a lot better. More privacy 🙂

The marinated meat, seafood pancake wasn’t as nice for us but the come-back reason – $16 Ginseng Chicken Soup! Even better than the authentic soup I had in Korea.

There’s beautiful Caiyan filling our bowls with the delicious & unforgettable soup.


As for the side dishes (小菜), portion is small & refill maximum 3 times.

Still, we will go back again.

Leia’s 2nd Christmas

Christmas was spent with people close to my heart.

On the eve, we celebrated with Mil’s big family and friends at her restaurant. Leia displayed her spontaneous personality, approached the dance floor and danced openly to the fast-pace songs.

Actual day, we visited my family for gift exchange and festive meal. My mum prepared a warm cozy Christmas atmosphere 🙂


My parents were looking forward to see Leia.


We let our little girl stayed over at Tampines as Bret & I have a meet up session with our friends.

Present at Beach Cabana:

– Bret’s Vball friends & best friend
– My Vball friend & v. best friend

Its really nice to have our friends coming together for a happy & fun night that lasted till 5.30am!

Xmas with Vball girls 2012

Last Saturday night was my volleyball girls Christmas gathering. Just as previous year, Bret would invite his guy friends.

When everyone arrived, Leia was at first a little moody. After she warmed up with the crowd, my little girl began to do baby-funny stunts such as pretending she’s talking to someone on the phone. So real…. Haha

Back to party, we did potluck this year and i love the pine garden Christmas tree cake ordered by my lovely Caiyan. It’s lychee martini fillings.


It’s a DIY cake and Caiyan did an amazing job. A meaningful cake that tastes delicious!

Here’s a group shot of us!


We had fun taking the shots below.


When it was the guys turn, they felt very stressed because all the ladies took out their hp camera to shoot them. Lol

Most of my volleyball girls are pretty shy and the best game to warm them with bret’s guys friends… The Polar Bear. The best game for 10-15 pax. What I didn’t expect, this game was enough to last till 3am. So fun that we arranged another session on Christmas night.

Look forward 🙂

Lovely Moment

Finally, I did my Lasik yesterday. Painless & fast surgery however the ultimate discomfort kicked in pretty badly in the evening.

A big thank you to my hubby for the sponsorship and the all-night tender care after my surgery 🙂

Today I had Day 1 post-op consultation. Then worked for four hours… and me-time at Plaza Sing.

1430: Picked up GV movie vouchers for tmr’s party

1500: Shopped at Times bookstore & window shopped around the mall.

1600: High Tea for one


I love the peaceful alone time with a pretty book to read while enjoying Foie Gras & pastries.

1700: Hair spa at Jean Yip

1800: Dinner with hubby at itacho

1900: Shopped for his mum’s Xmas gift

2000: Delivered gifts to my client’s place.

Previously, he wanted to get me a Tiffany & Co. necklace and I said “No jewelry”. Then we talked about casual-working bag. I was surprised he suggested Miu Miu. This evening, he asked again about what I want for Christmas. Not firm about bag and pretty clueless too. My man stunned me by saying, “Omega watch”? …I can’t bear to spend his money, every cent is hard-earned.

Hubby have been very kind. Shall end my night giving him a good rub to show my appreciation.

Dinner at Long Beach Kallang

Bret’s Payday and we decided to have about dinner at Long Beach Kallang.  As we brought little Leia along with us, we skipped the famous Black Pepper Crab.

I had the Fish Maw Soup ($8) … Served with premium quality fish maw, crab meat, black fungus and bamboo shoot. The creamy broth tastes similar to Shark’s Fin Bisque.

Like her mother, Leia likes the soup very much.

We also ordered Stir-Fry Deer Meat, Minced Beancurd with Vegetable Hot Plate and Steamed Seabass ($25). This branch is known as King Seafood. The only branch with barbecue fish – very yummy but we went for Steamed.

Very tasty and Leia loves fish the most.

During dine-outs, I always request for kiddy set for Leia to play or “feed” herself. For her bowl, I would give her a plastic spoon from home. Its good to bring spare. Toddlers like to throw spoon or fork.

Through trials and errors, I realized having some rice in her bowl helps to keep Leia occupied for at least 30-45 minutes. As rice sticks easily to the spoon, its easier for my 14 month old to feed herself. When she feeds herself, she probably feels that she is doing something with us. However if she is too hungry, she will resort to using hands.

The restaurant is child-friendly because of the staffs. They were smiling to Leia from time to time and talked to her. And my girl likes to say “Hi~” to people walking around her. She would say “Hi~” until the person acknowledges her. Leia’s way of entertaining herself.

All in all, we had an enjoyable quality dinner.

Thank you, Hubby.

Leia & Paint

Today my work ended at 2pm. Took a cab home to play with Leia. I decided on Melissa & Dough paint.

Leia wondering about my plan…


Let’s start with the primary colors!

I pressed her little hand onto the gooey texture – yellow paint. Showing her what paint can do.  However she was hesitant to try…


Time for Blue paint!


Brand new experience for us but… not quite interesting to her. She prefers water play.

When Leia is older, I’ll get her an easel 🙂