Leia at Happy Train

Every Sunday, we attend a 1 hr parent-toddler class at Happy Train, Tampines CPF Building. The man and I takes turn to attend class with her. In the class, we can see how she reacts to the teacher and her little friends. We get to see the activities she like better and best of all, do with her 🙂

Before the class started, here is Leia thinking about what to play.

Leia smiling and walking with more confidence now.

Before signing up a term, we went for the 3 trial sessions. The most important factor to our decision was that Leia enjoyed herself. Toddlers like to explore new things.

Not so much on academic or wanting Leia to be a genius. I was looking for a program that cultivates the interest for constant learning new things. It can be anything, not just education.

I see great value in the many Parents-Toddlers activities packed in the precious one hour.

Love their exquisite materials and interesting sensorial activities. Lots of fun in the variety of toddlers games. I like most when Leia claps and dances to the engaging songs played from time to time.

I also love that its a low-ratio class, 1 :4 and the tailor-made curriculum to facilitate the learning developments of the toddlers in the class.

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