Mistakable Laksa

Saw good review about the Nyonya Laksa at The Canteen, Shaw Centre.


Check out my cutlery for Laksa!


I was thinking “how to eat with knife…”

And my lunch appeared…


After the waitress served my laksa, she walked away without paying attention to my cutlery. I called her back and clarified. Her response was joke-shock and quickly got me the chopsticks and spoon.

After trying the laksa, I affirmed that I am not going back.  It was bland and boring.

Leia with Hat

One afternoon, I went to my mum’s place and found Leia wearing a painter-like hat.

Her hair looks longer with the hat…giving her a more girlish look.

Since young,  I find joy in reading. And everytime I read a book or magazine now, Leia would walk to my direction and then sit beside me; expecting me to read out loud for her… As per her request, I read out for her and it takes not more than 2 minutes for her to walk away looking for something else to do. Toddlers initate another action quickly when goal achieved.

Still, I can see that she is influenced by her mother as reading flipping books has become of her favourite activities.  During dine outs, I would give her a book to keep her busy. Works 6/10 times.

For my 13 month old, I got her books that are easy to open, flip and hold.  Realised Leia prefers real pictures instead of cartoons.

Indian Salad

A weekend take-away at one of the indian coffeehouse along Geylang Serai…

Quite tasty. The man and I couldn’t stop eating.

But..the best indian rojak I ever had was at Tampines Central Blk 505, S11 Food Court. The queue is long and the person takes order by recognizing the shirt of customer.

Gift for the Sweetest Friend

My sweetest friend, Candy is a november baby. Beelian and I found  Uchino at Takashimaya. We personalised a lovely gift for our fair lady. That’s not all, we wanted to get something the lady likes.

Our clue:  Hello Kitty.

Months ago, we would shortlist any Hello Kitty related items. There were many choices and I am glad to have found these.


In the tins, there’s Nori (Japanese Seaweed). There is a variety of flavours for the seaweed. One of them,Yuzu. The tins can be reused for other purposes or simply decorative.

Hope she likes the gifts.

Leia at Happy Train

Every Sunday, we attend a 1 hr parent-toddler class at Happy Train, Tampines CPF Building. The man and I takes turn to attend class with her. In the class, we can see how she reacts to the teacher and her little friends. We get to see the activities she like better and best of all, do with her 🙂

Before the class started, here is Leia thinking about what to play.

Leia smiling and walking with more confidence now.

Before signing up a term, we went for the 3 trial sessions. The most important factor to our decision was that Leia enjoyed herself. Toddlers like to explore new things.

Not so much on academic or wanting Leia to be a genius. I was looking for a program that cultivates the interest for constant learning new things. It can be anything, not just education.

I see great value in the many Parents-Toddlers activities packed in the precious one hour.

Love their exquisite materials and interesting sensorial activities. Lots of fun in the variety of toddlers games. I like most when Leia claps and dances to the engaging songs played from time to time.

I also love that its a low-ratio class, 1 :4 and the tailor-made curriculum to facilitate the learning developments of the toddlers in the class.

Hyrdating Skincare

Weeks ago, Beelian and I did rebonding together. After the treatment, we both looked like human again. Haha.. But I did my brows and was reccomended to do face threading. Very dreadful move.

Face threading is a super painful process. I surrendered and stopped the therapist halfway but the agony did not end there.

For few days, my skin looked uneasy. I went for an emergency facial at my most trusted beautician, Ivy at tampines. However, the dry feeling made a come back and Beelian noticed my chin peeling. Gosh… This time, its my newly bought Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Cleanser. After every wash, my skin felt super dehyrated and rough.

Finally, I replaced my skincare. Bye Bye to my Loreal moisturizer and welcomed Bioterm Aqua Non Stop Intense Moisturiser. Latest buy, Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Dry and Sensitive Skin.

I love the shea butter in this cleanser. And I am still using SKII Miracle Essence for the serum step. Now with hydrating skincare products, my skin is officially back to radiance and smoothness regained.

Lesson learnt: No more Face Threading and stick to Facial Cleanser for Dry skin.

Leia at Sel Bistro

Monday was a public holiday and I suggested lunching at a family-friendly restaurant located within Rochester Park.

Here is the stairway entrance to the restaurant.

Leia in pink polo tees and all ready to lunch with her parents.

Leia decided to do away with her hair clip. I wonder is it because the hair clip makes her uncomfortable or she just want to grab something off her hair.  Toddlers likes to touch anything within their reach.

Looking relaxed because no more hair clip or satisfied her itchy hands?

We ordered Kids Meal for her, Mac and Cheese. There’s peas and corns too. All 3 of us enjoyed this meal very much.

Apple juice was included in her kids meal. Looks like she’s accepting cold stuffs better. Previously, she shook “No” to ice cream.

And finally, the adult food served… we ordered spagetti.

First bite was nice but as we ate, we found the spagetti just got more and more oily.

Anway, another main reason why I chose this place was because there is a Play House filled with LOTS OF TOYS!

There is costume section for kids. I gave her a wand and wizard hat for Harry Potter time.

Leia spotted her favourite musical instrument. Its an electric grand piano and she played a song or two.

We moved on to more toys… and I was trying to see what toys she likes. I saw laptop and blocks.

The popular Pop-Up Animals. Not new to her, she played this for a while.

A toddler sat down with her and Leia greeted with a smile. My girl was trying to promote her laptop.. haha

And the little girl introduced something new to Leia, baby doll and stroller. Ok I might consider getting for her.

A view of the toys area. The guests in Sel Bistro are mainly foreigners. Kinda like global exchange for Leia.

Moving onto the slide. Every now and then, she would go back to this ball pit.

Instead of bringing Leia to the steps, I let her decide on how she wants to slide. Toddlers are natural problem-solvers.

She enjoyed climbing in her way and sliding down.

Have been a wonderful time and after 3 consecutive days of family activities with our little one, the man and I brought Leia to my mum’s place in the evening for stayover. My parents were full of joy at the sight of Leia.

Night time, we went for a 1hr Balinese Couple Massage near our place. At one point, the massage was painful but most of the time, we felt pampered. Back on our bed, we felt so relaxed and dozed off straight till next morning.

Truly love our long weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours too!