My colleague, Eileen baked Banana Muffins and she named them “Bananalicious“. Indeed! I brought a muffin home for Leia.

By the time, I got my camera ready…Leia pretty much finished the yummy-smelling muffin.

The little girl was looking for more…. Good thing about the muffin, very soft and fluffy! Great for toddlers.

My 13 month-old is a big fan of Auntie Eileen’s homemade pastries.

Shall get the recipe ūüôā

Best Friends Birthday

Previously, Birthday dinner for Beautiful Caiyan at Black Angus, takashimaya.

This time, its Equinox..Saturday Semi-Buffet Lunch.

Diner gets to order a main course. Birthday girl, Beelian decided on lamb.

Its my first buffet with them and I must say … these two ladies have very wise taste buds.

I realized Beelian makes a wonderful subject for photography. I love her incredible expressions.

Caiyan always look so good in person and camera loves her the most.

Love the buffet and Love my darlings.

Hungry Carebear

A weekday morning.


Playtime with her new friend, Carebear

The dish and spoon are used during Leia’s mealtimes and I told her that Carebear is hungry, and needs porridge.

From Babycentre,

A good way for your toddler to learn spoon control is to let him practice on a favourite teddy or other toy animal. Once he’s practiced holding and moving the spoon to get (imaginary) food to Teddy’s mouth, he’ll be able to use one by himself at mealtimes much more easily.

Skills developed: motor skills, imagination, independence
What you’ll need: bowl; spoon; a teddy or other favourite soft toy or doll

Leia in Polka Dots

At 6 months, Leia called out Papa and Mama. Now that she is 1 year old, she picks up words from our conversations with her.

And anything that begins with ‘B” is easier for her to¬†pronounce. “Ball” is the common First-Few-words for toddlers.

Leia understands what does “No more..” means. Here’s her doing the gesture..

Leia deciphers the meaning of our dialogue through our facial expression and¬†gestures. Vice versa. Most of the time, we got it right. I have heard of the effectiveness of baby sign language but… I prefer universal sign language. Its just individual parenting style not about which is better and so long as the mother knows what the child needs.

Every time¬†I leave the house for work, Leia wears this iconic expression…

Her attachment towards me is growing day after day. In fact, it is coming both ways. I get really anxious whenever I am on my way home for her. Had this feeling during my courtship and now, for my dearest daughter.

Love you Leia.

Leia’s Day at Parkway

As usual, we went Parkway for brunch. Hubby decided on Fish & Co. We were excited to let 1 year-old Leia try some of our food. He actually ordered seafood platter but… I thought it might be safer to just start with the fish.

We always bring ¬†Heniz Teething Rusk whenever we are out for meals. Hubby and I don’t have to take turns as Leia would just sit in her baby chair quietly teething on the very hard biscuit for about 5-10mins. More than enough time for us to finish a simple meal.

This time, I let Leia try my favourite New York Fish & Chip. She looked pleased and asked for more. At the restaurant, Leia was smiling all over the place. She looked at the granny beside our table and smiled non-stop making others feeling happy. Gotta get used to the attention.

After meal, we decided to bring Leia to Junior League¬†for her First Haircut. Firstly, you need to take queue no. , there’s individual mini screen featuring¬†Disney¬†cartoon attached below the mirror and then, stickers for the kids.

My little girl didn’t cry but sat there looking worried like whats the auntie doing to her hair. A little resistance when comes to snipping off the hair on her sides. Overall, the stylist¬†auntie¬†looked very much at ease and within 5 minutes, done!¬†Cool.. but I’m not a fan of doll cut.. prefer a side-parting for Leia.

Then it was time for kiddy rides…Starting off with Thomas & Train.

The all-time favourite, Barney.


Being a parent relieves childhood. I remember I used to be in one of these rides and now my daughter’s turn! The rides cost $1 – $2 for a ride now. Woooo…

Next, he had to settle his bills at AXS and I let Leia played in one of the little tikes Cozy Coupe.

Evey agenda on Parkway was pretty much for Leia.