Leia turns one

Another big event of our life.

Happy 1st Birthday Leia!


Thanks to everyone who attended. Your presence is significant to my family ūüôā Also, all her gifts have been incredible and truly appreciate all the time taken to choose and put together.

Special thanks to my angels who came forward to offer great help making Leia’s party an awesome one.

Beelian – Early guest to provide all necessary assistance
Caiyan – Accompany Leia to get birthday outfit and Party decor
Candy – Creative & Wonderful party ideas
Huimin – Photography & Printing
Rowen – Photogtaphy & Printing

Can’t thank enough.

Leia’s Milestone at 1 Year Old


  • 2 days before she turns 1 month, she turned herself and did tummy time.

1 Month old

  • Full Month Party, she slept all day when the house is packed with guests
  • Differentiate voices and she is happiest when Bret talks to her.

2 Months old 

  • Her first trip outside home, Parkway Parade

3 Months old

  • Able to sleep through the night from 10.30pm till 7 or 8am
  • Sits on Bumbo
  • Grabs objects
4 Months old
  • First CNY experience, wore red baby cheong sam
  • Mini Volleyball experience at Mrs Ho’s place
  • Had her first puree
  • Shaved her hair (Insisted by mil)
  • Introduced Sophie the Giraffee for her teething moment
5 Months old
  • Brought her to Mothercare for test drive of pram & she likes¬†Preg Perego.
6 Months old
  • Called out “Papa”
  • Celebrated Daddy and Mummy’s birthday together for the first time
  • Drank milk on her own (depends on mood)

7 Months old

  • Sits on her own
  • Attempting to walk
  • First Swim using Neck Float
  • Started reading to her
  • Came into contact with ipad 2
  • Crawling

8 Months old

  • Put objects into boxes
  • First Baby Chair at chinese restaurant, Katong

9 Months old

  • Gave her Baby Walker
  • Joined Happy Train and started dancing actively to music
  • Express herself with by saying and using hand gestures like “No more”
  • Able to use spoon to transfer small items from bowl to bow
  • Tried sour lime

10 Months old

  • Started practice feeding herself by exploring the spoon
  • Able to use her finger to slide ipad “Menu” and look for apps
  • Able to express her basic needs like “mum mum”, calls “papa” or “mama” whenever she needs us
  • Able to stand and cruise with furniture
  • Sings like a back-up singer
  • Shakes her head to show she “don’t want”
  • Able to toss and throw a ball
  • Able to do a “Hi-5”
  • Understands basic instructions like “Give”, “Hold”, “Take out”, “Put back”, “Drink”, “Eat”, “Sleep”, “Bathe”, “Where”, “Hug”, “Kiss”, “hands up”
11 Months old
  • She poo-ed in the her first experience with potty
  • Uses diaper pants on weekend
  • Able to feed herself and we started with Mashed Potato
  • Able to drink water on her own and puts the mug back at same place
  • Able to flip board books and recognize pictures
  • Displayed¬†empathy¬†towards mummy; with sad eyes she uses her warm hand to feel area when I accidentally hurt myself.
  • Revealed cautious¬†personality¬†trait’¬†encouraged her to walk but she hesitated when she uses her hands to touches the floor knowing the surface is hard
  • In new environment, she doesn’t moves much until I smile to her and says “It’s alright”
  • Visited her first indoor playground, Peek-a-boo at Kallang Leisure
  • Had her first steamboat at Golden Mile
  • Tends to tip toe

12 Months old

  • Celebrated her First Birthday Party at¬†NSRCC
  • First Salon Hair Cut at Parkway
  • Selective as to who can carry her
  • Initiates¬†games like “catching” with me
  • Likes to tease and disturb me when I don’t give her my full attention
  • Sleeps on her own in playpen
  • Upgrade her from potty to baby toilet seat
  • First costume party, Deepavali
  • Little “pet-keeper” at grandma’s place where she feeds the fishes, guinea pigs and turtles
  • Held crayon and colored
  • Able to walk in the last week of the month


Met Beelian and Candy for shopping and dinner!

With best friend at Itacho, besides main course she ordered Foie Gras Handroll and Lobster Salmon roll(Below)..

I really love the sushi here.

An hour later, my sweetest friend Candy arrived. Time for french dessert, Antoinette.

(Credits from: http://food.insing.com/feature/antoinette-sweetens-up-mandarin-gallery/id-19b43e00)

Very posh and gorgeous-looking cakes.

Defintely coming back again.