Todai with Sbff

Today I had Lunch Buffet Date with petite mummy Ho at Todai, MBS. We were welcome with luxury ambience and hospitality. The next wow; wide variety of international food.

The buffet plate is kinda small compared to other restaurants. Easily filled and thus, more rounds.

This is my fourth round.


I’m not a person who is very particular about food but I am rather disappointed with the quality of food. Steak is cold ..

And look around, you will see people having plates after plates of snow crab.

I had 1 1/4 plate of snow crab.. not quite a fan…though it’s meaty.

Proceed to desserts.


Not sure if I’ll go back again.

But I’m definitely meeting my special best friend soon again.


I miss little ezann. she’s clever and ubberly cute. Love to hear her talk 🙂 Mini playgroup next week.

Visit to United Square

Saturday noon, Mr Khoo & I brought Leia to a nearby school to inquire about their curriculum. We were truly impressed with the clean and cozy environment. Leia was making herself very comfortable and  the teachers called her smiley baby. Can see that she likes the place very much. Ideally, we will start her playgroup at 18 months.

Next stop, United Square – the mall for kids. There is complimentary valet parking(sat-sun), very thoughtful 🙂 Entering the mall filled kids and families, Leia’s eyes were beaming. Within the first hour, I started spending on my girl. ops..

After 2 hours of eye-power, Leia napped in her pram. Mr Khoo and I grabbed some bite at the food court – Freshest yong tau foo ingredients. Leia woke up as I walked into a shop. There’s rubber ball pit… and Mr Khoo put her in there. She was smiling like a happy doll.. and a little ballerina went over to her. The beautiful 2 yr old ballerina seemed to like Leia a lot and my little girl smiled back at her.

She hugged Leia many times and when we were about to go, ballerina looked very little sad and… so was my girl…

Anyway, before home I bought my favourite cupcakes made by a lady who is beautiful inside-out. I read her blog and always look forward to more entries.

Every weekend, we try to take Leia out to different places. Its a parent thing and we enjoyed. As for holidays, I believe patience will make everything worthwhile.

Songs in my head…

Friday night, 11pm I’m blogging in the dimmest room lighting. Leia is soundly asleep and the man is watching his anime as usual

I was surfing online doing what savvy mother does nowadays. Something I enjoy much and .. suddenly, Lee Hom’s song was ringing in my head…


Watching this mv makes me feel touched. Perhaps in everyone’s life, there are times when we are/feel alone.

Next song in my head, 林俊傑 – 她說.

Good night.

Sephora Nail Patch

Yesterday I bought and tried something interesting for nails and probably the best thing for me mummy now.

Click here to view the clip.

I bought a plain-coloured nail patch. It’s really easy to use and totally look like manicured nails. Its great for people who don’t want to spend much time at the nail salon.

Leia at Polliwogs

Last Sunday morning, we decided to explore Polliwogs at East Coast Park. The 2nd nearest indoor playground from our place.


The toddler area was spacious but has limited plays compared to Peek-a-boo.


Her fav, Ball Pit.


In the tree shelter..


Proceeded to bigger area where you will see mummies & maids climbing around the small tunnels with their kids.


Leia held onto the soft rails and walked carefully. Here’s the ball pit for older kids.. She’s wondering y can’t she join the fun…


At 2nd level, she wore this cheeky look, crawling towards the colorful soft objects and to her dear daddy……


After an hour, I was perspiring. As the upper level was very much for little people, I felt stuffy and a little warm. And for so long, I’ve not had the feeling of “slides”… Oooo Held on to Leia, both mummy & baby took on the slides a couple of times. I relieved the thrill! Daddy happily video-ing.

Back to her ball pit for a while…and we called it a day! Redeemed our free coffee and rested at the mini sofa. Leia was thirsty too.


We love looking at Leia’s response. With smiles, she crawled towards other toddlers. Looks like she’s got her parents genes; socializers. Haha And parents will like this place because they have quite a big area for sitting and munching on snacks. Love that they have magazines too. Thoughtful 🙂

Besides the fun, we brought home lots of videos & pictures. Can’t wait to show Leia when she’s older.

Lunch Buffet at Pan Pacific Orchard

Celebrated colleague Eileen’s birthday at her fav buffet, 10 at Claymore(Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel).

A great place for dessert-lovers.


The bread pudding here is best in town. And here is my sweetest plate..


(From Left:) Banana-Chocolate Cupcake, Green Tea cake, Pineapple Cheesecake, Macaroons, Orange Jello.

I’m not a fan of dessert but I must say I enjoyed the pastries here more than any other hotels. So, no surprise if you see more ladies here. In terms of variety on food, pretty limited. No sashimi no seafood.. But they have themes like this month, there’s local delights free flow on char kway teow, Penang laksa, prawn mee noodle. Our first time having char kway teow in hotel. I’m surprised there’s cockles 🙂

Mr Khoo had coffee while waiting for me. We were looking forward to go home & play with our little Khoo.

Seoul Garden with my ladies

Three hours ago, together with Huiting & Melissa, we dined at Seoul Garden(Downtown east). I really like this place. The unforgettable black pepper fish fillet(very fresh) Lala is back in the menu. Their customer service very friendly and attentive too.

If your last visit to Seoul Garden 10years ago or longer, you should head down to the branches with computer menu. The only thing to complain about, is the smell… I’ve bathed & smelling good again… Hmm I think my gucci bag needs a “bath”

Back to ladies moment, besides the usual out-of-nowhere jokes..

Tonight’s highlight: Huiting was as lag as her whatsapp. I actually mistaken “Maggie Chilli Sauce” as “Magic Chilli Sauce”. Melissa made us under-over cooked food. Wonder when is the next meet up.

Ok… Shall end my entry as Mr Khoo has initiated a bedtime conversation
Ciao ~