Ice Cream Date

Friday night, Mr Khoo took his wife & daughter to little ice cream kafe at Tanjong Katong.

Something interesting about this cafe: there’s ice cream buffet 6pm-8pm.

I think of cold & desserts not really my thing.. So doubt I’ll go for it.

Anyway, they serve homemade Ice cream…


Flavors similar to udders…and instead of scribbles on wall, I saw pictures.


Leia reaching out to Mint Forest & Belgium Chocolate…


Yum yum…


Like her mother, prefer chocolate to mint.

In my view, Haagen Dazs’ Belgium Chocolate still the best.

My Darlings & My Brows

Have been meeting my girls and more to come!

MondayĀ :

Agnes and Best Friend again. Lunch at Bakerzin afterwhich went to my mum’s place to pick up Leia as we planned to hang out at my house. Dinner was yummy Pelican.. Love the wings.

Tues Evening:

I did my brows. Great thanks best friend.


Did color tweak & brow shaping. Prefer shu umera.

Dinner with Caiyan. No more 1-for-1 pasta.. And my Red Hot chicken spagetti with request for extra spicy was disappointing. Not spicy at all. I need buffalo wings.. !

Around 7.30pm, Mr Khoo joined us and he realized Caiyan & me talk non-stop. Yeah we chat from 6.15pm till 10pm.

Feels great to see my darlings.

Working Mums

My darlings whom like me, mother of one, finally met.

We chat about our family and a little on work. Totally acknowledge the inevitable change in us: we tend to more buy things for the men & little one, whereas not much for ourselves.

Mr Khoo realized that and…. while i was doing window online shopping…He suddenly said, “it’s been long since you things for yourself, don’t buy for gal gal and me. Use my credit card k. My budget is $xxx.”

Anyway I still used my own moolahs but his thoughts deeply appreciated šŸ™‚

Agnes left. Bee Lian & I continued the endless topic about our husbands. Haha

We laughed as we talked about how comical our men are and now that she’s working, few emo moments about the attachment with our girls. The feelings of going to work and not able to spend all the time with her…

Hmm all working mothers experienced this but what to do…

Some great mothers gave up career to personally take care of them. Some working mum like me, chose to let my retired mother whom I trust most to take care of daughter.

Nevertheless, I believe every parent have their unique situations & needs to arrange how they want their child to be taken care of.

Enlightened by youth

Today, someone much younger shared with me things that enlightened me.

He said it’s good to aim high.

“When you aim for the sky, you fall onto the trees. When you aim for the tree, you fall on the ground. When you aim for the floor, where do you fall?”

About whether to leave someone, ask yourself 2 questions.

1. Are you happy with the person?
2. Can you live without the person?

I gave some thought about the questions and so true that I quickly whatsapp Mr Khoo.


I knew he might entertained me but I just wan to see how candid his answers are.

Well, I like what I heard from the youth today.

Girly Night at Helipad

Few weeks ago..

Wendy suggested Clarke Quay and Melissa took us to Helipad.

Situated at The Central, Rooftop Level.

The view is spectacular and …Mel promised toĀ bring us to another place with a more impressive view!

By chance, Huiting called Mel and we gotĀ the bubbly girlĀ to join us.

All four of us had fun drinking and girls-talking.

Wasn’t so much about drinks but the ambience & perfect company.