Daddy’s Girl

During my pregnancy, Mr Khoo talked to Leia a lot. Everyday and everynight, he would go to my stomach to greet her & tell her papa mama loves her.

Even when we are unhappy with each other, Mr Khoo will still put his hand on my stomach to feel her kicks.

Incredibly, Leia always respond to Mr Khoo.

Their father-daughter love was developed way before she came to this world.


Best Friends & Babies

It was a special day where Leia gets to meet my best friend and her 2 month old baby girl.

Spent the entire afternoon at her place. Shevon has beautiful gym mat..

Quite a love at first sight for my daughter.


Leia looked a little stunned when she saw baby shevon. Finally, someone smaller…

And though Shevon is small, she seems to know what’s going. I called her the 董事宝宝!


Shevon looks very much like her mum and dad. Like Leia, she is pretty easy to take care 🙂

When Leia was napping, I had my quality time with best friend.

We wanted to cook our steak together however I had to tend Leia so in the end, my best friend & her husband did the cooking.

The steak was good for first attempt. I like their side dish too – Grilled mushroom with mozzarella.

I had an enjoyable meal and if only time ticked slower.. At 6pm, we had to go as Leia needs to have her porridge at home..

All in all, wonderful & sincere hospitality 非常好客.

Harris 2D1N

Last month, we had a getaway at Harris.

Bought the S$75/pax Deal with Package inclusive of:

Return Ferry ticket, Land transport, 2D1N stay, 1 hr massage and 1 hr bowling game.


  • Additional S$20/pax depart tax and S$7/pax return tax
  • Make sure you book the return ferry timing or once arrived at hotel. There’s two timing 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

Meals: I strongly recommend dine out of the hotel. imagine S$3 for a can of coke. Head the city or take a walk out and you will see some stalls..looked unappealing though.

Facilities: Quite a handful of land and sea sports. Great for adventurous people. The pool is big and nice.

Massage: Gentle yet firm. We felt really relaxed.

Overall, its is a good nearby getaway if you are using the facilities. Might have been better if Leia was with us.

For us, once is enough.


Mr Khoo & I are going Batam this week and maybe flying off to Bangkok next week.

Both of us are not exactly fans of traveling. Still, I am taking baby steps to plan more travels in our marriage.

Just being home 二人世界 watching drama makes both of happy.

Last night, side by side we whatsapp each other.


Had wanted to disturb each other but the last emotion text from Mr Khoo touched me.

Ju Shin Jung Date with VBFF

You may have noticed I met my friends a little more than usual… Previously, due to work… I only had time and energy to meet friends once a week.

But after working hard for weeks, both vbff and i need a good quality meet up!

Mr khoo offered to take care of Leia himself while i enjoy my evening with Caiyan. He did hope that i would change my mind though… Nah didnt happen. Haha

Being mum trained me to get “ready” fast. Took me less than 10min for me to doll up.


And then… I realised i was still early. Mr Khoo thought i was gancheong… Alright, not nervous but looking forward.its been so long since i go out with friend on saturday. Feels different and shiok!

Finally, it was time. Picked up vbff from parkway and to ecp!

Arrived at our favourite korean restaurant. We asked excitedly, “You want to check in fb?”

At the same time, we took picture of each other.


The endless sizzling topics flowed in readily as we indulged ourselves with the korean side dish and grilled marinated pork/garlic sirloin 🙂

2 hours passed..took a stroll with her at ecp. We sat at macdonald to continue our girls thoughts.

Our finale chat went on at my place as she waited for her sweet boyfriend to pick her up.

Wonderful night and a great thank you to my dear vbff for the generous treat. Next is mine at goodwood park..!