Enjoying at mum’s place

Tonight, Bret meet his friends at ion for chill out. This great hubby will come pick me up after he’s done.

Meanwhile, enjoying moments with my dearest family and daughter.

Whenever I’m at mum’s place, my parents pamper me to Max! And… Actually I’m back almost every weekday.

Truly sweet to have me and my mum lie on the bed chat as we watch the little leia sleeps between us..

3 generations in the room.

Best part, my dad came home with black pepper crab!



Bowling on holiday

Had a fulfilling public holiday with Mr Khoo.

We spent our eve enjoying HK Drama till 3am.. was real surprised when I realized I woke up at 11.58am! Ever since I have Leia, my biological alarm is 8am – 8.30am.

And…waking up late can be shiok! Mr Khoo in good mood because he has no interrupted sleep unlike past 3 days.

Leia slept between us and no matter which side Mr Khoo sleeps, she would snuggle to his side and kicked him several times a night… Little gal wants to be close to her daddy.

Poor thing Mr Khoo… Heehee

2pm we arrived Kallang Bowl. An outing with my colleagues.

Coincidentally, we brought our Gucci-s.


Shall bring our kids to bowling someday!

Actually.. most of the time, I am really bad at bowling. But what’s more important was, we had fun!

4.30pm My mum’s place for steamboat. Mr Khoo & I were so pampered with food. All tasty and seemed never ending…!

Played with Leia and indulging in the warmth of my family.

Stayed till 830pm. Back at home, Hk Drama time again. So exciting that we stayed up till 1am…

Before lights off, we did our usual routine. Viewed Leia’s video clips in his iPhone and smiled.



Have been a SKII Treatment Essence (神奇水) user for couple of years.

And last week, decided to try the Mask.


Bought deluxe set which comprises of 20pcs. And there’s my 250ml treatment Essence too.

Was told by the beauty advisor, treatment mask is concentrated pitera (main ingredient for treatment essence) and to use 20mins.

After my first try, my skin felt smoother and supple. Can see the radiance on my cheeks too 🙂

If you’re buying, do ensure the product is Made in Japan.


During Leia’s newborn(First 3 Months) period, she had little moments that reminded me of Mrs Ho darling Ezann…

And then as Beelian shared with me the little milestone of Shevon such as rejecting pacifier, I was reminded of the amazement we had when Leia first refused.

Babies, toddler and kids have smiliar milestone.  7 months old is said to be most parent’s favourite stage. The babies loves to play, giggle, do funny facial expressions and so huggable like mini bolster.

And from the moment the little one developed heartbeat in their mummy’s stomach, an unique set of abilities, talent and personality is formed.

Some time ago, Mr Khoo & I were highly impressed by this clip.

God gave him a gift 🙂