Pretty impossible

Everyday and Every night, Mr Khoo & I will have funny little conversations.

In his car, me looking gloomy..

Wife: “If only I can strike toto $1million every month…wow..”

(trying to be more hopeful in life..)

Husband who was driving, laughed: “Then those entrepreneur work so hard for what? For me, $1 million a year I’m more than happy!”

Wife looking serious: “It’s not impossible…just that the hit rate is very low…”

Husband noticed I was serious and laughed again : “Aiyo, my wife is so naive..”

Looking back at my thought, it’s not impossible..just very much impossible.

However, I never buy so it’s really impossible.

Sometimes, Weird thoughts just jumped into my mind and I only share with Mr Khoo & Beelian.

As usual, they will laugh at me and then, I laugh back at myself.

Piano and Kuala

This morning, my mum was telling me Leia loves piano and so, I decided to teach her something simple.

After 10min, my mum learnt a short piece of song. Got her really excited to be able to play piano.

My mum was inspired to take up piano lesson. I support the idea totally. In my opinion, retirement is a good time to pick up some skills or courses you always want to learn but didn’t have the time for it.

As my enthusiastic mum practiced at the piano, I had Leia hugging me like a kuala.


She was really comfortable. A moment I love much.


You know the song…


Didn’t sing this though..

I sang “Marry had a Liitle Lamb” repeatedly as I gently pat her.

Leia dozed off in minutes…

Mum First Bday with Leia

Last Sunday was my mum’s birthday.

I made grilled wings all by myself.

Marinate: Salt, Pepper and Brandy

As I thawed the frozen wings, I found myself don’t enjoy cooking.

But I did it because I want to personally prepare something nice for my loved ones and also, to outdo myself.

Practice makes perfect and… 用心和真诚煮,吃的人会感受地到. So, I’m not giving up.

No pictures again.. as I was rushing. We were late… because its my first time grilling. I did batch by batch.

6.45pm I pressed the doorbell. My mum anxiously carried leia from my arms and said many times, “The Best Gift..!”

Loren told me my mum and dad have been waiting for Leia’s arrival. My dad will suddenly call out her name and my mum prancing around thinking about the baby girl.


Leia is very loved and I hope she will grow up to be a filial grand daughter.

And my wings, I got my siblings to try. Turned cold and not as nice but i heard something that really touched my heart. Coming from my sis: “It’s nice and cannot buy from outside one.”

Then, mr Khoo & I had our anticipated steamboat. There’s abalone 🙂 I’m more into veggies though.

Cake time.


I love the design, traditional and tasty.

Bought a Doir Perfume for her.

Happy Birthday Mummy.

Shevon Full Month Party

We studied, worked, lunched, dined, travelled together and now, both in motherhood.


Pic taken when my best friend was in 2nd trimester.

Beelian held her full month party at her sis’s place. Very inspiring design.

There’s the good-looking newborn baby.

Her double eyelids beautiful.


Shevon has this natural ability to attract people. Though tiny, she’s very active and curious.

Looking at best friend now.. takes me a while to convince myself she’s finally a mother! And she’s a good mother. You know when you see the way she cuddle the little one in her arms.

For our baby shower party, we both engaged Sweetest Moments for our gift boxes.


Like her wedding, the party was exclusive. She invited only her close friends.

Caiyan, though not exactly a close friend of Beelian, was invited. Caiyan being my vbff, 爱屋及乌. She bought a Dom for Beelian and that I must say, very kind and generous of Caiyan.

I gave Caiyan’s contact to Beelian so she can thank her personally. Caiyan also took the opportunity to compliment little shevon. Everything between them was so genuine and that meant lots to me.

Sbff also mailed baby gifts to Beelian. Very thoughtful ladies I have in my life 🙂

Can’t wait to see Shevon again and I am waiting for vbff to marry and be prettiest mummy I know!

Good marriage

Found an interesting title,

“It’s not how good you are, It’s how good you want to become.”

All of us wants to have good marriage or relationship.

Most people are looking for a solution, a way to become good.

There’s no instant solution, the only way to learn is through experience and mistakes.

Mr Khoo and I have learnt and are still learning.

We had challenges that helped us grow stronger. Its not easy to change ourselves but we did .. Slowly and steady to make a wonderful difference in our life.

“Thanks my dear for loving me, pampering me, taking care of me, hearing me out and always there for me. You complete my life perfectly.”


Love him

Strings of Joyful Events

How was your saturday?

My friend’s wife delivered their first boy and on facebook, he posted a super sweet, meaningful message to thank her for being his wife and for going through the 10 months pregnancy  – Truly proud to have a guy friend like him.

And for myself, I felt very blessed to have quality moments with my little family and also, to be invited to occassions important to my friends 🙂

Here goes…

8.30am Fed leia and then played with her.

Mr Khoo had a business appointment at 9am.

9.30am Bathed Leia, walked her around the house

10am Leia took a nap as I searched for baby walkers online

10.30am Mr Khoo bought KFC breakfast.

Hubby babysit Leia for the afternoon while I went ahead with my afternoon engagement

11.30am Drove to Tampines central for my eye lash extension

1.30pm Shopping at  Tampines 1. I love Bysi and shopping alone.

2.30pm Picked up Caiyan and navigated our way to Best Friend’s Baby Full Month Party.

3.15pm Reached the impressive house of Beelian’s sister and there we have a very motherly Best Friend with her Good-Looking newborn baby, Shevon.

4.30pm Mr Khoo text me. He “miss” me…

5.00pm I reached home to recharge before 2nd part of the night start

During this break at home, I played with Leia who cannot stop smiling knowing her mummy is back. She giggled easily as I do funny faces.

7.00pm Mr Khoo & I proceed to Downtown East, Agnes’s son 1st year birthday. Its a bbq party.

7.30pm I was so glad to see Eileen! We had quality catch up time and Mr Khoo was chatting happily with my gal friend too.

The evening was a party filled with her hubby’s friends and some relatives. Despite the attention needed from the host, Agnes was constantly concerned about 3 of us. Making sure we having enough food, whether we are comfortable, talked to us once she has time and displayed true sincerity that we came.  Agnes touched my heart and in my opinion, certainly a great host.

9.30pm Mr Khoo & I gotta go!

10.00pm Arrived at seletar camp for Couple Gathering. (Mr Khoo sec volleyball mates)Jacky, Kim Han and their spouses were there for buffalo wings.

Men and Women distinctly in their own gender world. This is probably my 5th time meeting the ladies but we don’t need much warm up to enter a series of wonderful conversations. The momentum just came in readily! I love the ladies for being kind, candid and knowledgeable.

11.00pm The guys wanted a longer night and because Jacky’s wife had a flight to catch the next day, Kim Han’s wife is 8 month pregnant.. they asked the ladies. Surely, we want more too! We don’t see each other often and the next time will be on Kim Han’s baby full month party in Jul.

11.15pm Summer Breeze at Pasir Ris. We had drinks and continued our chirpy moments.

12.30pm Mr Khoo signalled for home and I finally ended my busy saturday.

I know pictures speaks more than words but.. I was rushing for time and quality conversations with people I value, meant a lot more.

Anxious Daddy

Had my last dose of hep b vaccine and mr Khoo was anxious to ask nurse when we can make baby again.

Seriously… Stepping back to the gynae clinic where we always look forward to see leia. The feeling does makes us want to have no. 2 soon.

Look forward but not any soon still. I want to satisfy my cravings and at least a cruise trip before I enter the “can’t do this, can’t eat that” journey again.

I told him again:

I don’t need him to accompany me at the labour ward. He says I can’t sleep on labour bed and will be bored.

I don’t need single ward we should save. He says, he will work hard and he will stay over with me again.

I feel 幸福.