Happiness from work

2 days ago, I met my corporate insurance client. The company is expanding and I am honoured to be working with them. Finance-HR Manager is one of the nicest and dedicated employees I know. She has a new executive to assist her. We had a 2 hours discussion on insuring the company in several aspects.

During the talk, they expressed their instant happiness each time they leart  new things from me.  3 of us got real positive. Sharing useful knowledge with people is something I enjoy and both of them were keen on-going learners.

I am not a directive consultant where I say, get this get that. My preferred style is that, I share my knowledge of personal & colleague’s claim experience to help them understand the possible risk if not insured. May not be optimal as some client just can’t made up their mind and I’ve to.

I find myself naturally putting client’s interest at first place. At times if necessary to save cost, I will not hesitate to reccomend my competitor whom may offer lower price. But most of the times, they stick with me unless the price difference is huge 🙂

Before I left the office, both the manager and her excutive were grinning much. I could see that they enjoyed our discussion and that really made me most happy. The positive energy lasted for quite a few days!

My friend saw me happy from appointment.

She asked, “Closed big case ar?”

My smiling reply: “Hmm.. yah I did closed but I was happy because they are happy.”