A Good Wife

Its a very subjective topic.

To define a good wife in general can be very subjective still.

I suppose the definition is perceived uniquely for every individual. A guy once told me, men are likely to marry someone who resembles their mother. at then, my natural response was… Huh? And as I think deeper and observed enough. I was convinced about the possibility.

Ask the men about good wife and I get different answers but … Can Cook is a common skill they hope their wife will have. In the past, its like a Must-Have  for wives. But evolution changes men & women. In today’s men & women working society, I find more professional men gaining great sense of pride in the way their wife plans & executes… as well as the wives’ careers.

Haven’t you heard of some men pretty proudly sharing, “Oh my wife earns a lot! She’s the Manager of blah blah… from Big CompanyI experienced this a lot from my guy friends who fly high in their career. These men earn lots and they prefer women who earn just as much or even higher! Just as, you find people of your grade or higher. Smart people way of living?

Come to my definition of good wife, I  used to look forward cooking for my own family. Unfortunately, no matter how I try… my husband beats me in this area. Since secondary school days, I can score badly for home econs yet 100 for techinical.Yet, Mr Khoo never finds that a problem. About me cooking..He worried I mess up the kitchen, scared I hurt myself and find that its bothersome for me. And when I cook or bake, he kinda blush as he eats cos he knows for a cook like me, I need a lot more effort to do a dish well. I truly appreciate his sweetest thoughts all these years.

I asked myself, “How many men think like him?” To me, he shines totally by being so caring & thoughtful husband.

Though I don’t cook well, I have my strengths to complement him – My brain works better when comes to research & planning ahead for our big future, electronic gadgets and sometimes navigations on the road.

He feels I’m not a better cook than him maybe because I’m lazy to think or practise.. I too feel his brain refuse to crack hard about planning ahead, how to research and etc.  Or maybe we are just naturally weak in those areas. And opposite attracts. Ok.. we only found out about our “weakness” after years of dating together and found that our similarities & differences fits well to how we like our daily life to be.

And its this everyday thing that leads us to come back for each other, settle down and today, we have Khoo Leia.

Back to my friend’s saying about marrying someone like mother, descibed well for Mr Khoo. My mil and I do have much in common. She doesn’t really cook and Mr Khoo told me, he has only tried his mum’s claypot rice & instant noodle..nothing else. I was like omg… but …. mil gave and still giving him many things not just in material, where most mothers don’t. She’s definitely omeone I truly respect much. Good and close friends of mine will know what I mean 🙂

And to conclude my subject: The best wife in my opinon, is someone who can make her husband a better person and complements him well in life. Most importantly, stand by him through good and bad times and.. death till us apart.

Leia got her Pram

I like our Saturday.

Our objective: Leia’s pram.

Venue: Harbourfront Mothercare

As we find a carpark lot at vivo, Leia began to enter dreamland. She was so asleep no matter how we moved her and I carried my lil gal in a baby slinger.

Used to frequent vivo myself, I knew which eatery is suitable for my morning-yet-eat-grumpy husband. Kim Gary!

Food is good, Price is reasonable and Good Service.

For baked rice, takes a while to be served. Mr Khoo just keep looking at our sleeping beauty until…. Her eyes suddenly opened and …widened more as she realized she was at different environment!

And my leia cannot stop looking at our food….

Previously, my little mountain tortoise just couldn’t be herself when she was outside. This time round, she smiled widely!

After our yummy lunch, we went mothercare! Had wanted to get quinny but Leia cried to show her objection. Seriously, looks lightweight & nice but don’t look comfortable unless pay more! We found her liking a pram that’s priced similar to Quinny but comes with more features and most importantly, spacious & comfort.

I was thinking Capella or the expensive brand recommended by his boss. Mr Khoo chose the more expensive pram. His priority was comfort and price was affordable.

Indeed, we set the pram on recline mode and she fell asleep soon…

Mr khoo then drove us to Great World City for grocery shopping.

Our dinner plan: Homemade Sushi.

As we get ourselves busy with sushi in the ktichen, Leia was able to entertain herself inside the newly-bought pram. Her daddy told me, he likes the pram more and more because he can see our baby very comfortable inside.

Leia, you’re very loved.

5 months Leia

At 5 months, she reveals herself as a playful, calm and observant baby girl.

Pretty much like her parents.

She can already flip and row herself. Surprised us with her lightning fast tiny hands; tend to grab almost anythings in front of her. She can grab her own milk bottle too but have to see her mood though!

Makes more baby sounds now. We heard her say Bah-bah a few times. Prob a hint she will call Papa first.

As for her routine, we didn’t exactly train her. Previously we experienced troubled nights when we took her out in the evenings. we heed elderly advice of not bringing her out at nights and since then, leia auto set her official sleep time is 930-10pm. I’m fine with this timing, not too early and not too late.

Recently, hubby and me have been taking her out. Its like our new addiction.

Very fun!