A walk back

13 years ago on 28 Feb he made me his girlfriend.

I wanted to do something on this Dating Anniversary. He made effort to leave work early took me out for nice dinner and back home, we did a playback of our teenage years.

And our story goes…

At then, we came from different secondary schools and becos of volleyball tournament, our paths crossed.

We first talked over phone as acquaintance who have not met and he intrigued me with his national champ title. Phone chats every evening and I now wondered what we talked. Anyway i agreed to meet him because i had once put him on hold at second line for a full hour. I totally forgot about him and was impressed guilty that he waited. He did not flare at all and resumed another usual night chat.

Finally we arranged our first meeting. I brought Kathy along while he surprised me with his batch of volleyball team mates.

He was 15.
I found him tall, lanky, tan, small eyes with nice smile. Like very much about him being shy in person and smiley.

I was 14.
He always tell me his first impression of me was “Angel” cos I’m fair & has eyes that charmed him.

We watched a movie. As I still don’t know him yet. I let a seat empty between us. The cinema was very empty anyway.

After movie, he asked if I can be his girlfriend before we part. I was too stunned and readily got him to ask my friend for answer. Kathy told him he has no chance cos I like someone else.

I thought he won’t call me anymore but he did in that evening. I was really happy. Feelings developed.

Began to wait for his calls every evening until one night he asked me to be his gf. Repeatedly asking the question in different phrasing from 8pm to 6am.

Touched by his determination and my increasing interest in him, I agreed.

I choose 28 Feb 1998 as our official date and 3 months probation. Also, included a condition: no physical contact during this period not even holding hands. Haha Why would I know probation and 3 months thing at this age? Hmm

Because we only meet once a week each time for 2 hours, he asked to renew for another 3 months and then we went on and on…

Along the years,we built something our comfortable world & lingo. We are close enough to read each others mind easily. Knows lots about each other. He actually knows my shoe size after years of shopping with me. I know exactly what food to buy for him. He said, we are the two Pisces fishes whereby no matter how we swim away from each other, we will still swim back to each other cos we belong together.

True enough.

12th year, we tied the knot and had adorable little Leia.

Library Books for Leia

As instructed by Mr Khoo, borrow some books about understanding baby related to our plan. We need information for assessment.

Very kind super mummy mrs Ho and her getting-prettier ezann accompanied me!

Was ezann’s first time to library. She was walking around on her own and made friend with another lil girl 1 month older.

How time flies! Miss the days when mrs Ho was pregnant & her maternity leave days.. Oh wow ezann has grown up to a very clever toddler ūüôā

At the library, I went under self-help section.

What I didn’t expect was getting more books about marriage.

The interesting titles got me.

I wanted to borrow more but Max is 6 books. Mr Khoo’s boss have been encouraging me to make Leia library card and there it is..

Excited to read.

I have people looking surprised when I tell them I borrow books from library.

Maybe too old-school.


From what I observe, leia loves exploring what she can do. Also showed constant interest in learning what we teach her. As mentioned before, based on research, babies learn things fast 0-3 yrs What u expose to her at this stage, is likely going into her subconscious mind that moulds her personality, learning attitude & ability.

I¬†could easily understand y my richest, financially challenged, highly/poorly educated do their best within affordability, to source high & low for a school to prepare their child’s foundation not just in terms of academic.¬† But one that expose children with values, environment & materials closest to how parents want their child to be raised.

But I’m not getting a common understanding from people around me. Most people, like my mil will jump when she knows our plan, thinks I’m pressuring my baby or wasting our budget of $500+ for 10-12 weeks. Pretty annoyed to be misunderstood. I just can’t bring myself to settle for the bare minimum and its wrong to them.

It will take ages or impossible for them to understand.

Maybe they do know its only 1.5hrs & once a week with 4-6 other children. I like the idea of small group for the maybe quality attention and virus control. A parent will tag along and learn how the teachers stimulate the babies potentials through games, music and fun activities. How stressful is it for the baby? hmm

I’m not trying to produce a genius or expect my leia to fly high. parents often share excitement with other parents my child can do this at what age my child achieve what. Well, Some chose¬†enrol child into best of the best schools to¬†participate in classic parent competition: boast about child achievement to other parents. I’m on the other side, I chose better for my baby.

Life is short & fragile.reality is we can’t be there forever nor guarantee we will always be there every minute for our kids. I have thought of the worst ..hence, as early as possible, I want her to be as independent, responsible, sensible and everyone love her for who she is.

Mr Khoo says we don’t live for others why care when people misjudge us. I should not talk much about my life resulting in letting people judge inevitable.

At the moment, only my best friend & mother truly understands what benefit i meant for leia. Thank god for giving me a best friend & mother who understands me when lots don’t. Also, a super mummy sbff for hearing me out…

I’m heeding Mr Khoo advice. Shall seal this topic before I get misunderstood further.

Preparing Leia

Last night, we discussed about preparing Leia for schools and we have plans to enrol her for schools when she’s 6 months or older.

Glad Mr Khoo & I shares the same frequency in the area of our child’s education & well-being. We empasize importance in foundations ūüôā

And you didn’t see wrongly.¬† 6 mths & then you’re probably thinking…¬†so young learn what?

Well, I’ve seen amazing real life examples and was further motivated by¬†this article:

“After attending the classes, I have realized that the Shichida Method not only benefits the child, but it also teaches the parents on how to raise a child with less stress, more joy and in a successful manner. The important thing is to build a good parent-child relationship. We should always maintain a positive mindset, believe in the innate abilities of your child, have confidence in him, love and guide him in the right approach so that he can develop his potential to the fullest.”

As parents, we try to give the best within our affordability.

We¬†are going to¬†cut back on new¬†clothings &¬†luxury expenses¬†every month to provide¬†something¬†we hope useful for Leia’s future.

Mr Khoo & I , as well as her grandparents will try our best to incalcate good moral values in her. And in the area of preparing her for education,  we decided its best to outsource the responsibilities to the professionally trained teachers & proven learning system.

Should she respond negatively, sure I will withdraw her. Nothing more important than having a happy memorable childhood.

Have I bore or ridicule you?

When¬†you’re a parent or have done some research or seen the differences, you might understand where I’m coming from.

Otherwise, there is no absolute in this world.

Love Leia.

Red Angel

Her latest loot!

Looks perfect on her!

We idenitified Playful as one of her personality traits. She would whine/cry if nobody¬†play with her. And if you play with her, likely you’ll get to see her smiling like below!

She has Mr Khoo tall & long limbs genes and mine, double eye-lid genes.

When Leia sleeps, she looks very much like her daddy. When her eyes open, I get more & more people telling me she has my eyes.

My uncles told me she’s very much like me when I was baby… hmm, I still can’t find the resemblance of me and her yet…maybe in time….

Personalised Choco Gift

Valentine Day is not just a day for our partner but also a day to declare love for people we care.

I came across Big Deals and was drawn to one of the deals – Personalised valentine’s day chocolate gift.

Meant to give it to people I care, I purchased 4 gift boxes!

Coincidentally, Lovely Mrs Ho bought too! And we did our exchange on the special day itself!

(Left) For Mrs Ho comes with Precious Moment Pencil! (Right) Mine was creatively packaged by Mrs Ho.  

That was a really sweet gift exchange at her void deck. And I asked to see her dearest baby Ezann, now 14 months. The little girl was so cute as she can walk now! Very cheerful baby who smiles lots to melt one’s heart ūüôā

Mrs Ho & I also had some short quality juicy chat. Women never run out of topic ya. I seriously miss her maternity leave period.

Thank you so much for the gift !

The remaining 3 :

Gave 1 to my mother & the other 2 yet to give out RSVP for special people I care but have not met them.