Loved Rainy Sunday

Still raining. How’s your sunday?

Rainy atmosphere makes us relax and appreciate being home and with family.

昨晚有他照顾leia让我睡多一点,有mr, mrs & baby khoo 一起睡午觉 ,有leia玩,有家婆疼,有见到我父母的灿烂笑容,有火锅,有排球看,有肉干cny goodies, 有搞笑的conversation, 有谈心,有调皮的话语, 有港剧,有抱抱,有晚安的吻。

Thank God.

Chanel Patent Wallet

In my earlier post, I mentioned about bag from Mr Khoo.

And da-duh….!

My very first piece of Chanel.

It wasn’t love at first sight! But  since young, I’m quite a fan of pvc, also known as patent.

The more I see, the more I like it!

Very Chanel!

He’s working hard to buy me stuffs I love. Told him I can buy myself but he insists. Told him we can share the price, he insists no need.

Buying something luxury for each other once in a while is something we do. Last year, I bought him a louis vuitton wallet. And I already know what to get for his coming birthday 🙂

Shopping for her

Love shopping for Leia’s stuff.

Even if it means stocking up her needs..

Above cost about $20: Wet Tissue, Refill for Baby Laundry Detergent and  Lotion Powder. We restock this in 2-3 months:

Lots of people feels the need to have enough savings before they can have baby. Enfalac Milk powder and Huggies diapers cost us about $400/mth.  In my view, the costly part comes in when the child goes to school. 18 month onwards, the toddler is ready to attend classes. Playgroup, phonics lessons and etc can reach few hundreds to a thousand plus a month.

So, if you’re planning for one. Think carefully about the lifestyle, education and environment you want for him/her and plan your numbers!

At 4 months, mil asked me to get baby food for her. It was interesting visiting this section of supermarket. Surely, a first time for me and Mr Khoo!

we selected these..

Was anxious to see my baby response. The feeling is similar to me buying new skincare and can’t wait to try at home!

Mil fed her and feels specially cute because my little leia has started her first baby food. No more just Enfalac!


Still unhappy with the recent incident, I was not ready to behave like nothing happened. But, could see his extra-sweet behaviour. He was trying to make up what I didn’t have to go through..

Hardly-dine-out him brought me to eat something nice & not sure why ….I never try before. Was a super tasty & famous Pig Organ Soup at Geylang.

If you ever make someone unhappy, bring him or her to eat something gd! Should work!

My unhappiness faded greatly… Back home, we tend our little Leia together. Fed, Burped, Cleaned her up, Played lots …

Look at her mischievious look!

And then…a “HUH” look!

Boyish Leia. 4 months 3 days. Both mother & daughter experiencing the expected hair dropping stage…

Anyway back to Mr Khoo…I like that he helps me tend Leia together. Love teamwork spirit. 

Everytime after patting our precious little one to sleep, my room turned into library. We would whisper to each other, walk & move around like pink panther!

And this night, he actually whatsapp me…when both of us were playing with our iphones….

He was whatsapping Leia’s pics to me and then, suddenly icons… and we looked at each other face to face smiling. We couldn’t talk as Leia is asleep. So, I teased him by replying with an icon – gift. He didn’t understand the meaning until I replied an icon- bag. heehee

The underlying message, “where’s my gift? Bag?”..

He laughed off immediately 🙂

Yeah, I saw him trying to mend and work on making me happy.

Comfortable working

On a rainy afternoon and working from home… Very calm, peaceful and comfortable working.

Was especially sweet because my baby leia is beside me. I can only work when she’s asleep though.

She was in dreamland. Supposed u can see her..If I have to look at notebook for a long while, I used a cushion to block the edge of the sofa. L-shaped sofa I like. 

Love this scene so much I want to capture it 🙂


We had a very bad fight recently over a repeated issue.

After the latest heaty episode, we  distressed in our individual ways, clear our minds so as to think carefully about how to improve situations.

In our dating days, I initiated break ups when the problem seemed so big. And now, I have to change. When a person change, a person grow. No more “Lets end”, No more staying away from him..No more ignoring his calls text massage… unless he does something unforgivable.

Like Beelian quoted, our issue is neither minor nor major.

Shouldn’t ignore and shouldn’t let blow up the matter. Pretty tacky but I’m glad both of us are working together…

At the moment, he finds lots of happiness, fun & satisfaction at work. Yes, career is important for a man… While I have to let go of the thought having me in his top priority. .. Its been a long time since I feel something..I used to feel.

In case, you think I’m emo.. not really. Doing fine with Angels in my life and him really making effort. Just need to adjust my feelings..

Relationship problems are like fire drills, makes both stronger and more aware of how to better handle similar issue.