Christmas Eve 2010

Christmas Eve with 3 good friends at my place!

Mil held party for her company staffs and relatives..contributed to the party atmosphere at her unit. With Party Decor, Balloons, fast-paced music, games and buffet.

More yummy food at balcony…but I’m lazy to add here.. Anyway, I quite like the buffet this time round.

Kathy and her beau, Zhixing surprised us with the most delicious Log cake I ever had!

Gonna order cakes from The Patissier for the next special occasion.

Hmm.. This xmas eve is very meaningful for Mr Khoo and we finally have our first family picture taken!

There’s the group of us and our $30 Gift Exchange! Most expensive Gift exchange probably.

Traditions and Spirits of Christmas!

(From Front Left: Agnes, Serena, Bretson, Baby Leia, Kathy & Zhixing. From Behind Left: Daniel and Eileen)

Our cozy little gathering ended officially at 1am.

We had no dress theme, no long hours of fun, no spectacular games or decor but.. just the essential presence of friends we love.

The fact that my girls whom I’ve known for about 15 years, made effort to spend this eve at my place, touches me lots.  Seeing their love for Leia makes this christmas even more special.

Something I know for sure, we are genuinely very happy to see each other doing well in life 🙂 Though we don’t meet often, the foundation of our bond built during primary-secondary school days stays forever.

Mac Concealer

My first mac was a pencil eyeliner. Got it from Japan..however, its quite a disaster on me.

Yesterday I looked at the mirror and realised its time to get a concealer for my dark rings. And as Beelian used before, I decided to try…

Concealer $30

There’s quite a few types. And I decided on the latest range of concealer. Coverage was quite fine but… hours later, touch up needed.

Besides the concealer, I was attracted to this pouch and 5 brushes. Never have I gotten a proper brush for my eye shadow.. so this brush set completes my make up routine.

Mac Brushes and Pouch $100

The sales assistant told me 2 brushes already exceed $90 and because of the pouch, I made an impulsive buy! The pouch can be used as sling bag too…erm I’m not carrying that out though.

Mr Khoo was with me and wondered about my sudden spending craze. Anyway, he’s seen this side of me long before I was ever pregnant…

Wine Hamper for Grandparents Chew

Ordered a wine hamper for Chew Family on Xmas Eve. I thought I saw more wines from Noel website.. anyway, next year we’ll order traditional kind of hamper.

Wine Hamper

Why hamper?
Follow my parent’s footsteps. Since the day my mum became Mrs Chew, they sent hampers to my mum’s parents.
My mum was most delighted to receive. The arrangement was great convenient for us. No need to collect and deliver. I ordered in the morning and afternoon when I reached Tampines, the hamper was there!

Fins for Dinner

Established a new business relationship on Tues night. Especially Happy because the Client happily bought from me. That made me yearned for a good dinner! Told Mr Khoo to drive me to Kallang Leisure.

He was taken aback by my dinner choice. Thai Village.. In fact, Mr Khoo was more of annoyed like why must I splurge on a normal dinner. 

Had wanted go for the set menu $98++ per pax, but his face was kinda black.. so went ala carte..

Claypot Sharkfin with crab meat

Very very satisfying….. lots of thick fins! We shared a claypot….yummy.

King Prawn with Vermicelli

A filling dish! I longed for the vermicelli and finally, I taste it again. The prawn was fresh and shell was easy to peel off…

Deep Fried Beancurd

Requested by Mr Khoo. One of the Top-Graded fried beancurd. I like to dip into thai green chilli sauce.

Pineapple rice

Looks nicer than its taste.

Overall bill was less than $150. I picked up the tab, insistently. To me, its not a normal dinner or want to spent on hefty meal for no good reason. I felt like having Thai Village months ago. Encouraged by my new sales that evening and for all that we been through during my pregnancy,  I found a reason(opportunity) to reward myself and him.

My way of spending: I work hard, enjoy hard …within affordability. Money can always be earned back. The more I pamper myself and loved ones, the more motivated I get about earning back.

Alike and Her

My Leia is turning 3 months this coming sunday!

Mrs & Miss Khoo

Do we look alike?

Seriously, besides double eyelid..I can’t find the resemblance yet… hmm

A short update about Leia:

At 2 months, she was measured 58cm long

No colic so far, sleeps 6-8hrs straight at night fromm 11pm – Thanks to Advent Milk Bottles & Pacifier.

Favourite Person: Her Father & Grandpa Chew

Speciality: Knowing someone is near her. She will whine or pretend to cry for attention. Once we have eye contact or carry her, she smiles….

When she looks bored, we cheer her up by making silly faces or sounds.  

Currently, teaching her to say “O…K…” She can do the “O” but “K” .. is probably on the way…

Realised she enjoys discovering what she can do with her body and limbs.. besides “Ok” ..she’s trying to lift her head up in a sturdy manner. Caught her a few times letting out a victory smile like “Yeah!” when she succeed in doing something new.

Love her.

Pamper Mrs Khoo

Last week, my meeting point with Caiyan was outside Chanel Boutique at taka. While waiting for her, I went into Chanel for the first time..

I saw the wallets! Chio…. told myself I must own one someday…thinking must be very ex.

Monday meeting with Agnes. She told me to visit Chanel boutique with her and shared with me about the prices of wallets. $1k + .. sounds reasonable for me and I excitedly whatsapp Mr Khoo about my potential buy….without expecting anything.

And turned out I had one of my fave whatsapp conversation wtih him. Felt very much doted by him…

I didn’t expect him to pay for it.. was thinking of buying for myself to reward my coming-back to work. And this darling hubby of mine went on…

Anyway, I’m not going to let him pay for me. Maybe another time.

We have agreed on Victoria Secrets Pjs for my xmas present. And he was bugging me daily to purchase online. Feels sweet to see him so insistent on buying me something I love. As its meant as a gift for me, I asked him to choose the designs! He did and I ordered 3 Victoria Secrets Pjs set at S$60 each (inclusive of shipping).

ok you may think I’m cazy to buy pjs at this price.. i don’t know.. after wearing one, I just want to collect more..Material is super comfy and design is soooo nice. Makes me look forward to wear them at night. Haha…

Who will see? Doesn’t matter so long as I like. The feeling resembles owning something good and most fulfilling, its gifts from hubby khoo. I like that he wants to buy things I love. Not very practical but he just wants me to be happy.

Yes, he does irritates me. makes me feel he dun love me at time when at odds. But times like this, melts my heart too…..

And regards to the chanel wallet, his intentions touched me very much. Whenever he earns well, he never forgets to pamper me. Love him.