Nov Loot 2010 (Victoria Secret)

I am hooked to online shopping ever since I bought Mrs Ho bdae gift online!

Last week, finally went to VS website! Have been thinking of getting the tees long time,!  2-3 years back, I received a very comfy VS tee. Super adore !

I actually thought my shipment will arrive 21 dec as stated until UPS guy appeared at my doorsteps!

Family members all wondered whats inside!

I didn’t annouce. Mil followed me into bedroom..meddling my little girl’s stuff as I unpacked!

Ok..I bought 5/US$25 panties & 2/US$35 Pj

Luckily, I bought size S for panties! Thanks to Jasmine prompt. Even with size S, the panties seemed a little big for me..considering I’ve wider hips n butt now.

Also happily bought 2 pc Pj with free slipper. Totally in love with this set ESP the slipper!

Curious mil asked Mr Khoo how much, his reply “Usd 700!” ..I immediately correct him! He just want me to get “scoldings” for my splurge!

Mil commented the pjs nice 🙂

My total bill was less than S$200.

Shall get 2pc set pj for his aunt, mil & my mum.

Cousin’s Wedding at Marriott Hotel

My first wedding dinner since my very own in march.

A joyous occasion I feel honored to be there as the bride and groom(my cousin) put in tremendous effort to create a very “wow” wedding!

Definitely, a 5-Star Wedding!

Cousin Daniel was very innovative, attentive & sincere to receive his wedding guests.

Especially, like the express photography service engaged!

My uncle insisted Bret & I take a pic! Heehee We received our photos after an hour while having our dinner.

Mr & Mrs Khoo

And then, my mum’s favourite picture…


The last family pic was in March!

Attending wedding reminds me & him of our very day. We held hands & behaved throughout the event, like we were honeymoon lovebirds once again…


First saw kikki.k at Ion! So glad, its in Tampines Mall now. Ever since I have my own place, I’m into storage, files and boxes to help organize my stuffs. The thing is, I wanna turn these stationary into home decor too..


Besides Ikea, I now have another favourite store.

Looking to buy their pink boxes and folders. $19.90 for ring file.. hmm? I shortlisted something..

My Bills

there’s very useful tabs… I always dump my receipts and bills into a folder. Having a chic-looking folder will keep me motivated to get the papers organised!


Should I diy? Will try ….

Love their website & Blog too!