Something I enjoy a lot with him.

Our conversation – we can talk anything under the sun like he’s a long-time friend & usually, there’s humour.

Still, we aren’t the perfect couple. There are times when love becomes hate… recently..but we’ve recovered from a really… bad one.

Serena: “Are you happy with me being ur wife”….?”

Bret let out a slight frown, paused and decided to smile: “Of cos, my dear!”

He knew I saw that “frown & pause”…and I returned a threatening smile asking,

Serena(evil grinned): “Why don’t you ask me if I’m happy with you being my husband….?”

Bret got it but he act blur and asked innocently: “Are you happy with me, my dear?”

Serena: “Oh…I’m sooooo Freaking Happy!”

This conversation maybe familiar. Yes, I have asked before and figured I’ll continue for as long as we are married. Before married, I asked him another question for 12 years…”Why do you love me?”

Was I fishing for compliments to make myself feel good? Partly… haha

Gracious Gift

Few months back, I was in Parkway’s restroom. There’s this chinese little gal probably about 4 years.. trying to reach the tap. Without hesitation, I smiled to her and turned on the tap for her. After washing her hands, she just walked away as though I wasn’t there. Her mother saw that I helped and merely asked her to go.

Immediately, an unpleasant feeling overwhelmed me. I told myself in that instant,I must make sure my children learn to say Thank you!”

Decided to blog about the above incident as I read Today’s Parents Magazine, Show A  Little Kindness where The Singapore Kindness Movement Council shares about Cultivating a More Gracious, Kinder Society.

“A Rude Child Reflects Badly on Her Parents.” – Yes, its this statement that ignited my urge to blog.

In my much younger days, I got real uncomfortable or angry with people who behave badly such as making nasty & insensitive comments, take advantage of another or myself, simply hold no respect others & other negative actions. My instant response  will either be a rude-ignore or shoot back!

And as I grow up, interaction with more people allows me to kinda conclude that a person’s behaviour is strongly influenced by upbringing and social environment. So now instead of trying to retaliate with sarcastic remarks when someone upset or irritates me, I try to understand. Try to search for a good reason. Maybe the person had a bad day..maybe the person is just insensitive.

Surely I could just labelled them as weird or simply terrible people but sometimes, it could be something I’ve done or said that led them to behave in that manner. They being nasty is something I can’t interfere, whereas I can help myself to improve cos I want to miminse similar encounter. Still, if… hits my boiling point, I turn to my angels for some “therapy sessions”.

Children mimicks adults behaviour especially Parents. I am trying my best to shape myself into a better citizen as I want my children to have a Gift that’s gonna stay with them. Gifts – Good Morales & Values. Its not easy cos I’m not perfect but I try.

I told Mrs Ho if she ever sees me spoiling my kids in future, gotta remind me!

Anyway, the idea of the Gift comes from several self-improvement books where I learnt: Happiness comes from within.

I truly believe in “You give what you get” – Be positive about life & people. Yes there’s ugly sides of everything but if you can’t do anything to improve, save the comments & look on the bright side.  “Be thankful for what you have” – If you think your life, relationship, work is terrible, you need to know there’s people out there who suffered more.

Shaping a Good Citizen by Nanz-Chong in Today’s Parent,

“I have come to conclude that to raise a positive and giving child, we must start with raising a grateful child, not a child who complains of lack, not a child envious of others, not one who sees a problem as a bigger problem(than it really is), but one who is thankful for the resources he has, one who appreciates the ups and downs of life”

Totally, agreed.

Mrs Ho Birthday Moments

Mooncake Festival aka my Dear Mrs Ho’s bday.

Lots of heartwarming moments for her!!!

First, BBQ by the Beach with her Little Family and Best Friends, Mr & Mrs Ong.

Little Ho Family BBQ

Then, a DIY Cake (Icing Room) from her Hubby who surprised her – turned off bedroom lights, sang birthday song to her in their romantic room. Heard tt little ezann was drooling cos the cake was really deliciously decorated. 

From Daddy & Ezann

According to Mrs Ho, her hubby did himself at Icing Room(Tampines 1). So ENVIOUS of her! Thumbs up, Mr Ho! He even had macaroons by the side of the cake….

Love Cake...from Mr Ho to Mrs Ho

I doubt my hubby will ever do alone. Tried twice getting him to do with me and was rejected flat. Shall find a chance to do! And besides lovely cake, he also bought a very nice AX watch.. !

 At work, her colleagues prepared her Second Surprised Cake with gift for her.

Surprise from Colleagues

A very sweet friend who pressed her doorbell & left a gift on her doorstep… ! Couple more lovely moments from her other friends. All these gestures are from people who loves her! I’m truly happy for her 🙂 cos she really deserves to be DOTED!

As for myself..A month before, I was thinking of what to get for her. Mrs Ho loves bags and clothes.. but I scared my preference may not be her liking.. so kinda stressed about the gift. Until 2 weeks before, she shared an accessories website with me. I led her into telling me which item she fancy & so, I ordered online. Got me really excited! Can’t wait to pass to her!!!

About 3 days later, DeeDee arrived. She’s a handmade doll – key ring!


On her actual day, she happened to be on leave which gave me the opportunity to give her Deedee & a birthday card personally! If I had more time, would have gotten her a cake..Mr Khoo was rushing me! Tsk…

At night, little miss Ho experienced her first Mummy’s Bday & Lantern Festival.

Ho Family - Double Celebration

Sweet. I look forward to my turn!