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We have been spending our free time on Football Manager 2010. Its a guy-game taught by Mr Khoo during our poly days. Its addictive. But I really look forward to Diablo 3.

Took turns to play Football Manager … no fightings cos.. we want each other to be happy so we give and take! When he plays, I’ll read books or laze on bed with iphone games. When I play, he watches tv.

Couples with common activities sure enhance their communication. And gaming is one convenient activity – sharing sentiments and useful tips about the game.

During weekends, I’ll get Mr Khoo to drive me around for nice food and desserts. He’s been very kind.

My latest try: Udders @ East Coast Rd.

Udders Ice Cream on Waffle

Above pic: Mao Shan Wang Durian (GOOD!) & Gila Melaka(So-so)

Lots of exotic local flavours. I like the ambience of the place.. pretty cool! Love the music they play – not romantic kind though.

Interested in their Ice Workshop cum Ice Cream Buffet $40 per pax.

Thanks Huimin for the reccomendation!

New Skincare Loot from Chanel

I’ve only tried their cleansing mousse sample and now that my gd friend Agnes has joined the company, likely going to convert my skincare range to Chanel‘s.

Starting off with Cleanser…

Chanel Mousse Confort

Comforts dehydrated and sensitive skin with the de-pollution power of Tulip Tree Extract and the moisturizing properties of Arum Lily Extract. Non-drying mousse formula thoroughly and comfortably cleanses, soothes and tones, with deeply moisturizing effects.

Next, Moisturiser… 

Hydramax + Active

A fresh and light hydrating gel cream for combination-to-dry skin goes to the source of skin’s hydration needs. At the heart of the formula: CERATONIA PFA* powerfully stimulates hydration; a Hydrabarrier System™ locks it in, resulting in healthy-looking, smooth, supple skin

Then, little bag of Samples..

Skincare Samples

 There’s Cleaner, Moisturiser, Eye Cream and Serum…

I seriously love the packaging and hope the effects are as appealing.

Shall finish all my shiseido products before using my new loot when I moved to our new love nest.

Out of the Blue

As we walked happily hand-in-hand towards a shopping centre,

I gave him a pat on his back and asked,

Me: “Hey my dear, are you happy that I marry you?”

Mr Khoo stunned by my questioned & giggled: “Of cos, my dear!”

Actually, I was just bored and wanted to make conversations. That moment led us to laughters!

I named Humour as one of my favourite ingredients for our relationship.

Packed Sat

Our weekends getting more eventful. Yesterday we were out from 9am to 6pm!

9am: Medical Appointment at Joo Chiat

11am: Parkway for Work. He needed to meet his client while I bought a book & watermelon ice cream from scoopz.

12pm: Meet contractors at New House. MIL chose this project mainly becos of the layout and fengshui. Balcony in bedroom.. hmm not exactly useful.. took up lots of space. Well, at least we have a toilet in our room now.

Our Masterbed Room with Balcony

1pm: Ngee Ann City-A place to pamper ourselves with luxury. I wanna see an item from Tiffany & Co as well as to get a Calvin Klein Bag. (The last bag I bought was 2 years ago!) Mr Khoo’s a fan of Raoul but I’ve not been impressed much by their designs & quality so suggested he take a walk into Hugo Boss Boutique for working shirts & belts.

Inside Boutique

He found a shirt(Below) & belt! The shirt really looks great on him. His best looking working shirt so far… We love the quality & cutting. oh, we also heard there will be December Sales & I’m excited for him! I told him I can’t wait for december to see what other shirts he can get!

Hugo Boss Slim Fit

2 Hours of walking high & low…our legs needed rest & our stopover: Cedele. We shared a plate of Spagetti & Real Dark Chocolate Cake.

Red Chilli Crab Spagetti

Not really spicy, there’s real crab meat & soft shell crab. I would rate 5/10. Filling. I like TCC’s spagetti better.

Done with Cedele, we left town and back to east. He needs to tailor his workin pants. Mr Khoo always asked me for opinions whenever it comes to buying but actually he kinda knows what he wants. I’m just affirming his choice.

Back home, he quickly try on his Hugo stuffs in front of the mirror. Very satisfied Mr Khoo.

Mahjiong on PH Eve

Tues night:

Hubby: “Can we play mahjiong with my colleagues at your place on PH’s eve?”

Serena:huh, I’m not familiar with them and inconvenient..” (Cos gonna play in my bedroom..strangers in my room.. uncomfortable with the idea..)

Hubby looked down in dismay.

Wed Afternoon:

Agnes happened to ask me out so I asked if she can play! She couldn’t give me a firm answer but I still informed hubby to arrange for another mahjiong kaki! He sounded happier!


Hubby arranging with his friend Jacky who is pending. Agnes can’t make it. Oh-no…he’s going to be disappointed…hmm just then, I asked Melissa casually over the phone if she can and to my surprise, she agreed readily! 2 hours later, Jacky confirmed his attendence.

8.30ppm Our game begun! Jacky brought abundance of luck with him, winning constantly. Very long first round becos of him…

12am I ordered Macdonald Delivery for supper…then proceed to 2nd round where Jacky was still winning much. Melissa and I could’t help yawning from time to time. When I’m at this tiring stage, I kinda relax on guarding.

3.40am Game finally ended…!!!!

When I was out in the living room, my sis and maid was still watching tv and chatting! OMG..

4am: Lights off.. super tired.

Hubby was enjoying himself throughout the game despite losing….

Fulfilling night for me as I got to meet Melissaa & Felt really good to satisfy his desire for mahjiong session.

Our Love Is The Bridge To Happiness

Relationship is a team and we are constantly building the bridge to Happiness!  

Note: Building is never easy. Just keep going!

VIPS at Chew Residence

Tues 30/08/10, 1.30pm to 11pm

Caiyan(Vball Senior) & Raymond(Vball Junior)

In my Room

Their first time to my place and first friends to try my mooncakes!

Three of us camp in my room for more than 10 solid hrs chatting non-stop! Endless of topics just keep flowing in…if no limit, we may just go on and on till sore throat! Hehe.. not much pic taken.. pity caiyan’s not clear due to poor lighting. Well..we were too busy talking to take pics…

We ate little.. in-between our talks, my mum insisted we have Polar Chicken Pie. Delicious.. maybe its the company that adds to flavour!

The hunk & babe also brought Ben & Jerry Strawberry Shortcake & Haggen Dazz Belgium Chocolate! Yummy Dessert…!

My mum says Raymond very decent and good-looking, eligible bachelor! As for caiyan, both Loren and mummy complimented her beauty which is expected la..

Wed 01/09/10, 10.30am – 7.30pm

Cuties from Ho Family..

Mrs & Miss Ho

We started early.. once my mum saw Ezann, she quickly carried her to play while mrs ho and myself indulge in ladies talk. My mum kept our stomach well-occupied with food! Feeding Esther & Ezann non-stop.. haha.. Campbell Chicken Soup, Macaroni, My Mooncakes, White Fungus Soup, Pelican Pizza and Wings!

Ezann is very ACTIVE & she Smiles & Talks a LOT! We love her fair skin…. She bathes with milk I think? Cleopatra Style!

Mrs Ho brought us her homemade Durian Cake and Pandan Sponge Cake made by her friend. Both cakes taste heavenly..commercial standard!

Approaching evening, Mr Ho suddenly dropped by my place to see his queen and princess. In my bedroom, he gently pat his tired little gal to sleep while mrs ho, me and my mother chat in the living room. My mum complimented Mrs Ho for having such a loving husband! Keep telling she’s lucky 🙂 As Mr Ho had to return work, the Ho family only managed to share about 40mins of precious moments at my place. Still, its the thoughts that counts!

Thurs 02/09/10, 7.30pm to 11pm

Eileen (Primary School Bestie)

Its been sooooo long since we met. And finally we meet ! When I opened the door, I saw a very alluring, sexy and beautiful young lady! She’s a bride-to-be and glows charmingly! Everyone in my family remembers her as one of the prettier friends I have. The last time my parents and maid saw her was during primary school. She didn’t change much except sexier!

Bride-to-be refused to eat KFC which I ordered! But anyway, we were so occupied with catching ups in my bedroom 🙂 Yes so much so, that I did not take a pic of her…..

well, what I have here is a very enchanting picture from her wedding shoot..

Bride and Groom-to-be

My dear friend is gonna be somebody’s dear wife in october! She looks all ready to shine at her wedding!

Hope to see her again soon..

Thanks for the very nice gifts, Eileen!

Tues 07/09/10,  4pm to 7pm

Poh Family in the House

Glenn is my hubby’s schoolmate but somehow I’m closer to him now.  The only friend whom I will call and respect like an elderly Brother. His dear wife, Peony, a recent prized winner for grooming.. is the groomer of my maltese! She makes my dog looks good, no doubt.

He wanted to come last sunday but I was too tired so postphone to his Off-Day this week. My mother was so looking forward to see their little gal, Levonne!

At Dining Area

My mum was quick to serve them with food like mini donuts, my mooncakes, keropok and homemade strawberry pudding! And we all had a chat at dining table. Yeah.. my mum likes this family and praised Glenn for being a great father. Totally agreed on this. I learnt lots of useful parenting tips from this couple. Peony read lots of books on parenting and I’m pretty amazed by her knowledge. Very educational!

Levonne smiled more in my bedroom where there’s air-con, her favourite!

Having Fun

Both my mum and me thinks Levonne is an intelligent baby, judging from the way she behaves! Very cool, calm and observant! I commented its Peony Genes. Haha.. just kidding ar.

Though the hours we spent we short but pretty quality!

Thanks for the Pastries, Poh Family!

I’m trying to be a gd host as possible! I’m glad everyone tried mooncakes I made! Nobody complained or reject.. heehee

Also, Special thanks to my mother! Her friendliness warmed my friends and always making sure they are not hungry and thirsty! I know I’m lucky to have her and friends who are willing to come my place.

Thanks so much.

Early Mooncakes for Chew Family

Just ate very delicious mooncakes from Goodwood Park for hi-tea with Mum at home!

Snowskin Assorted Mooncake

 Apple Caramel Snowskin Mooncake, Mango with Pomelo Snowskin Mooncake, D24 Durian and Cempedak Snowskin Mooncakes.

I asked my mum to try Durian. She took a bite and then smiled delightfully while enjoying the mooncake in her mouth. This is the first time I saw her smiling this way.. like a very happy child! She also said, its her first time eating mooncake happily!

Really glad I made the right choice. I was drawn to the creative flavours!

For snowskin – The Skin, I always think Da Zhong Guo is the best. Filling wise.. GOODWOOD DURIAN is the CHAMP!