My maternal cousin, Sharon posted an interesting FB message:

“HUSBAND APPRECIATION WEEK…If you have a husband who makes your life beautiful, interesting and fun,who is your best friend, who has been with you through thick and thin, and to whom you are proud to be married, copy and paste this into your status!!!”

I read out loud beside Mr Khoo who was busy with iphone rpg game. Then I questioned if I should copy and paste the above message in my fb status becos..

Me: My husband makes my life beautiful? Not really..Interesting? Not Really. Fun? Sometimes. Best Friend? I think yes. Been through thick and thins, yes..To whom I’m proud to be married? No….

Me: Are you proud to have me as your wife?

Mr Khoo: Yes, cos you are so beautiful….(cheeky tone)

Me: Really ar?

Mr Khoo: But … as a Wife, Understanding? Not really. Listens to husband? Impossible. Stubborn? 100%. Demanding? Confirmed.

It was a honest conversation. Still, we looked into each other eyes like we are done with teasing and then hugged each other before debating who should turn off the bedroom lights.

Khiels Blemish Control

Ever since Khiels was introduced in Singapore, i’ve been wanting to get something from there.



My last blemish cream was Oxy and that was during my schooling days. 

Maybe I’m older and earning.. I decided to try highly reccomended Acne Blemish Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment . Cost me $52..

Was browsing sis’s magazine during breakfast this morning!

From Seventeen Magazine

Marketing & Packaging looks convincingly-effective.

Shall await result……


Caiyan, like me used to patronise Hoshii at Elias. However, we got disappointed when the management took unlimited Sashimi off their buffet menu. Recently, she found this Jap restaurant at Bedok where they have unlimited Sashimi for Buffet at $26++ Lunch per pax. Good deal and I trust her reccomendation.

Supposed to meet her and Huiting for dinner however, I had something on in the evening and so I went with Mrs Ho, who happened to be on leave!

Both Mother & Daughter in Navy Blue-Polka Dot Wear. So cute…and pretty! As I drove, Little Miss Ho was smiling to me sweetly… makes my heart melt but I have to focus on the road 😦

Mrs & Miss Ho

Buffet Lunch at Momoya . We were the first customers at 11.30am! Waitresses were captivated by Little Miss Ho … as she smiled to them.

There’s my most look-forward dish! Sashimi… I love Salmon, Tako(Octopus) and Hamachi(Yellow Tail)…!

Mixed Sashimi Platter

Really generous with Salmon! Yum Yum.. Both Mrs Ho & I had quite a spread… we ate till 2pm.. ! Almost eating non-stop for 2 hours. For cooked food, I like the sliced beef..and another favourite of mine, shishamo(pregnant fish)!

After hearty jap food, we went vivo. My tangs point expires this month end while mrs ho needs something from daiso.

Btw, Mrs Ho looks really sweet with hairband. I caught men looking at her… despite having a baby in her arms!

Dear Poh Day

9am, Dear Poh text me she on leave and yes, we met up! She was really kind to think of me. First part of the day was running my errands..

My suddenly-dead, Thinkpad x61 needed help! It just keep going into Rescue & Recovery instead of windows no matter how many times I restart. I checked online to check the warranty validity & great, expires only next Feb. First stop, IBM Service Centre at Changi Business Park. Initially, I thought I have to leave my laptop there and collection for few days. But no! I’m delighted that the problem was solved instantly as the Customer Service Officer did a System Restore. OK that’s something my bro taught me before but the interface for thinkpad was kinda different and I’m very much an IT Noob despite a daily user.

First Attempt of System Restore Failed.. that’d mean my work is gonna be delayed! No! I have 2 notebooks and this one is purely for work. There’s my company program in it.. if I’ve to reformat it.. gotta get my company IT Dept to install the program.. Hassle and Time Consuming..!

Just as I was thinking of the hassle, the customer service made a 2nd attempt. This time, I held my hands and prayed sincerely & silently to GOD to help me. I prayed very, very hard. 3minutes later I saw Miracle! I Thanked GOD & SMILED with Great Relief. At the same time, I purchased the 4-cell battery at $172 after GST. Last year, I was quoted a higher price and had to wait few days before I can get it. What I like better was that, I could collect it instantly! Yeapie.

The customer service officer was my saviour of the day! A trip which reinforced my loyalty for IBM – Working Notebook.

Next, Changi Airport. Lunch at Fish & Co.

My Dear Poh

My favourite Fish & Chip has to be at this restaurant! And I always order the same kinda dish. So fresh.. and Big Portion…!

New York Fish & Chip

Yummy… Really Fresh! I am most fearful of fishy smell and have avoided fish for most of my life. Glad I tried Fish & Co!

We took our own sweet time to eat and catch up. With Dear Poh, there’s never lack of topic. And we just went on and on… I personally find the session a quality conversation! Hope her appetite will revert back to normal. No more bloaty feeling! And I also hope HAPPINESS & JOY will surround her Mon-Sun, 24/7. Her words may come too quick sometimes but other than that, she makes a true great friend and family.

And then, I had to meet Janson(he works at airport) for some errands. Also, purchase postage stamps & mailings at Singpost. I love the Singpost here – No queue.

Next, Baking at my House. Last month, she bought Betty Crocker rainbow chip premix for me and I told her, we’ll do together! This is the night! We succeeded!

Butter Cake with Rainbow Chips

With Dear Poh’s guidance and help, I managed to crown this cake my “Best-Ever Butter Cake”. Can’t see the rainbow chips from pic.. too bad. Its really yummy, Chew Family, Mr Khoo and Dear Poh agreed! Yeah!

While the cake is in oven, Dear Poh, me and my mother had a chat.  Mother Chew asked: “So when is your turn to marry, Beelian?”

Dear Poh has an ANSWER already. But I”m not going to announce here! heehee You’ll know when the time is ripe.

During the chat, I kept telling my mother Dear Poh is very filial to her mother and sweet things she does. I spoke from bottom of my heart and I wondered if Dear Poh felt shy..heehee but I feel her strength needs to be recognised! 

Having own mother and friends mingle well is something nice to have.

11pm.. Dear Poh had to leave. Never mind, there’s always technology to keep our communication going!

Sweet Married Weekend

As above subject..and summary of what we did below:


  • Nyonya Hi-Tea with Mil & Bret’s Aunt. Both ladies were really happy to see us!
  • Bret and I visited his Bro at home for quick catch up. Brief Brotherly Time.
  • Watched one episode of Hk drama home
  • Persuaded Mr Khoo to have dinner at TCC (Nearest to us, Changi Airport T3). Resembled a date.
  • Hongda called us for a late chill out at Bark’s Cafe till 1am. His buddy wanted to stay longer but Mr Khoo needs his sleep.


  • Lunch at Downtown East, Mr Chicken Rice. Crowded and lucky we found seats. Mr Khoo still prefers Boon Tong Kee.
  • Robinson Sales @ Expo. We were there for 2 hours plus and he spent $100+.. All his stuffs ..yet I’m the one who initiated to go.  After this, both of us were superbly tired. End of shopping trip, our legs were aching..we walked slower than usual and can’t wait to relax at home for the rest of the evening…

Almost every weekend, I’ll have to convince Mr Khoo to get out of the house! So long as we can go out, I’ll be happy! Just where do we go? In the morning, I’ll look out for tualobang tweet or newspaper to see if there’s any good deals then decide on destination. Mr Khoo will whine… saying its best we just relax at home and on different times, I have to work on hard or soft tactics.

His job requires him to drive travel lots so his rationale for staying home is to Recharge his Energy via Sleeping. We made little jokes that he needs to clock sleeping hours to compensate the early weekday mornings. 

Why the need to go out instead of relaxing at home? Well, I yearned for quality couple time. If I let him be home, he’ll be napping while I do my own surfings or readings. Whereas if we’re out, we’ll be holding hands..having conversations over .. food, shopping, work.. or anything visible in our eyes, including ugly singaporean actions or really adorable babies near us.

Getting him to Robinson Expo was a breeze this time cos.. its near! If its town, he’ll be frowning all his way there. And at Robinson Expo, though I wondered if I might have anything to get, I let my eyes looked out for his potential buying needs first ! Doing so will keep him interested in the shopping! Works everytime. Spotted “Business Wear” I asked if he needs socks, belts? then “Sports Wear” where I asked if he needs shorts.

When Mr Khoo shops, he’ll expect me with him or at close promixty cos he needs me to help him with selections and finding sizes. Tried walking away to ladies section, he’d nag/scold me till my shopping mood dampens. And since I’m the one who asked him there.. I better be guai guai..

As mentioned earlier, quality couple time! Yes, Every shopping trip is like an Update of each other’s Latest Interest and Concerns. This expo trip, I learnt more about what kind of business socks and belts he prefers. Besides clothings, we also enjoyed shopping for tibits/biscuits to snack at home.

Back home, we watched table tennis competition together. Gan Chiong together.. and then simple homecooked dinner plus a little more tv variety before turning in..

Its monday today. Countdown to weekends..

Nyonya Hi-Tea

Met Mil & Bret’s Aunt for Nyonya Hi-Tea Buffet at Lion City Hotel

When I heard Lion City Hotel, I was a little skeptical cos the exterior looks real old. My visit last sat proved me wrong. They have newly renovated the place.. and food is surprisingly satisfying!

Nyonya Lunch

Buffet only available during Sat & Sun. Call up to make reservation!  $14.80++ per pax.. there’s lots of DIY nyonya dishes. For main course, Nasi Lemak, Laksa, Mee Siam. There’s side dishes too, Fish Fillet, Mixed Vegetables and etc.

For Snacks, Nyonya Kuehs, Kaya Toast(Mil like the kaya)..

I specially like DIY Popia, Rojiak counter. Mr Khoo and I had fun making our personalised Popia and Rojak!

Dessert was Chendol DIY, Tau Suan, Longan Tea..

After ++, per pax is about $18.. pretty worth it! Wanna bring friends there.. enjoy & have fun!

We sat at the comfortable sofa seatings.. after our stomach were happily filled, all four of us had a cuppa of hot tea and catch up!

Mil always remind Bret to be a good husband and be appreciative of his mil(mother chew). And when it comes to bill, Bret aunt insists Bret don’t pay.. Both of us are really fortunate to have terrific family members and friends.

Just as Daniel Ong’s Tweet,

Remember to Count ur blessings everyday…no matter how small. Be thankful and u’ll also be happier too! 🙂

Bubble Liese

I couldn’t help notice the new hair colour of Cousin Chairine! The tone made her hair looked soft, sweet and trendy.. credits to Bubble Liese from Japan. My brother tried, gave praise to the convenience. As the dye acts like shampoo! My maid, Loren tried too and turned skeptic.

Sweet Pink

Did my homework on youtube for Bubble Lisese Tutorial before I excitedly help my mother.

Instructions clear & helpful! Chemical smell pretty strong, I held my breath most of the time.

Result was great. Mother Chew looks younger!