BFF in the House

Our new place will only be ready in Sep/Oct.. So Mr & Mrs Khoo need to bunk in at Tampines Home where the Happy Chew Family Resides!  Yuppiee! Basically, most of my stuffs are still at tampines cos I knew MIL would move house somehow and indeed.

Everyone just more used to Single-Storey House – Brings the family together and no more Ups & Downs the stairs..

Back at Tampines is soooo great. I have mother, siblings to talk to.. cook/bake whenever I want and I’m NEAR my Close Friends where 99%  stay in Tampines/Pasir ris!

Without further “ado”, my ladies have made their moves.

Afternoon: Mrs Ho was on leave and she brought little Ezann over to my place.

Before she came, she was home doing Mango Cookie Jello while I baked Buttercake using White Wings Premix and not-confident-me, used half of the batter..

Mrs & Miss Little Ho

Mrs Ho again? Haha.. She’s become a Family Friend – Special BFF. Chew Family loves everything about her! Her cute petite doll-like image, her friendliness, her family members, her desserts!. Understand she has become FB friends with my siblings and as she is active in FB, she would sometimes update me bt my Brothers FB status and photos. Its funny and nice to know my siblings connects with her.

When Loren & my siblings saw Princess Ezann, they just melt…away!

Miss Little Ho

Our food exchange: Mrs Ho also made me Bento + yummy Mango Cookie Jello for my family. I Shaped my Buttercake & Packed nicely for her! (Ezann holding the box in pic above)

As Ezann had to return home for Porridge, our sweet moments ended around 6pm..

Evening: Miss Poh, BFF dropped by.

Like in the past, she would tapao(pack) dinner and come my place. Its been soooo long since we get to do this. She bought quite a bit of stuffs. Korean Pancake(Ugly but nice), Tea Egg(My love), Xiao Long Bao(Freshly Made) and her Steamed Chicken with Rice.

Miss Poh holding Korean Pancake

Miss Poh was real helpful & kind to get me Betty Crocker’s Party Cake Premix! She knew I want to do.. and Ever-Resourceful her, grabbed the premix from Cold Storage, Bugis. I shall get the ready-made icing from phoon huat and do with her again. But still, we finished my remaining batter from Buttercake Premix.

Buttercake (Premix Recipe)

I used a mini baking tin & coated the top of my cake with icing sugar. Served to my family members – Clarence commented, “Taste like Huat Kueh but ok la” .. Ops! My non-fussy Sis, Thumbs Up.

After food and baking, Miss Poh and I had a small session of girl-to-girl talk. As I am married, can no longer be there 24/7.. so I insist she reads my “bible”- Follow my Heart. Cos I truly believe and hope the book will bring her happiness. I went to the extend of following up with her the next day to check if she really reads.

11pm, called it a day as its only Monday!

Mr Khoo had been waiting for me in the bedroom since 930pm..

Told him about my day and he said:

“Wah.. your friends took shifts to accompany u! “

Ho Ho Ho

Last week, I went Pasir Ris for some work stuffs and on my way to Whitesand, looked at time & rang up my dear Mrs Ho. Instinct tells me she might be there. Jackpot! She just reached the mall, waiting for her hubby & little princess to meet her for dinner.

I had wanted to just meet her a while  and then head the library for some enrichment books… But, my plan changed when Mr & Mrs Ho kindly asked me to join them for dinner. They know I’ll be alone till Mr Khoo is done with work. Really thoughtful of Ho Family!

We settled for Lerk Thai! Reasonable Pricing & Lots of Variety! Service is commendable.

Little Princess Ezann, like her outgoing mummy, was doing lots of  baby-talks and angelic smiling! Her cheerful presence brought joy to everyone around her.

There’s my wonderful companions…

Sweet & Lovely Ho Family

All in all, I had an enjoyable time!

Thanks so much, Ho Family!

Vienetta Ice Cream

When I was a kid, there’s this ice cream commercial that made me drool…

Commercial made the ice cream look expensive so, I didn’t ask my parents to buy for me…Only had normal ice creams from “mama shop”.

And yesterday, Mr Ho bought Viennetta Ice Cream for his Dearest Mrs Ho! During afternoon Cold Storage Shopping with Mr Khoo, I happily grabbed a box.

Here’s mine with Pancake!

Viennetta Chocolate

First Launched in 1982 and Video of The Making of Viennetta

Mr Khoo says “Nice!”

Love & Fear

Last night, I couldn’t sleep and when Christians read Bible, I read  “Follow Your Heart“.

Drawn to the Topic on “Love & Fear”, the author uses short illustrations of husband & wife to explain something simple:
When we’re angry, we’re scared.
I get very concerned whenever Mr Khoo needs or wants to hang out with his banking colleagues at boat quay. I’d have endless of questions in my head ..turning me from normal to abnormal. 
Next thing we do is, Debate Argue.

Love and Fears

We do have our fair reasons to be unhappy if we don’t get what we want.
And a quote from the topic, gave me a new insight to my approach.
Admiting our fears helps us to explain our feelings to people we care about.
Instead of interrogating him about his drinking session, I could try to tell him honestly and sincerely about what I fear.. instead of what I want from him.
In essence, I want him to know I’m scared and I did not mean to point arrows saying if he goes drinking, he’s a terrible husband.
I’m not perfect and I have my vulnerability.
When I was scared, I acted crazy.  
What made me feel better? Being Loved.

Desserts from “My Dear”

My lovely Mrs Ho ~ “My Dear” and I had another speedy dinner date at Jack’s Place, East Point. Meetings with my Angels means Non-stop Rattling about ANYTHING. Short meeting made fruitful when so MUCH was being discussed. LOL

The Daily lunch at Jack’s Place is quite a value for decent ambience and ok-steak however for dinner, its a little more…pricey in my opinion. We were probably feeling too comfortable ..that we ordered the Set which comes with Soup, Main Course, Dessert & Tea.

Dinner Set $32 per Pax

After dinner, it was food exchange! I prepared Homemade Muah Chee + Awfully Chocolate Rum & Cherry Cake for her. While this darling made me dessert…she also surprised me with Famous Mango Puffs!

Mrs Ho Desserts Delight

I knew its gonna taste good so I shared with my Family and once again, everyone was shocked that Mrs Ho made herself. They thought I bought from some famous stall..

The jelly was just right, not too sweet and she also added nata de coco to make the jello more Q. What we liked most was the cookie base. Tastes really yummy.. ! *Drools*

Then, there’s a heart-shaped Dessert..

Strawberry Jello

Yummy Presenation! I shared with my little bro, Clarence! He enjoyed! Then… there’s famous mango puffs. I’m used to Durian Puffs and this is my first Mango Puffs! Very thoughtful of my dear Mrs Ho to share goodies she loves…

Mango Puffs - Beccarino

Mrs Ho reccomendation sure is nice. My family and I had an enjoyable dessert night!

“Thank you my Dear for so being SOoooooo Sweet!”

Friday Celestial Moments

Last thursday, I met up with my dear Caiyan! Everytime I meet her, we will talk non-stop cos there’s just some common little things we have in our life!

We had dinner at Crystal Jade Ginseng Chicken & BBQ! She loves korean food and I’ve been thinking about it, so just nice!

Ordered BBQ Beef … side dish not as much as Ju shin jung korean bbq but their marination adds more flavours to the beef. My last visit, I had Ginseng Chicken – I like it but shall have it the next time I’m there.

There’s my wonderful angel and her new treasure!

Caiyan & Hermes Wallet

Angels are blessed..she got her long-waited wallet! Seeing her so excited, I got excited for her! Heehee Lots of good things coming into her life.. and I love seeing my friends especially good friends, smiling with joy!

I was also surprised by her gift from Campo Marzio!

Pink Fountain Pen

“Thanks so much Caiyan! Appreciate your thoughts very much and look forward to hear more EXCITING & MARVELLOUS updates from you!”

Caiyan has a new hobby which I call it, Talent!

Swarovski Crystallized Case

At first, she made for herself than her beau.. and now, she take orders! Her business been quite good and she needs to slow down orders .. I’ve seen the real thing and can understand why..

I’ve made my order and look forward to see my iPhone Blinks with Glamour!