So far so good…

Since world cup, Mr and Mrs Khoo have been analysing every matches and we are definitely closer these daysHaha.. Our first world cup was in 1998..but it was EPL(English Premier League) where he intro Championship manager game to me. Taught me how to play and compete with each other online.

Its good when couple indulge in activities together and I’m glad we have quite a plenty in common. Most of them were developed together over the 12 years..

Many have asked me how’s married life?

Mr & Mrs Khoo

Most of the time, my reply is …

 “Its different…you’ll see each other everynight! And you cannot just cool down as you like when dating. Imagine angry yet have to sleep beside him…and see him the next morning…”

Well, conflicts arise but there’s still lovey-dovey moment which i find essential ..cos we have chosen each other as lifetime partner.. We are going to spend many days ahead TOGETHER and dwelling on hard, nitty gritty issues is not going to help us be happier.

At the end of the day, our intention will always be the same. We just want each other to be happy.

And I’m listing times that makes me feel loved like when he

  • hold my hands whenever we are out, even when he drives..he reaches out to my hand.
  • Gives me endless of pecks on my cheek, many times and anywhere.
  • look at me with dreamy eyes & smile like I’m the most charming girl he’s ever met..haha esp if I dun wear make up, messy hair & clad in big tees. 
  • updates me promptly about his happiness & bitter times. Willing to hear my opinion, makes me feel I am really the woman behind him..
  • Likewise, hear my complaints and bitch with me or give me the widest grin when I have something happy to share!
  • Laugh at my random lame thoughts or suggestions. He appreciates my wit and humour. haha
  • Submit to my lazy grooming requests like plurking of stray eyebrow, cut toe nails, dry my wet hair and more personal stuffs….
  • Without me asking, fill my contact lens cases with solution and bring it to me before sleep.
  • Automatically wash & top up 2 water bottles for me so that I can drink in our room at 3rd level everytime we are home.
  • spontenously play games together.. any kinds basically from real sport, electronic games, board card games..anything! Most of the games, I actually intro him but somehow he’ll get better than me…
  • insists on fetching me whereever I am at or places I want to go..he just don’t like the feeling of me going home alone..
  • Wanna buy me things I like.. whether happen or not, its the thought that counts and I know without him telling me. I just know..
  • Gives me constructive opinion whenever I shop for clothings. My fave shopping companion! surprised?
  • Reads my blog.. I hardly come across men who read their gf’s or wife’s blog.. and I like that he is interested to know  what I write here. 
  • protective towards me . Surprised by him many times..he’d voice out for me if he thinks I’m being misunderstood or what’s better for me.
  • Coax me the moment I cry if we quarrel. No matter how angry he is or how unreasonable I was, his heart will melt and he will quickly hug me and wipe my tears away… (For decades, still the same..)
  • During a war with him, he will still not let me leave his sight even if he ask me to go. If I go, he’ll get me back no matter how..then smile and patch up.

Many more.. and I sure can come up with a list of things I don’t like about him.. but no point. Remember the strengths and appreciate him.

No one is perfect, so am I to him. I asked him recently about what’s nice about our relationship, his instant reply:

“We talk a lot to each other and we can make each other laugh EVERYDAY!”

Yes, Communication is very important.  We are thick-skinned enough to openly say what we like about each genuine compliments to encourage another. As much as we can, we talk about things that’s positive for us. We still have problems..thats never-ending.. but just need to iron things out.. no problem is forever, so is our time together. A little pessimistic yet realistic here, we never know when we may lose each other forever. Life can be fragile and that makes time precious.

Alright, That’s my marriage so far….from a marathon childhood relationship.

Honey Poh

Yesterday, I suddenly thought of Beelian!

Below is us in our hk trip together…a trip we took 1.5 year to plan.. careful planning with several happening incidents..we’ll never

Poh and Chew

 Whatapps her “How r u?” then decided to call her mobile!

She was at work, hastely asked what’s up. I just say, “Miss you la, long time no hear from you…and etc”

Our light, cheerful phone conversation lasted for 1-2 hours. Was a great catchin up time. Both of us felt happy after the phone. 

Now that I’m married, living at Katong.. real hard to meet…

So, giving a call to that someone you care will gives the relationship bar an immediate healthy boost. you know, just like The Sims!

Sunset Buffalo Wings

Many months ago, I heard raves about wings at seletar camp. I was pretty drawn to the idea because it is ulu.. kinda like adventure! I googled and read that you need GPS to get in there. I have the equipment but I lack companion… Mr Khoo is very particular about travelling. He will be insanely annoyed if we get lost.making lots of turns and all. So, I knew I have to wait….

This day finally came! At 4pm Friday, Yahoo! featured “The Hottest Wings in Town” . Most beautifully, my dearest Mrs Ho happened to be on leave! Rang her up immediately..woooo.. she saw the online article too..though not as excited as me, she agreed to join me! So within an hr, we both got ready to seek the wings from camp… haha I was real energetic either by the thought or magics of afternoon Brands Chicken of Essence…heehee

Anyway, Mrs Ho and I were real stunned by the very discreet location. GPS led us to Picadilly Road however the road is so Super ulu made us wondered few times if we’re heading the right way. Surrounded by plain lands & sands.. and its the small signs by the road indicating “Sunset” ! Good thing,  we went in the day else it maybe too dark to catch the directions from the signs… At this point, the moment was like Treasure Hunt for both us!

Finally, we found ourselves at a hanger with airplanes..

Planes...unusual sight before meal

Mrs Ho and I took another 10mins to “”confirm” our dinning destination by walking towards a reception of a nearby short-storey building. A very friendly man helped us and reccomended us to try button mushroom & Wings Level 2 cos 3 maybe too hot for first timer. And so we proceed…

Indoor of Sunset Grill

Yup picked the air-conditioned indoor.. oldie american style. Few flies bothered us once in a while but the friendliess of the staffs kept our mood well. Food was served quickly.. Cool!

Buffalo Wings Level 2

And there’s my sweet Mrs Ho giving a brief review on her first bite…

“Sour..Aftertaste a little spicy. Taste well with ketchup!”

For me, its not really spicy I’m definitely gonna try Level 5 the next time!

Me and my Friday Date!

Gosh! wide chest area exposed – makes me look big in the pic but its fine with me. Blog for memory!

We left around 7.30pm.. the outdoor area looked romantic..seems ideal for dates. As for myself,  I’d still choose a timing where I can view some sunset moments for my next visit.

(Special thanks to Mrs Ho for snapping great pics above. She’s has flair in phototaking..!”)

Love the short and sweet adventure with Mrs Ho.

Love the fact that I was able to realise something I want to do immediately!

What’s next?

Tuesday at Parkway

Spent the whole afternoon at Parkway with my Mother while Kelvin Bro and his gf shopped for their guinea pig stuffs.

A supposedly window-shopping transformed into shopping spree.

At Isetan, mother chew insisted I get some new tops and dress.. and reluctantly I did – $150 for 3 pieces from Billabong.  Still, I wasn’t really feeling as happy as before when I owned new pieces I like.

My shopping spirit have been low… however, rekindled a bit when my eyes met Triumph Bra Sales stationed outside Isetan. Got 3 lovely pairs at $83. Was excited to try them again at home. Strange me.

My favourite buy, was a mere $2.90 worth of Single Scoop Ice Cream Cone – Watermelon from Scoopz! Mother Chew had peach flavour andseemed very satisfied too! I was happily enjoying the generous amount of ice cream. Flavour was just right, tasted very much like watermelon juice and the soft creamy pink colour is soooo visually uplifting! Sure gonna get another scoop the next time I’m at Parkway.

Kelvin bro is really a thoughtful brother and son. He’s been great, driving us around! As for my little 17 year old brother Clarence, he’s very well-liked by his bunch of friends and probably having fun gaming at chalet now. Ever since I’m a Mrs, somehow miss my little bro.  Mrs Ho says this feeling might just be mother instinct.. lol well, I did teach and witness my little brother taking his very first baby walk and cheekily let him have his first sip of coke when I was instructed to feed him puree!

Hmm Suddenly, I yearned for a family chalet. Prepare BBQ and food stuff together..and play some group games! Shall look into it.. am sure my family will go for it!

Cotton Candy Island

I’m not a fan of cute..kawaii stuffs but I chanced upon this lovely website, Cotton Candy Island! Its the name that drew me to the island..Love the concept and website.  Makes me wanna get something from there….

What’s interesting to me..

1.  Memo Pad, $5.80

Apple Memo

Looks so delicious! With this, I’ll like my desk even more.

2.  Mini Coin Box, $3.60

Mini Storing Coin Box

This coin box is cute and on their website, it says,

“A milk gets me stronger and healthier but this milk gets me rich.”

That’s a good one!

Just sharing 2 of my favourite items..there’s many more nice stuffs.

I see myself getting gifts/stuffs for myself. Don’t you?

High Tea Buffet at Shangri-la Hotel, Orchard

Had wanted picnic at marina barrage but in the end, our plan was upgraded to High Tea Buffet at Shangri-La Hotel, Orchard. My first time there today! Impressed by the grand decor of the hotel.

What’s most delightful: available variety & quality of food served. Not a pro-describer for food.. for more details, simply google other online  reviews. Heard most reviews are thumbs up!

For me, I like everything except that our individual pot of tea turns cold pretty fast..

3 Happy Ladies

For the first time, I found myself eating lots cos the food satisfy my taste buds and from 1.30pm-5pm everything was great,

“Great Ambience, Great Company, Great Service, Great Food, Great Comfort!”

I’m a beef lover and I took 3 servings of steak… heehee

Sirloin Steak with Red Wine Sauce

Desserts great too but I was too occupied with eating! So no pics for the divine delicacies. In fact, rushing for time cos Mr Khoo suddenly had to pick us up at 5pm… instead of 6pm..

Anyway, Thanks so much ladies for making my afternoon a splendid one!

Cute Min and Mrs Ho

Min may look cool but I tell you she’s cute! We’re both 26 this year and she still has a thing for Doremon!

How I know her: She was my replacement at my first banking job when i was 19 or 20 years old. I had to handover my responsibilities to her and during that 1 week, i found her a very nice girl to know and somehow we can click so..and she happens blogs too thus, here she is…very active in my life!

(Thanks sweetie for the belated gifts! Very sweet of u and I appreciate deeply, simply touched!)

And something to clarify, couple of my friends who read my blog thought Mrs Ho is a very senior lady.. nah.. she calls herself mrs ho and hence, I named her Mrs Ho in my blog. Look at her, So sweet and pretty! She’s also the proud mama of princess ezann!

How I know her: She is a year my senior and secondary classmate of Mr Khoo. They were not close but through a working opportunity, I met her… then part then when i started blogging… she reads and then share her private blog with me and then we cannot stop communicating with each other on daily basis!

I’m really glad both cute min and mrs ho are on good terms too. I knew they’ll like each other! Its nice to see own friends mingle well with one another!

Weird Wifey Thoughts

2 nights ago,

Bretson: “My dear, what happened to you? Your plans are getting weirder?

Me(startled) : “Weird? Hmm ..” reflecting in silence..

Bretson continued his soccer on psps..

Me(giggled): “Oh ya, kinda weird as in unusual. I requested to cook Lobster, Hunt for the best Korean Food in town…etc

Ok.. finding best korean food isn’t crazy but as I recalled the ethusiastic scene of me discussing my desire to cook lobster, I suddenly laughed at myself! My cooking experience is limited to american breakfast & super easy receipes.. 

If you have read my blog in much earlier days, I always yearn to cook for my hubby…

Hmmm right now I have a hubby, the plan is interrupted as the kitchen is not convenient – maid’s territory for now.

And about my weird idea, I was actually thinking of doing  Butter Lobster. Planned to make a trip to Shengsiong for the lobster then follow recipes online + reference from youtube.

However, the idea is currently put off when I saw the live lobsters being put in boiling water on youtube clips. Mr Khoo and I are not ready for this step.

Perhaps we can reserve the idea for festive occassion like xmas!