Gosh! Sex and the City 2(SATC) is finally here!

Carrie(Jessica Sarah Parker), a new york columnist, author inspired me to hit the keyboard and blog 6 years ago. The drama have played great influence to my life…

The drama speaks relationship, sex, friendship, thoughts of life, cocktails and fashion in women.

Glad to see them back on screen again!


Sorching, Merciless Sun made my blood boiled! Couldn’t help feeling grouchy! 

At home, I was drawn to Triumph latest invention…it says,

“Beat the heat with Triumph’s Touch Cool Maximizer!”

Touch Cool Maximizer

Long time no see

Back to hands of familiar professionals..

Ivy, self-employed beautician. She’s the best I’ve had and the last we met was 9 years back when I had a serious facial breakout! She cleared them all and helped me regain soft clean skin. I’ve been having dark circles and as before, she showed me miracle!

KK, stylist from Shunji Matsuo. He’s pretty popular and I’m always satisfied with his work. I’d tell him why I need a cut. Like the first, I was heartbroken and wanted a change. Indeed, he snipped off my long hair for a bob! Recently, I wanted a hair that’s manageable, free from blowdry and he grant my wish! My last visit was 2 years back,  I’m glad we still manage to catch up with our humourous and deep conversations!

And so, the latest me here!

May 2010

Look better now with help from my Best Beautician and Stylist but my Best Western Food is gone.. maybe for good.

Hope B can bring me good news.


For weeks, Mr Khoo has been talking about getting a new pair of working shoes. He is so specific about where to get his new shoes & shortlisted boutiques like Everbest amd Pedro. 

Last afternoon, we went Bugis for Shrek 3D and prior to that, we made time to find his shoes at Pedro. My impression of Pedro hasn’t been well as its a higher-end brand for Charles & Keith.

I used to be a great fan of Charles & Keith during my early 20s..almost everytime I’d walk away away with 3 pairs of shoes. However, the loyalty died when the shoes wear off within 3 months. I then decided to quit buying shoes from there. Prefer shoes that last long enough for me.

And this trip to Pedro yesterday gave me a whole new perspective on the brand. I love the shoes esp the seductive alluring heels…oh Gosh! Shall get something when the time comes.

This babe caught my eyes…

Pedro Heels

Even the men shoes in all categories look great! Trendy & Sophiscated. 

Mr Khoo’s pick

Pedro Formal

Earlier on after my katong laksa and his instant noodle, he took his pair of new shoes out. He spent 15-20 minutes looking,  touching, trying and preparing them for tomorrow.  Is it normal for men?

Back to shoes, another favourite brand of mine is Gripz. Fun & Elegant at the same time!

Potentially Mine

Gripz Crystal Bend Shoes

Ladies, Something to be positive about, Great Singapore Sales coming!


Friday was the first time I went The Cage.

Mr Khoo and his airforce friends arranged for a late night soccer and he asked if Mr Ho interested.

To my surprise, Mr Ho agreed and so while the hubbies get themselves in the cage dribbling, accelerating and aiming for scores, Mrs Ho with her little girl and I were outside enjoying the vapour breeze chatting our way with pizza & drumlets.

Little Ezann is fairer each time I see her!  And she’s going to be 6 months old.. countdown to her 1st yr bday party in Dec – Mrs Ho has lots of ideas.. await!

Wonder how is my B doin too? We have a date to buy bird nest. B is Beelian and like Blair, she’s rich. S is Serena  but I’m not so Gossip Girl-Serena actually. I have stopped following after season 1.

Was looking through Mrs Ho Blog.. the mention of Awfully Chocolate makes me wanna savour some coco fudge cake. Love the simplicity – Black and White.

All Chocolate

Waiting for my Katong Laksa now.. and Shall get this later evening for dessert at nearby Katong Mall.

Ending my weekend sweet….yum yum!

Friend’s Privacy

Watched “16 & Pregnant” on mtv website recently. There’s this particular cheerleader girl at 5 month pregnancy and its not visible at all but she confided to a friend. Sadly, her friend shared with the rest. Terrible. 

Confiding or sharing something because there’s a trust thing going on between two. Its like banking personal stuffs with a friend.

I’m glad to have friends who let me trust them. There’s this inevitable respect for them cos i understand its really not easy to protect a friend’s privacy.