Empty Friday

Its 12am and Friday.

Look forward to this day but ended up waiting in vain.

Taste bud rejects salty food and so I ate minimal during dinner.

Thought I could make up with supper and was disappointed.

Tonight I yearned for Durian and any chinese food for supper.

Hunger turned worst when you know what you want but can’t have it.

Thanks bro & mummy for sending me home …

If you need to sacrifice your loved one’s happiness with career, then be single. He or She can be loved better.


I’m kinda grounded at home now, not in good shape to drive. My life is undergoing massive “makeover” for my new status. More homely than ever, More pampered than ever and Bret commented, I’m like a kid now demanding terribly lots of attention.

Thanks Eileen for checking out on me..I didn’t know you read my blog! And Meiling I’m glad to receive your blog link on whatsapp.

Highlights of the week:

1.) Hair is now happily short. Love the skills of shunji stylist..When it comes to short hair, Shunji Matsuo stylist tops my list.  Spent $34 and gained lots of great comments!

2.) Dinner with Janson, Mrs Ho at Crystal Jade. Had wanted to treat them to Peking duck but Janson insisted on picking up the bill. Next time, I must be faster!

3.) Terrific, funny can’t-bear-to-end chat with an angel. Anonymous for now as I may need her help someday again. She is definitely one amazing & thoughtful host. Bret is not allowed to know who she is.

4.) Mr Hongda and Mr Alvin – the most good-looking bachelor buddies of bret came over to his house. The outdoor part of his house is now a substitute of their regular hangouts – pub. Hongda treats me like “brother” while Alvin – the intellect shared what Bret and I need to know about family. All in all, we were chilling out and chatting happily!

5.) Mahjiong with the Married Buddies of Bret – Mr Steven and Mr Jacky. These two men were from his secondary and appeared in the very first meeting of bret and me. Cool to see each other grow from single to married and still hanging out.

6.) Teoheng KTV 2 hours

7.) Mother Chew Big Day – Got her Elizabeth Arden Moisturiser. And this year, 2 new faces joined – Kelvin’s girlfriend Qiqi and her son-in-law, Bret. Besides cake, we will always prepare a birthday card to write down everyone wishes for our hot mama.

Birthday Cake from Swenson

Kinda sour… Bro bought this! He’s easier on $$$ now… surprised to see his increased budget.

8.) Bought Clarins Pore Minimiser Serum. Got this from Katong Shopping Centre.. at super attractive price. Original Price $67 but grabbed it at discount.. $44.. Yeah!

9.) We’re moving to condo soon! Enough of landed… I don’t like the stairs.

Enough of highlights. I’m going to eat aston with Beelian.. letting her drive. Hmm She has to be careful.


Yesterday joyfully blogging about being positive yet in the night, I was very hurt by an issue…

Every individual has own sets of problems be it daily one, emotional, physical or aspects of life. Last night was like,

“Already plauged with problems, I have to deal with another huge emotional blow. And I can only learn to be stronger and brace myself up quickly.”

At night, couldn’t help tearing even as I dazed or sleeping. My voice is coarse now.

Most gracious, I happened to have 2 angels to my emotional rescue. All began from iPhone What’sApp – Most helpful app. Thanks dear, deeply appreciate everything.

This is another time when I tell myself to be stronger.

Friends’ Blog

When it comes to reading blogs, I enjoy reading Mrs Ho’s, Cute min’s and Pretty Caiyan’s. Hope to find Meiling’s Blog – lost her link. ok..Why them? Mainly because I wanna know what’s keeping them happy! Yeah.. I like cheerful & frank blogs.

Sometimes, I come across bloggers who complained lots. Its like almost everything in their life suck to the  max… thus, I rarely return to their sites.

Always believe LIFE IS HAPPY because You think HAPPY! When one is feeling wonderful about life and everything around you, people around you gets affected! Its like HAPPY VIRUS! Yes, I was greatly affected and happy to be. Cos I appreciate life more. Years ago, I emphasied the importance of time.

So why make time agony when all you need is to let go  no matter how irritating stuffs are.. prob whined for an hr or 2 then released! Like a helium ballon, let the anger slip and fly to the unreachable sky then focus on things that brings you smile! No doubt, when problem is big.. its HARD TO LET GO. Keep fretting.. I have my terrible times but I was glad to have REALLY WONDERFUL ANGELS to hear me and I just have to force myself to grow.. learn to accept and move the pain & anger away.

Its not worth to be a negative person..grouchy unhappy people I know turn people away.

And I heard some useful questions from tv last night..if you have nothing to do or  trying to reflect a fruitful day.. you may try these and I’m gonna use my yesterday as example:

  • What’s the happiest thing that happened to you today? Ans: “diablo 2. Beaten a very difficult boss. I was killed more than 10 times.”
  • What did you hear that made you happy today? Ans: “Lets have pepper crab this weekend”
  • Who made you happy today? Ans: Bret

Above all are external factors that brings happiness.I suppose the most important question to reflect is, 

“What did you do that make you happy today?”

Ans: Went to my mother’s place cos she took real gd care me!

So what’s your answers?


Engagement with twitter severely interrupts my momentum to blog cos its so much more conveninent, compared to the latter.

Woo.. its raining now as I blog and when there’s thunder, Mr Maltese barks.. Rain would have been perfectly cooling without noise!

Hmm I’ve also been  bugged by fever, sore throat and coughs. Have you as well? Most of my friends have fallen ill too. Blame the weather and wide variety of heaty singaporean food. 

Aim to be well this weekend and celebrate recovery with my favourite pepper crab which appeared in my vision… last night!

Some To-Dos that’s keeping me excited:

  • Shunji Matsuo for a shorter haircut
  • Facial
  • KTV
  • Casino!

Ok… gonna msn-chat with dear Raymond and then Diablo 2! Next, work appointment with Mr & Mrs Tan at Tampines area.

Hope your wednesday have been or will be wonderful!

Thoughts bt FB

Very often, good friends-close friends-longtime friends asked me to return to facebook.

They advised me to keep profile to max privacy if I need to avoid anyone..or simple Delete “friends”… Hmm the thing is, its not because of someone or anyone.

I’m just sick of Facebook with following reasons:

  • Updates of friends..most of the stuff posted turns me off because I’m simply not interested in whats happening in some aquaintances-friends life..their pics, events, games they play and comments/status updates. Some can get really excessive with their pics & comments.
  • Tagging Feature – Enough of untagging photos.
  • Comments on photo/wall – Any inserts from friends is an annoucement to a lot other friends. Terrible to get misunderstood if others don’t understand the comment, misinterpret and spread on..
  • Privacy – I have people coming up to me, telling me how bitchy this person is based on her pic.. his latest crush is so-so.. but the thing is, all judging from photos and some comments.. Argh.. Tired of hearing stuffs of fb.

Besides the incredible connection with kins/gd friends which I can do so with msn, I kinda conclude Facebook invites gossip..be it me gossiping with a friend or me being gossiped. Either way, doesn’t makes me feel good. Not trying to be angel but whenever I hear a friend digging dirts & flaws out of another person or friends gets me real uncomfortable. Why can’t we wish each other well..life’s more beautiful cos I seriously believe you get what you give. Most importantly, gossips may not be real, don’t be illusioned cos rumours may just be rumours!

Currently, my social interactions is down to Tweeting, Phone & Face-to-Face conversation with friends I love.