My Surprise Bouquet 2010

This CNY, my parents went overseas enjoying a couple date honeymoon with my uncle and his wife.

Thus, Mr Khoo got me to join his family for visiting.

And on Valentine’s Day Eve, he told me many times… “Sorry, this year I really did not buy flowers for you..”

That’s so familiar but could be true. Because I was selling valentine flower & will be weird if he were to get bouquets from other florist.

And my reply to him was, “Its ok! I’m selling valentine flowers this year. Already surrounded by lots of bouquet took pictures with couple of its really ok.”

See below…

Mrs Ho & Me

However, Mr Khoo did have a surprise bouquet for me this year!

Its been so long since I receive a bouquet! Whats more endearing about the bouquet was him excitedly sharing his Planned Surprise for me!

“1 week ago, he rang up Mrs Ho discreetly. Kept asking if I’m beside her as though we quarrelled. He sounded very secretive & then he said, he wants to buy flower! Mrs Ho told me, Mr Khoo was very excited about buying the flowers.. lolx

In the evening, Mrs Ho discussed with me about quoting her cousin’s bouquet of 9 white & pink roses…leaving no trace of hints, I was fully taken in believing Mrs Ho’s cousin order.

The day after Mr Khoo made an order, Mr Ho secretly bought for Mrs Ho, 12 Pink Roses. Excitedly told Mr Khoo about it & he thought in his head,”Willip also using this method..” lol

For that 1 week, Mrs Ho & I were professional actresses concealing the beautiful surprise from each other.

Until the day itself, all rose bouquets arrived Mrs Ho place. Mr Ho picked the 12 Pink Rose bouquet, laid on her bed. And she realised her darling has bought roses for her this valentine!

As for me, Mr Khoo took the trouble to send me home. I needed to pack my barang barang & collect some roses at Mrs Ho place for delivery. While I was home, Mr Khoo quickly drove to her place to collect & he wrote on the gift tag,

To: My one & only love

From: The Man who rise above all

I love you!

After he left, I went over to Mrs Ho place not knowing Mr Khoo went earlier. haha.. And it was after delivery.. he picked me up to join his family for Reunion Dinner. I got into his car & he took a bouquet from behind AGAIN!” 

Valentine White & Pink Roses Bouquet

Its been so long since I received bouquet from Mr Khoo. He says, “I will buy roses for you on valentine’s day!”

And he did encouraged a few friends of his who said, “My girlfriend says she doesn’t like flowers..” Mr Khoo replied, “Imagine you bring your girlfriend out for dinner, every other table has a bouquet and your girlfriend don’t have. Sure she will feel something.”

True true. I’m not a flower person myself but that feeling is pretty uncomfortable & fortunately, Mr Khoo is senstive enough to protect me from all these scenarios.

I see spells..

Having a headache now as I blog this entry.

Like the song, “You spin my head right round right round…when you go down when you go when”

So dizzy I can’t sleep.

Other symptoms: Bodyache, Temperature a little higher than average but manageable, Restless..

During Raymond lecture break, he was sweet to called up and I just shared my symptoms above. He listened and shortly explained like a doc, “its due to exhaustion….etc” yeah, I’ve been driving lots under the hot sun.

As for Bret, his sms concern comes with his forever remedy for all kinds of  illness & pain, “Drink lots of water….blah blah”‘

Oh evening’s early reunion dinner was fine. New Zealands Skylight Abalone is pretty good.

While eating Mother Chew suddenly said, “When I’m not around, you girls and boys must not argue or quarrel ok.. family harmony…” That was quite a motherly stunt.

In the background is a song by Christian Wunderlich, “So in Love”. He’s the only german singer I know and this song makes me feel simply in love. If you love a girl, try sing this song to her. The lyrics real simple & love kept simple is a bliss for two.

Thinking Quote

Always look forward to Jamie Teo & Daniel Ong’s tweet. Very sweet couple.

Totally agreed & love this quote tweeted by Dan today,

“First you think with your head. Then you think with your heart…Then you wife will tell you what to do.” ~unknown”

Applies to many people I know. Yeah, I would like my man to hear me cause I care for him like no one..erm maybe his parents.

Gifty Day with Mrs Ho

Another day with Mrs Ho!

We had lunch & some business to do then, she accompanied me to Plaza Singapura(PS) as I had a work appointment with few gentlemen.

Before my appointment, we combed Daiso & Spotlight for some gifts materials.

When it comes to gift, I value presentation a lot! Mrs Ho thinks alike too…

For a Lady

Lying beside my Ashley Laura Lamp, DIY Packaging from Daiso.

White Lace looks really pretty here. 

Should I stick “Fragile” cos I actually got her a mini coffee cup set?

Anyway, looking at it again I am seriously  glad I picked this wrapper, hope the receiver likes it! 

“Do you keep nice wrappers or cards? For myself, I do! Once in a while when I relocate my memory stuffs, I find myself smiling as I read the cards. And reading the content again, feels like first time for some!”

Thus, if I want to give something, choose a good one. For me, Give for the sake of Giving is a no-no.

Birthday Card

After our great finds & buys at PS, we went to meet Mr Michael Cheong for dinner. Mrs Ho & Mr Cheong have heard of each other and this early evening they meet for the first time! Mrs Ho has met almost all of my friends… !

Me & Mrs Ho

And the Jap food, supposed to be my treat but Mr Cheong did it again…

Thank you, Michael! Gonna treat u one day!

Tulips Closette

Mrs Ho, my dearest friend! Top in my “Miss Shopping Queen” Friend list. After spending recent quality months with her, I conclude Her Passion is Shopping cos she adores Dolling up herself. A simpe lady who madly likes pretty stuffs!  

Her hubby is a lucky one cos Mrs Ho is able to find Great buys at Great prices! Through her, I found interesting, versatile necklace at $7, up. $16.

Style wise, Mrs Ho is more to adventurous, fun colourful styles while I’m into simple, casual formal & some say-mature fashion. Despite our different preferences, I still bookmarked the fashion stores she brought me to.

Mrs Ho- The Miss Shopping Queen has extraordinary loads of Shoes, Bags, Clothes,  Accessories… all the girls stuff…!

And now she needs to clear her wardrobe space for more new clothings!

Visit Tulips Closette !

While Stock Lasts!

New Found Addiction!

Recent leisure addiction: Watching movies/drama at home. Not only entertaining, I find myself learning some insights, gaining inspirations in multiple ways. From human complexity, meaning of time & things that matters to wardrobe ideas! On the whole, educational for me.

“Ok, I’m probably bit late.. cos I know most of my friends have been watching movies at home all these while..”

Yesterday night I finished “Ghosts of ex-girlfriends”  & “Julie & Julia”. The previous was reccomended by Rowen & Beelian but I didn’t had anyone to accompany me to watch. Timing was wrong so I missed it.

As for another, “Julie & Julia” starred by Meryl Streep. The talented actress was the reason & so long she’s in the movie, I’m in for it even without knowing the storyline. This show inspired me to try cooking. Wanna see my guy lickin the sauce with his finger, telling me how good..lolx

Tonight’s title: “The house bunny” – about living in playboy mansion & “Its complicated” – by meryl streep.

Holding on

Last night, my feelings went haywired especially after a awesome, tearful fantasy love story, “Time Traveller’s Wife“.

Rachel McAdams & Eric Bana

Thankfully, the box of tissue was so near me.

Then in the night, I had to make a decision. A major one in my life…

And today, besides a hearty lunch with my adorable junior, Raymond.. I was practically overwhelmed by sadness, uncontrollable moments of unstable emotions. Endlessly trying to steer my mind away from the past, present & future fo something. I was avoiding my fear until I put in effort to take his question very seriously about finding out what I really want.

The Ans: Be his wife. Take care of him, prepare a comfortable home day & night & make him tasty home-cooked cusine before we cuddle together watching shows to turning our bedroom lights off spooning in bed.