Nice Weeky

Besides dosage of stress due to work, I conclude its  been a Yummy  & Juicy week with People I adore.

  • Mon meeting with Cute min & Esther.
  • Tues gathering with Sec School-mates at Raffles City. Beelian, Huimei, Siew Ching & Jasmine. We had steamboat!
  • Swenson 1-for-1 Lunch with Raymond, then watched Inter-school Volleyball match at my secondary school.
  • Hill Top Teppanyaki Dinner with Mr Yap
  • Imperial Treasure Lunch with Esther & Ezann… I had the yummy double-boiled chicken soup with La mian. *drools*
  • Pelican Pizza Dinner at Esther house with Cute Min, Beelian and the host herself. (Shiok!)
  • Midnight Tom Yum Steamboat at home with Family
  • Dian Xiao Er Lunch with Esther & Beelian. Duck Rice & Fish Maw Soup.
  • Beelian house for some lelong moments. Esther took a shocking pink shawl while I went home with a complicated & interest black dress  from HK.

Very few pics taken…

Will snap more next time! Pictures speaks everything.

My favourite pic has to be below, using Esther’s Webcam:

As childish as we can be, we called ourselves,The Fantastic 4! lolx

The Last Stop

Yesterday was a hectic day-night for me!

Most fruitful trip was the last stop.

Time for me to create a New Category for my friends – ATAS. Have been meeting quite a few Atas people lately..well, u know who you are 🙂

A new friend – Mr Terrence, talented, sophiscated & creative individual.  His handmade art pieces, personally-picked furniture & fittings, home decor ideas, photography skills to unique romantic ideas, got me wowed through the night. Even more impressed to know he started photography mere 6 months ago. OMG!

His work from Hayatt Retreat Album in Facebook.

By Terrence Lim

This is Art..

By Terrence Lim

Find more of his work at Illusion De Optica !


Lunch yesterday with my vball junior, Raymond Kee!

Gentleman Kee

Recently we began msn-ing and I’m glad we did. Realised he’s got great personality … as we chat. And this lunch was our first one-to-one meeting …. !

Raymond suggested Tonkichi @ Tampines Mall. Tonkichi? I sounded like a cave man asking him what’s Tonkichi. Figured out, I couldn’t help say..

Serena: Oh that Atas place! Wah…. you’re so Atas!!!”

After settling down in the modern authentic Japanese restaurant, Raymond gently introduced me the specialites. Pork! Not very into pork myself accompanied with deep frying menu kinda scare me… as I need to watch my diet! But.. its their speciality! The most convincing description was,

Raymond: ‘The pork actually melts in your mouth…”

Thought that description applies to wagyu beef.. heehee

Well, I ordered a “Normal Pork” while his, “Black Pork”.

Before food was served, Raymond and I were chatting non-stop! It seemed like topics kept flowing in…. until our pork arrived….

Pork Soba Set

 Presentation was good. Raymond quickly gave me a sauce orientation for the pork soba set. His instructions were very clear 🙂 

An initial skeptics me fell in love with the pork. The crips just right, not too oily. Pork tastes well..not too soft not too hard.. juicy enough too.

Thumbs up!

Time flies really… 1-3pm not enuff..

Next treat is mine and I’ve tot of the place.


My first Puma Shoes..

Ladies Casual Wear

Have been looking for a sporty shoe wear and finally decided on Puma. I don’t like the name of the brand but… I have to say my feet feels very, very comfortable.

From Queensway Shopping Centre.. $69 after 30% discount.

Splendid Sat @ Jb (Part 2)

In Part 2, its about food, thoughts and some funny dialogue.

2pm Our meeting place with Cute Min @ Bugis control station..and on our way to the “bus-stop”,

Beelian: “Turn Right! If turn Left, you’ll see ERP!”

Serena: (Drivers like myself very sensitve to this 3 alphas – ERP) Hmm turn left see ERP? I’m not scared of YOU(ERP) today cos I’m not in my swift! Haha!” ~followed by cocky laughter..

 We then took this bus from Bugis to Woodlands Check Point and then, another bus to JB.. 20mins before reaching the land of JB, we turned into babies crying for food… Cute Min, our “tour guide” intro us Marry Brown, similar to our KFC. But instead of 2 fried chicken meal, Mrs Ho and I ordered Ayam Goreng Meal..

Ayam Goreng Meal @ Marry Brown

Never tried a meal like this at fastfood. A little oily though… As for fried chicken, I like KFC Original better 🙂

After food, we began roaming around the mall…Mrs Ho sharp eyes were busy scanning for shoes, Beelian stopping us to buy stuffs she deemed not worth, Cute Min went ahead with shopping list requested by friends while I looked around…

By looking around, I ended up spending the most…

Our most frequently used comment, “My Legs breakin”…and not kidding cos felt very much like it.

What I didn’t like about the mall, was Rm 0.20 for restroom and no toilet rolls provided.

With Mrs Ho in the restroom of Citysquare

Around 730pm, it was massage time. I sat beside a first-timer, Mrs Ho.

Mrs Ho's Foot Massage Shifu

Very friendly shi-fus we had… Mrs Ho was pretty receptive with the pain and found herself enjoying the pleasure of foot massage..however at certain pressure, she would screamed for LESS PAIN..

Mrs Ho: “Very pain! Like giving birth.”  (This is my first time hearing such analogy. LOLx)

Finally, the last agenda for JB… we sotong-maniacs chiong to Cute Min’s reccomended Jalan Wong Ah Fook Street for some back alley bbq foodie.

Sotong Queens

Serena: “I alone can eat 1 whole Sotong!”  and the rest just burst into laughters! Ordered 2 at first, then realised not enough so another plate of 2 sotongs. In the end, 1 sotong each 😛

Engrossed with Sotong

Looking at the pic, make me wanna go to this stall again.. ok..shall be patient.

Before we returned to the check point, I accidentally stepped onto cute min slipper. Sigh my problem. Earlier on, was Beelian’s. Hai.. Certainly unintentially but I became “Miss Step People Shoe” aiyo..

And on our way back, Cute Min show-off her big Doremon Lollipop!

Cute Min - Organiser of JB Trip

See, that explains why I named Huimin – Cute Min.

In the cab,

Mrs Ho: “We’ve conquered Citysquare! Next is where?”

Serena: “I’ve only heard of conquering moutains or hills.. leh.

Cute Min: “City Square is 4 storey.. Next, we’ll go Jusco – 8 Storey!”


Well, this trip is short..not much difference from shopping in a mall and eating nearby but its the company that spices everything up.

Travelling overseas either build or break bonds. I’m glad to say this trip helped us build a better foundation to our friendship 🙂

Splendid Sat @ Jb (Part 1)

This Jb trip was initiated by Cute Min few weeks ago and we have Mrs Ho and Beelian to join us @ Citysquare, JB

Cute Min is our Da-Jie in this trip as the rest of us are Total JB-Noobs… Heehee

In our first 3 hours,  we were walking aimlessly with comments in our head,  “Yeee..ugly leh..”, “Cheap but quality is hmmm”, “erm.. I can find that in Sg.” and etc..

As we walked and walked without any buys, our feet began to ache.. sore.. tortured …until we found things to buy! All the physical pain & whinings disappeared Immediately & Suddenly! I called that, The Magic of Shopping Therapy.

F.O.S (Factory Outlet Store) stirred the shopping momentum and then Good things come one after another 🙂

By chance, we walked into this shoes shop; hiding discreetly at a corner of the mall – Emax.

Comfy Pumps S$19

The moment my feet sets in, wooo…. so Amazingly Comfortable! How can I not buy? Little problem: Smallest size still 1-2 cm loose for me but I just have to get it! Shall grab some paddings next time I visit watson.

This is another pair that caught my eyes! Love the colour & material so soft.. and chic. And because everybody have been telling me how all my shoes and clothes look alike, I need to try getting some different pieces..Hope this one is considered! lolz

Turqoise Pumps

Cost me $15 for this pair.

Altogether, I spent about $160 (Food, Shopping, Foot Massage) in 1 day from 2pm-10pm.

Shall blog more about my Funny & Yummy experiences with these 3 honey babes in Part 2.

Stay Tuned.