For past 1 month, I’ve been Meddling, Organising, Decluttering stuffs in my Bedroom…that includes my PC as well, Deleting the unvisited links I stored in my Favourites Folder.

Having all the unnecessary & neccessary stuff put in right places is one of the best thing one can do for self.

Books I’m gonna read this week:

Feel Good & Find Happiness

Recent months, I experienced some Big Changes in my Life. Challenges came like waves.. one after another. Before I can deal with the previous, a new one says “Hi” to me. Instead of wishing I have the ability to teleport into another place where I can start afresh, I just need to be brave & accept them all.

Its life.. dealing with nitty gritty stuffs  is part of the package.

I’m too impatient to let myself fall apart.. stagnant & glommy. So, I seek alternatives to find myself back. Whenever you lose something, you gain something as well. 

My valuable gain this time:

Spending Lots of Quality time with family and Doing stuffs to Enrich the love for my bedroom.

PS Cafe

Back from Sec Vball Gathering @ PS Cafe, Palais. the menu here has more varieties! What I love even more is the wonderful ambience, food quality & presentation! Highly Reccomend  this place for a Romantic Date & Gatherings.

According to my dear friends, PS Cafe is known for their desserts!

Pretty pricey menu but I say its worth it! For a Main Course & 3 Desserts shared by all, per pax $44.  I’ll definitely go back again!

Sigh..Lost my rubber band, couldn’t hide my bad hair day! Ouch…

Seniors & Juniors

Guess who are the two volleyball seniors?

Clue no. 1: Not me

Clue no. 2: One is standing and the other  is sitting.

New Atm Card

DBS Visa Debit Card

Last week while paying my bills online, applied for this NEW DBS Visa Debit Card!

And its here now on my desk.. gotta go ATM machine to activate this card later.

What I like about this card,

Get 0.3% cashback* on your purchases
Every 3 months, 0.3% of your spending is credited back to your account whenever you sign for your purchases in Singapore and overseas, as well as for online, mail and phone transactions. Signing for your purchases has never been more rewarding.

(Taken from DBS Website)

Queen Diva

After watching, A Day of Living with Martha Stewart Here, I develop strong interest to read up more on Martha Stewart as a person.

How was she like before famous? How did she became famous? All the incredible inspirations for her business? How she manage her daily life? How she never stops keeping her life & eveything around her on definite high quality standard? Her attitude of being sternly firm, clear in what she wants & serious optimistic is greatly admired.

One of the Most Powerful woman in America

She’s real on screen. A queen diva whom every details matters & set high standards some say impossible.

At age 68, she keeps up with the most current communication mode. Working on what the world have now. With a million over Twitter followers, & she blogs  The Martha Blog !

Will Martha Stewart Living, Crafts come to our country someday? Hopefully. Sure a BIG thing for sure.

I wanna get her book :  ‘The Martha Rules – 10 Essentials for Achieving Success as You Start, Grow, or Manage a Business. This is just one of her 69th books!