I was asked, “Who is your Greatest Influence in life now?”

My answer, “No one.. at the moment”. My definition of the Great Influence is someone close to me whom I “idolize”, respect highly and advice I need.

I used to have…my boss, she was a life achiever in several aspect of life. Extremely clear about what she wants. Admired her much and still. Many times in life, I seeked advice, help and encouragement from her. However,天下没有不散的宴席(Every good things will come to an end).

Without a great influence now, I learnt how to pick things up when they fall, appreciate happiness with reflections & gratitude, make decisions and accept what comes with it.. Most importantly, live well.

Do you realise the “Being-Influence effect” toned down as we age?

During my much younger days, I wanted hairstyle of tv stars…I wanted to own that “in” thing everyone around has..Tamagochi, Baby G Watch, Platform shoes, Dye hair.. including experiencing what’s like to be in relationship when I see my schoolmate entering theirs.. yeah I was so easily influenced. Monkey see monkey do. I’m not afraid to admit that.. cos i’ve grown.

With more than 20 candles on my birthday cake now, I’m not afraid to be different. Instead of popular hairstyle, I request for a hair look that can enhance my facial features. Instead of playing facebook games, I enjoyed tweeting & blogging better. Instead of wearing rolex, tag huerer watches to look successful, I am fine with my DKNY. Instead of cutie & “make-me-young” clothing, I prefer classic and sophisticated wear, no matter how beelian & few friends yucks about my pick. Instead of colouring my hair, I told myself I’ll not touch dye as long as I can. Instead of marrying & be a mother now, I seek the right time.

Age makes one develop own unique set of preferences based on personal experiences & knowledge.

Melissa is troubled recently. She said something I’ve not heard for ages and also the reason why I have no great influence in my life now,

“I always tell myself, don’t make my problem, other people’s problem.”

Her thoughtfulness is one of the reason why I quote her as, “One of the best personality among my friends.”

Kathy & Agnes believed in, sharing your problems with few & right people. More than 2 is a no-no. The logic,

“Problems expose one’s weakness. Why let many know your soft spot?”

Back to Great Influence, I attended my company’s management training. Was taught to look for a figure whom I respect.  Someone whose personality & achievement I admire. Let this person bring positive influence into my life by adopting his/her good habits & gracious thinking.

Hmm will I be satisfied with one person?

I have been improving myself by picking things I like from people I meet. When I see things I don’t like about a person, I remind myself not to behave or think like him/her.

There’s just this adrenaline rush in me whenever I acquired some incredible thoughts.