Loving someone

Just ended a long catchin up session with Alvin, Eric Yong & Ian Pang.. as usual, hearty conversation!

Eric is a mischevious, 38 year old family man in our team. This afternoon, he shared something that kinda touched my heart.

Story goes.. once upon a time, he went on a vacation trip to Australia with his guy friends. During the trip, he was attracted to a fellow tour mate, a 22 or 23 year old beautiful, charming  young lady named Jo. She was a fresh NTU  graduate then while Eric was a junior clerk in a finance firm..

Eric pursued his attraction.. not long after, Jo agreed to be his girlfriend! He stressed that he wasn’t a degree holder yet Jo was willinging to accept him.. The lovey-dovey went through the relationship cycle like any other couples..honeymoon to fights to test & trials to planning future together..She stayed with him all the way through his career stages. From clerk to junior trader to senior trader.. Finally, headhunted to a US firm where he received a substantial increase in his income. Immediately proposed to her. She was in tears. That tear drop marked the start of their marriage…

Currently, they have two lovely children…little boy named kevin, aged 5 and a 4 months old baby girl, Jessie.

Eric highlighted something about a woman’s love, “If she loves you because you have money, then what happens if you’re suddenly out of job?”

Love the fact that Eric appreciates his wife for loving who he is, and not what he has.

How to know if you love him/her for who he/she is or has?

I guess you have to ask yoursef, “If he/she loses that something you like about, will you still be in the relationship?”

“If he is broke or bankrupt, will you still marry him?”

“If she is badly disfigured due to a tragic accident, will you still marry her?”

“If he/she falls critically ill, will you work harder or even loan money to pay for the medical fees so that he/she will live on?”

As the ROM vow mentioned, be there for him/her through thick and thins.