Its monday.

Feeling BLUE because I received quite a bad news this morning.

As for the Overcharging Singtel Bill… There is a kind lady handling my case yet, we are playing “hide-and-seek”. So hard to reach other especially when her no. is private.

I’ve some great people asking me out today..

  • Melissa & Wendy are in sentosa tanning, playing beach volleyball. Decided not to go because I kinda hurt my toe nail..
  • Beelian exercise night..jogging! I’m a little lazy on this one though I do miss my darling.
  • Chairine is on leave today. Asking me out…too. Its been long since we met but too last minute..

I have  decided to meet Mrs Ho later before she go on labour this week..and she’s accompanying me to Pine Garden.

As for later night, I’m not sure yet…

Having a troubled heart.  I may affect friends’ mood. No intentions to share with friends as I don’t want to make my problem others…and

Things will be fine after some time.

Loh & Social Invites

Loh Lee complained about my facebook privacy settings.. heehee.. Have changed it to viewable by Friends of Friends.

Thanks to Bride & Groom for tagging 🙂

Loh Lee & Wendy Wedding, M Hotel

People I know:

(From Right) Ken, Glenn and Groom, Loh Lee.

I knew the groom in 2007 as a referral client from Glenn and since then, we became pretty good friends.

This afternoon, we met for a proper policy review.

Serena: “How’s married life?””

Loh Lee smiled: “Life’s more fulfilling. Very family life now”

That GLOW on his face melt my heart.  Something I like about more the newly wed, is that they cook dinner together!

And next Sunday, its Glenn’s baby girl Full month!

One of my clients just invited me to his youngest son 1 year old birthday @ Aranda Country Club. Do I want to feel bold again?

Increasing social activities. Parts & Parcels of life.

Changi Fried Banana

Changi Village, one of my favourite hawker in the east.

Not a fan of the famous nasi lemak stall with long queue though.

Last week during lunch, I was nearby changi so my empty stomach led me to the hawker.. for some yummy Goreng Pisang (Fried Banana) I deemed Best I’ve tried so far! 

The uncle reccomend I try his speciality!

3-in-1 Pisang

Happily went home and was deliciously surprised by the 3 yummy fillings.

Yam + “Tian Gao” + Sweet Potato.. Together with the light & cripsy Batter!

Thumbs up!


Overbilled by $488+..from Singtel.

Its a very important habit to check monthly bills thats stacking up, looking messy on the table or somewhere in the room.

I have sent the complaint to the feedback section of Singtel. Required an explaination and follow up. 

How long do I need to wait for a reply?

I’m not a difficult person and I hope to see what they are going to do with the error and unhappiness made.