Crystal Jade

Since 2007, from strangers to my client to my soulmate.  12 years my senior yet we can click amazingly WELL! In fact, I kinda click pretty well with her entirely family..her 60 year old mother and elder bro whom I described as “Artsy”!

With this family, there’s always laughter cos we are natural jokers..haha

Susan took half day and we hang out from 3.30pm till 10.30pm! Regards to insurance, I’m her advisor. In other areas of life, she guides me! Very much like elder sis to me.

Susan’s Precious….


Crystal, "jie jie"

A quieter girl…compared to her Ultra-friendly sister, Jade…



The moment she saw me, her eyes beamed with excitement as though I’m a new toy in her house! Next thing I know was, she ran towards my direction and hug me! This 2 year old.. hyper active & stunningly sociable!

I have uncle and aunties who watch me grow up and now I’ve become one who watched infants grow up to little girls..

House is filled with warmth and laughter of these two girls! Susan was busy feeding, bathing, playing with them till its time..and then, sleep.

Crystal asked me to watch her draw while Jade kept asking me to carry her! Woo.. no wonder Susan is slimmer than me!

Something I heard recently, taking care of children  is so much tougher than work. 3 hours with the kids, Totally Convinced.

Quote of the day: “Mothers are Warriors!”

Formula to Lasting Marriage

I heard some profound sharing about Everlasting marriage this morning,

Goes something like this,

Marriage is all about two individuals who are mature with common values, accepting each other strengths and weaknesses to build the relationship through the highs and lows in life together.

Well, I’ve heard many other sayings..

Some men especially from Singapore says,

 “Just give in or say Yes to her lo…”

Some prob say,

“Forgive and Forget. Tomorrow will be better”

Believers of “Cash is King” say,

“Everlasting marriage is crap. Signing that piece of marriage cert to means pledging 50% of my asset to another woman. So, don’t marry!”

People of great tolerance or “Players” say,

“Close one eye for the sake of family” or the other way round,”When you play, make sure you do a clean job!”

For me, I suppose its a tailor-made thing. My trick is, “Never fail to make him or her special if this person is utmost important to you.” 

And towards other aspect of life besides human relation matters, I say its “You get what you give.” Its easy to make one happy as well as make one sad, your choice.

Easier said then done, hence I’m reminding myself here!

Hotel Month

Have scheduled Business, Leisure & Social events for next month, Nov!

And half an hour ago, booked this Jade Weekend Dim Sum Buffet, $28 per pax @ Fullerton Hotel


Dim Sum Buffet

 The earliest available reservation is Nov 21st, afternoon seating.. and Chew Family will be there!

woo.. many events for Nov..on18th nov, 1 for 1Buffet Lunch with Cousins @ Ritz Carlton..

And then, weddings at M Hotel & Swissotel Hotel

Ok, i’ll be a broke little girl at end of Nov thus, no more budget for X’Mas gifts..

Steamed Rice Cake

An idea out of the blue, Make a Kueh. (My late grandma was a pro in kueh-making…)

Got the premix yesterday from fairprice.



Instructions mentioned the use of cake mixer but not necessary. Batter is fine.
And now, lets say “Huat – ar!”
Huat Kueh

Huat Kueh

Premix Receipe

Step 1 : Add 1 egg and 125ml of water. Mix till smooth

Step 2: Add another 130ml of water and continue to mix till smooth. (if you don’t like your kueh to be too sweet, don’t follow the instructions. )

Step 3: Prepare paper cups and fill with mixture. (I used 6-Cups Mould for steaming)

Step 4: Steam for 12 mintues


My First Batch of Kueh

My First Batch of Kueh

Chew Family was excited about the  process and outcome! We had fun this evening.

That’s simple recipe for happiness!