New Age Father

My client just gave birth to her 3rd child…gosh.. I knew her through 2nd daughter in 2007. And the little baby I saw has grown into a very CUTE girl who has learnt walk..! Her eyes so comical…big and round!

A simple and happy family. Though live in condominum, they are quite careful with spending… Priority very much on the children.

Its real nice to see a modern father’s love for family… no more like our era where fathers just come home watch tv or newspaper..leaving the children to play themselves.

The fathers I see now, engaged with their kids a lot. The way they look at their babies and children were eyes filled with endless warmth. And touches my heart with their eagerness to share about parenthood.. A new age fatherhood ūüôā


Someone told me,

“√Ąn individual’s personality changes most between the age of 22 to 25”

I pondered and wondered if I should fear knowing someone understands me so much or feel fortunate?


Started working at 7.45am and its 5.14pm! Finally, a breather!

This week is packed with work stuff. Filled my iphone calendar with events and alerts. The kiasu me ..activated 2 alerts for each appointment!

Enough of work.

Looking forward to watch ch8 in the evening : Fann & Christopher wedding ! Something relaxing…


No, I do¬†not support recent Miss S’pore World to represent our country.

If she has poor command of english, am curious why is she crowned in the first place.

And now, she comes with history of credit card fraud.

Why aren’t the really capable, endearing and beautiful Singapore¬†ladies participating Miss Singapore Peagent?

POSB Everyday Credit Card

Sometime in Jul, I saw my Super Tai-Tai Friend using this debit-looking card for all her transactions! Kinda off for her image yet somehow, drawn my attention to re-look into the perks besides the known rebates on 1% Utilities Bill and 5% on Carrefour..

And just nice, 2 weeks ago..a DBS Credit Card officer called me to apply POSB Everyday Credit Card.  I agreed readily.

This week, I received the cards….!

Everyday Credit

Pretty sure POSB Everyday Credit Card will come in handy esp in future when I have to settle utilities bills..

“Said to earn cash rebates on¬†ALL purchases charged to the card”¬† – redemption can be done through i-banking or even against purchases at over 400 participating outlets.

 Citi Dividends work similarly however Cheque will be issued at accumulation of $50 Dividend Dollars at payout quarter.

What surprised me was, POSB Everyday Credit Card is voted as Asiaone People’s Choice Credit Card¬†!

Lovely Mrs Ho Post Bday

Brought her to Soup Restaurant @ Century square!

Mrs Ho is different! She glows!!!! I know it’s more than just hormones changes due to pregnancy, it’s the overwhelming love & blessing from people around her, ESP. Family!

And in 2-3 months, we’ll get to see her little princess! Can’t wait!

Miss Poh joined us! Erm.. Her outfit today is sexy black! I wonder if her male colleagues suffer from nose bleeding.

A slice of cake for Lovely mummy .. A mother-to-be has to be careful with food intake! Raw, Cooling, Heaty… No-no.

Strawberry cake, Perfect!

There’s us! I love my new green top which can be converted to dress… So far, I’ve only heard compliments until miss poh says, the top added 5 years to my age.


Mrs Ho did not get any maternity wear! Saves a lot and I'm quite a fan of her fashsion sense!
Meet up soon with Mrs Ho again!

Grid Focus

Yes! Its my blog.. let this be the permanent them. A little messy on the right I know.. but this template is closer to how I would like to express myself than previous.. Not a green person!

Ok.. I’ve learnt to manage wordpress better.

  • Added Friends Blog
  • Added Widgets like Twitter…etc
  • Added Image
  • Amended my Blog Title

and More widgets to play around when I have time to explore….

On my way to meet Lovely Mrs Ho… a privilege of mine to celebrate her post bday!