I think I love you

In late November, I developed a newfound interest for Colourpop & Axiology. 

Here’s my make up outlay. 

Using Colourpop “I think I Love you” palette. It’s neutral palette with shimmer and Matt. 

  • Whoo Sunscreen
  • Tarte Beauty Brush
  • Colourpop Eye Palette 
  • Axiology Lip Crayon 

I used this palette at least twice a week. Perfect for working day.

Introducing organic, all natural lip crayon from usa, Axiology Brand. At 30s, I am getting more health-conscious and lipwear is something I ought to be concerned of. Admiring the gold packaging, it makes a gorgeous, healthy & beauty gift. 

Axiology lipcolour comes in lipsticks for creamy finish while lip crayon is matt & lasting. I got “Bliss” lip crayon. 

Beautiful. I can’t bear to use it often. The formula has a natural citrus scent and I love how moisturising it is. 

My make up look using the above. 

Having fun experimenting eye shadow as I looked up “I think I love You” palette from youtube. 

New passion. 

Wednesday in Bangkok 

On the third day of our trip, I woke up to make up and get ready for our brunch. In this trip, I brought along my Dior Make up. 

Face: Forever Perfect Cushion for semi-matte finish. The coverage is medium and having dry skin, I apply a rich moisturiser and primer before using the cushion.  

Wearing love bonito and heading Platinum Mall for brunch. I have heard much about the food court and personally, I find street food is better in terms of taste. 

Nevertheless, I will return to this food court again when I am back for shopping. 

Kryston 1st Flight 

This December Kryston gets to take his flight to Bangkok, Thailand. Using sky scanner, we manage to find an ideal rate for Singapore Airlines. Despite being parents for 7 years, it is our first experience bringing infant on-board. In fact, an active toddler.

We experienced 30mins flight delay due to bad weather. Kryston was a little cranky because we were kinda trapped in the waiting area.

Alas boarding plane…

Children’s meals were served shortly. Leia had some spaghetti which she didn’t finish.

And Kryston gets to enjoy some bun from his sister meal.

Chinese noodle meal.

Bret and I took turns to eat because Kryston was actively trying to walk around.

The little one was awake the whole time and refused to sit with mummy. There was no time for flight entertainment, my eyes were on Kryston throughout the flight. Here he is playing with bottle warmer given by the airline. Heinz bottled baby food was packed and given to me.

Hubby and I felt so relieved when the pilot announced the arrival of destination.

Besides our family of four, my parents, sister, in-law & her elder sister joined us. We brought our helper Lisa along with us too.

We walked out of the airport and hired a van to our hotel. 30mins later, we arrived. It was close to 9pm. We had a connecting room with in-law, aunt & Lisa while my parents & sister room were opposite us. I had requested during my booking, perfect arrangement by the hotel.

The room was spacious and modern. Everyone was pleased with the rooms.

Pardon the short video as we had to get ready to unpack and prepare for dinner  …..

Airline: Singapore Airline

Accommodation: Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel (5-10 minutes walk to Platinum Mall, have to walk an overhead bridge)

Transport: Limo Van, Taxi, Tuk Tuk (We encountered a morning tuk tuk scam but thankfully, no monetary loss except we had to walk a little longer to our destination.)

  • Have the hotel concierge to arrange the transport around the city especially if in big groups. We were able to request a limo van, a 2-way return trip to Yaowarat (Chinatown) from our hotel. The fees are reasonably fair and comfortable for all. When Hubby and I asked the concierge on how to go “Style Nanda Pink Hotel“, the staff searched the internet and advised us to take Tuk Tuk due to traffic and cost. He arranged for us and negotiate the price for us too.
  • When taking Tuk Tuk,  prepare small change like 20-50 Baht because the driver may say “No change” and passenger would have to pay 200 Baht instead of 150 Baht.
  • Avoid talking to over-friendly locals suggesting transport mode to your destination …. even if they are in uniform claiming to be in charge of a shopping centre or area. Likely they may bring you to a pretty remote expensive restaurant for food so that they can earn commission or … I can’t imagine further.

More blog posts on Bangkok trip at Dayre … Being a working mummy of 2, the interface at Dayre is much easier to journal my days using mobile. Hmmm


Friday dinner: Cereal Prawn

When I first moved into my current house, I used to cook and hubby washed the plates. A year later, we had helper in the house and I was tired after work. Cooking became history…. until this week… I had the mood to cook. Homegrown organic curry leaf from my balcony. 

Preparing a dish I like to order whenever I visit zhi char store. The sizzling butter, chilli padi & curry leaf … I like that. 

Then it wad time to add the deep fried prawns & cereal mixture.

Time for dinner ! Leia can’t take spicy so I set aside deep friend prawn with mayonnaise by the side. 

Drama and Dreams

As parents of two young children, hubby worked hard to provide for his family while I juggled with flexible work, household and kids. On a working day, we look forward to finishing work and return home to our kids running to us with open arms. A typical evening at home includes family dinner, shower then lay in bed watching the kids laugh as they play or dance together. After 2-3 hours later, it was time for the kids to go to bed.

With the kids soundly asleep, Hubby would start our golden time, drama to chill and relax before we sleep. We kinda prefer Korean drama as we laugh off to the hilarious lines and enjoying the ost.

We have finished 2 good drama recently, “While you were Sleeping” by Lee Song Juk & Suzy. I think they look really compatible together. And I love this ost song by Eddy Kim.

The storyline is about a girl with the ability to dream future of people who get hurt and died. Deja vu. She got to know a prosecutor and a police officer who received the ability to dream the future after they crossed paths.

Dreams. Just how do they work.

Definition of dream:

1 : a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep. (By Wikipedia)

I have been dreaming almost everyday since I was a kid while Bret hardly dreams. In the past, I can have vivid dreams and would share the details with Best friend B but recently I can’t seem to remember my dreams. Aging memory I guess.

Smashbox : Always on Liquid Lipstick 

Because I came across a beauty youtuber who highly reccomended Smashbox Liquid Lipstick. Then I watched video on kiss-proof liquid lipsticks, Smashbox was given 4 thumbs up ! 

So in the last 30mins of 20% Sephora Sales, I carted out two shades, Dream Huge & Babe Alert. 

And I decided to try Dream Huge. A romantic pink reminding me of Saturday Date with love. 

In my hand, the lipstick feels different and looks pretty on its own. Unlike the typical lipstick cover. 

Eager to try, I used cleansing oil to wash off bourjous lip colour and applied Dream Huge. 

The applicator lives up to its raves, really useful as lip liner. And the super matte pigmented colour need only 1x application on the lips to achieve the look. In mummy hair bun, looking fresh. Make up makes one happier. 

I used to link dry and matte together but Smashbox did a great job to keep the uncomfortable dryness away by infusing jojoba oil for moisture. 

Best of all, there is no transfer on cups and kiss-proof. 

Showing my drinking cup after I took a sip. I went on to see my loved ones on their cheeks and lips. If I wear other lip colour, I wouldn’t kiss them. Some lipstick leaves a sticky texture…thats the last thing I want on my kids face. 

Now I can kiss them anytime and say goodbye to mummy pale, bare face. 

This lasting liquid lipstick is perfect.